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Trill Farm
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Trill Farm
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Trill Farm's Courses

Devon - Next course on 23rd November 2019
“There is so much more to soap making then learning to make a bar of soap”. Romy Fraser This course will inspire both the soap-making beginner as well as those who want to dive deeper into this fascinating craft. We start from ‘first principles’ and explore the origins of soap making – the processes and first materials used to make soap. Our journey will then lead us into the plant-world, as we explore the properties...
Devon - Next course on 11th September 2019
This two day course will take you on a journey into some of our most ancient basket making skills and techniques which are utilised the world over. In whichever region of the world you dwell, the local flora will provide you with an abundant supply of plant materials which can be used as a core and stitched together to make a coiled mat, container or basket. We will take the opportunities which the landscape offers...
Devon - Next course on 23rd October 2019
This day long course will take you through the process of making a round bottomed willow basket with finger handles. We will use buff and white willow to produce a beautiful basket with many practical uses. This course is best suited to those that have had some basic experience of with working with willow. Course Leader - Mollie Butters Mollie is a long standing educator of children, young people and adults. Through her work in...
Devon - Next course on 12th June 2019
As the seasons change explore and learn to identify and record the flowers that grow wild on Trill Farm. Have you ever looked really closely at the wild flowers and plants around you and wondered at their beauty and wanted to know more about them? In this course you will learn to develop your own records of the natural world of wild plants by acquiring skills in observing, identifying, drawing, painting and preserving. The course...
Devon - Next course on 16th October 2019
“The main thing is to write for the joy of it. Cultivate a work-lust that imagines its haven like your hands at night dreaming the sun in the sunspot of a breast. You are fasted now, light-headed, dangerous. Take off from here.” (Seamus Heaney, Station Island) Join Sarah Acton, poet-in-residence for the Jurassic Coast for a residential writing retreat at Trill Farm. Enjoy 4 nights’ accommodation in our eco-guesthouse with delicious organic breakfasts, lunches and...
Devon - Next course on 31st July 2019
A half day walk and creative writing workshop with Jurassic Coast Poet-in-Residence, Sarah Acton. Through walking and reflection, we welcome the energies of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water, connecting us to the seasonal changes in the landscape of Trill Farm over the course of the year and letting the sparks of creativity fly. We will walk, listen and consider as we walk how each element runs through our language, our stories, and...
Devon - Next course on 8th June 2019
Learn the basics of Do-It-Yourself at this one-day workshop with in the Trill Farm wood workshop. Perfect for beginners for all those annoying jobs around the house that you feel you should be able to tackle... if only you knew how. We know it's frustrating to wait for jobs to be done, and how much tradespeople can charge for them! And we understand it can be a bit daunting to head for a wall with...
Devon - Next course on 6th July 2019
If you'd like to try your hand at decorating big spaces with flowers, then come and take over Trill Farm's 16th Century Manor Barn with us! With its high rafters and stone walls, it's the perfect space in which to experiment with techniques such as garland-making, floral hoops and table decorations for long trestles. We'll spend the first morning out foraging (bring your wellies) around Trill Farm. Zanna and Kate will show you how to...
Devon - Next course on 26th June 2019
Over three days we will explore, experiment and delve into utilising the wonderful range of plants growing at Trill Farm. As much as possible we will harvest from source and discover the variety of ways in which different plants need to be gathered, stored, processed and prepared for weaving. We will harvest willow bark, cattails, soft rushes and sedges from the waterways. Nettles and other trees barks will be explored and we will keep our...
Devon - Next course on 5th August 2019
Experience the journey of basic furniture making starting with how a tree grows to learning the skills to make your own product. Learn how to care for your tools and use them properly, make basic joints, and leave having made your own stool or small bench. Day 1 Introduction to woodlands and trees. Different types of timber and their uses. Introduction to timber technology & cell structure. Health & safety in the workshop. Learn how...
Devon - Next course on 16th August 2019
A well-structured and systematic course for those who want to reinforce their basic skills in oils or to move onto oils having previously used acrylics or water-based media. Most of the painting for this course will be done outside in different locations around Trill Farm. Students learn to see colour, shape and tone and relate all these elements together in various compositions. This course aims to foster self-confidence and enjoyment of painting in a stimulating...
