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28 Oct 20'

Jenny reviewed: Longbow making in the south lakes

"We had a wonderful time learning how to make ash longbows from Tony at Ynot Coppice. It was great, over the two days, to be able to make a working bow from a piece of wood, using traditional tools, learning about the history of the longbow and all about the surrounding woodland from Tony. Tony is an excellent instructor, especially in teaching us how to do the vast majority by ourselves and guiding us both through the process of using the tools and understanding the theory of how to make the bows. It was incredibly satisfying shooting them at the end of the two days. It was a physical course but felt very rewarding. As an added benefit, we camped on site and were lucky enough to have it to ourselves, an added bonus given extra precautions in place across the UK (Tony had also thoroughly prepared for this and we felt safe throughout). We’re very much hoping to do another course with Tony soon - thank you very much! Jenny (September 2020)"

Ynot coppice responded:

" Thank you very much for this and it was lovely to meet you both and hope to see you again, all the best,T"

27 Apr 19'

Joe Weston reviewed: English Longbow making in Cumbria

"I had a great weekend with Tony making a longbow at Ynot Coppice. It's a great experience camping out in the woodland and using traditional tools to make your longbow. Tony is a very encouraging and knowledgeable teacher and is always on hand to help keep your project on track. He also has an excellent knowledge of the manufacture of bows and their importance as weapons in years gone by. I had no previous woodwork or archery experience but still managed to make a bow I was very happy with and to shoot a few arrows at the end of the course. I'd highly recommend this experience for anyone who enjoys being outdoors and would like to learn a new skill."

14 Apr 19'

iain hobbs reviewed: English Longbow making in Cumbria

"A top weekend in a magical location with a top bloke guiding my clumsy hands and busy mind to a point where I actually made a functioning and in my eyes quite beautiful long bow Tony is a skilled, knowledgable, understanding teacher and guide with a true feel for his craft and with a patient relaxed approach which put all of us at our ease. He is a genuine woodsman and artisan with a sensitive and deep connection to nature and his environment with an extensive knowledge of the history of the British long bow and its significance to this land. The weekend was not just about learning new skills though. It was also a great opportunity to slow right down,to be quiet, to listen to the birdsong whist meditatively shaving, rasping and hewing a piece of ash into a working bow. It was also about spending time in an ancient wild environment amongst interesting fellows of the woods and leaving the cares and troubles of the modern world behind. Tony makes you feel right at home in the camp and workshop he has created in the woods. A couple of days spent there focused on a good and noble craft under skillfull tutelage with a band of brothers, will cast a subtle spell that cannot but make you look at life with different eyes. And you get to bring a bow back with you too along with some magical memories. Cheers Tony and to all the other guys who spent the days in honest graft and nights around the fire shooting arrows into the starlit skies. Highly recommended."

13 Apr 19'

David Graham reviewed: English Longbow making in Cumbria

"Brilliant course and a great weekend taking a rough ash stage and carefully working it down with traditional tools into a beautiful longbow, then making the string (an art in itself) and trying the bow out in a beautiful natural setting. Tony is a wise and feelingful guy managing this woodland with a wealth of knowledge of nature and traditional wood working. He guides you with his knowledge gently and to your own pace until you are the proud owner of a functional thing of beauty."

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