Devon - Next course on 4th September 2019
In one day you will learn how to make your own belt from naturally tanned leather. Activities will include: Choosing the right leather for the job, Creating and working with patterns, Leather product design, Use of tools, Cutting leather, Skiving leather, Burnishing leather, Belt making, Riveting, Hand stitching, Edge Dying leathers, Finishes and preservatives for leather. Please bring your own apron, a notepad and writing materials. Please make sure you wear long trousers, long-sleeved tops...
Devon - Next course on 7th June 2019
Spend a day gaining an overview of how to make your own natural dyes for fabrics with textile designer, Jane Deane. You will learn how to use two plant dyes that can be grown in the UK. We will dye a number of skeins in each dyepot and then use four modifiers (after-baths) to change the colours slightly. Every student will have 10 small skeins of dyed wool, all different, to take away with them,...
Devon - Next course on 2nd October 2019
Spend a day or two half day sessions learning how to make cold process soap. You will mix and make three different batches and take all your creations home. If you are lucky and interested you may get to learn a little French too! The first batch recipe will be a ‘kitchen’ soap using ingredients you can usually find in your kitchen. For the two others, you’ll be given instruction in using more professional base...
Devon - Next course on 29th November 2019
Spend a weekend at Trill Farm with master leatherworker, Martin Brady of Leaf Artisan Leather, learning the fundamentals of leather-working, including all the basic leather-working skills. These will be applied to a more advanced project over the course duration. Skills will include, choices of leather, creating and working with patterns, cutting, skiving, bevelling, edge dying, slicking, and hand stitching. All students will make and take home a quality leather project, such as a decorated leather...
Devon - Next course on 10th July 2019
This course covers dyeing with plant and insect materials and will include an indigo vat. We will explore dyeing wool yarn with yellow and red and investigate the creation of fast greens and purples by over-dyeing with the blues from indigo and possibly woad (dependent on the growing conditions). We will use printing paste on natural fabrics using blocks, and shibori for tied or clamped effects. By the end of the course you will have...
Devon - Next course on 7th September 2019
Tanning the natural way, as our ancestors did. Learn to tan rabbit skins using the tannins found in tree bark. On this day you will learn how to prepare a fresh skin, make a tanning solution, tan, oil and soften a rabbit skin. You will head home with a soft rabbit fur. The process requires working outside so please dress appropriately for the British weather, you will also need to be willing to get stuck...
Devon - Next course on 19th June 2019
A comprehensive two day course with full-time green woodworker Sharif Adams, exploring traditional carving techniques from Scandinavia. Using primarily just two tools; the axe and the knife, tools which humans have used for thousands of years, you will be guided through three projects over the two days. The focus of the course will be on how to use the tools safely and efficiently, providing you with a solid foundation for further practice at home. You...
Devon - Next course on 5th June 2019
Sweet chestnut bark is a superb material to make baskets with being both strong and flexible. On this two day course students will be shown how to prepare bark and then to weave a small basket with a bent ash handle. Day one will begin with looking at tree bark and the different ways it can be utilised in basketry. We will also discuss how to source, gather and store the bark. Practical work will...
Devon - Next course on 26th July 2019
Using tree barks and natural oils, learn to tan a sheepskin the ancient and natural way. We will go through the whole process from raw sheepskin to soft tanned rug. The course will take you through scraping and preparing the skin then making and applying a bark solution to tan the skin, and finally softening with oil. The process requires a certain degree of fitness, but mostly what you need is to be willing to...
Devon - Next course on 20th July 2019
Follow the seasons at Trill Farm with an art walk through the private grounds, exploring the landscape through watercolour, ink and charcoal. This open air workshop will guide you on a short walk through some of the most beautiful and private spots Devon has to offer, including open vistas, rivers, tor viewing points, a deciduous woodland with ancient trees, seasonal flowers and undisturbed terrain throughout the seasons. Each class will focus on sketching the landscape...
Devon - Next course on 12th August 2019
A five day course designed for those of you who have completed our Beginners Carpentry course (or equivalent). Expand on the skills you have learnt and step up your level to work with the less forgiving hardwoods. We will be doing more intricate work, including dovetails, grooves and housings, which will culminate in building two pieces to take home, using the wood from Trill Farm. Course Tutor: Ruth Thomson Since 1986 I have been working...
Devon - Next course on 22nd May 2019
Spend three days learning the craft of spinning wool using Trill Farm's beautiful Gotland wool. There will be an opportunity to use spinning wheels, spindles, wool combs, and hand and drum carders. By the end of three days you will be familiar with the equipment and will have spun several small skeins of yarn for use in knitting, weaving or as accent yarn in felted items. We will explore the difference between woollen and worsted...