Chris Parker Woodturner reviews

9 Apr 24'

Sarah reviewed: A woodturning taster for 2 people.

"We turned up an hour early due to our calendar not recognising the clock change, but Chris happily took us on. Really enjoyed this taster session making a pestle each. Chris has lots of patience and safety is priority. Would recommend to anyone wanting to have a try at this amazing skill. Thank you. "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Hi Sarah, Really glad you both enjoyed the taster, it was great to introduce you both to our fantastic craft. The pestle were great . Chris "

9 Mar 24'

Mark Horsfall reviewed: A whole day woodturning tuition

"I honestly don’t think I could have had a better day listening and learning from Chris who gave compliments when I’d earned them (and is sadly missing from many courses) and constructive criticism when I didn’t quite get it. I had lots of technical queries for him and he explained everything so well - what a great mentor and teacher you are. Thanks so, so much. "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Wow Mark thanks, really glad you got so much from your tuition. Like I said on the day if you need any further information or assistance then please do give me a call . Best wishes. Chris Parker "

28 Feb 24'

Bob reviewed: A whole day woodturning tuition

"Excellent, very productive day with Chris who was very informative and has great patience. I was able to take home a bowl to be proud of........ok, yes, it wasn't without a bit of help! Thanks Chris 👍"

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"You are very welcome Bob , Was great to have you in the workshop you are a man of many talents 👍 ,glad you enjoyed your day. Bw Chris "

11 Feb 24'

Anne & James Edwards reviewed: A whole day beginningers woodturning for 2 people

"Put simply, a fantastic day with a superb tutor. It exceeded the expectations of my wife and I and it was a pleasure to meet Chris who is an outstanding expert of woodturning. The full day course is a great introduction to the art of woodturning and we would highly recommend it. "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"James, Anne. I'm absolutely blown away by your words. You both were a joy to teach in my workshop . It won't be long before James buys that lathe Anne. Bw Chris "

8 Feb 24'

Alison Parker reviewed: A woodturning taster for 2 people.

"My friend and I attended the taster course with Chris and we both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Chris was very patient with us and took great care to help both of us through the process of making a bowl each. Great instruction and support with the equipment and tools. I would definitely recommend attending, a really enjoyable afternoon "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Hi Alison Really good to hear you both enjoyed your woodturning experience. You should be very proud of the bowls, you both did well. BW Chris "

15 Jan 24'

Rose reviewed: A woodturning taster for 2 people.

"Fantastic experience. Chris was really helpful and informative. It was great seeing a block of wood turn into a beautiful bowl. Highly recommend! "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Fantastic to hear Rose, it was great to have you & your mum in the workshop. All the best Chris "

12 Jan 24'

Matt reviewed: Basic woodturning half day

"Fantastic experience, Chris is a brilliant teacher, very encouraging, and never even let on what he thought when he asked me to pick up a screwdriver and I grabbed a drill bit!! I think I made up for it and did him proud. I will definitely be back, thanks Chris. "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Hi Matt, it was a joy to watch your face as you realised it wasn't a screwdriver . Joking aside it was fantastic to have you in my workshop, it was great to see the results on some very well executed cuts. Well done . It would be great to pass on more knowledge to an eager woodturning artist. Chris"

31 Oct 23'

Brendan Gott reviewed: Basic woodturning half day

"Basic Wood Turning - really enjoyed the course. Chris was friendly, helpful and professional."

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Hi Brendan, Really glad you enjoyed your tuition Bw Chris "

9 Oct 23'

Katy S reviewed: Woodturning taster for 3 people

"We had a great time with Chris in his workshop, as a family of 3. We did the taster, and used different tools and techniques to create our pieces. Chris explained and demonstrated everything really well. Great introduction to the lathe and different tools. Thanks Chris!"

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Hi Katy, Thanks for the opportunity to show you & your family the craft of woodturning. Really glad you got so much out of it ."

24 Sep 23'

Tim Stott reviewed: A woodturning taster for 2 people.

"Chris is an excellent instructor. His workshop is very well equipped and he takes safety seriously. We both really enjoyed making a pestle which turned out very well due to Chris’s help and attention. Many thanks Chris. "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Real glad you both enjoyed the taster session, It was great to have you & your father in law in the workshop . Bw Chris "

12 Aug 23'

Stuart Smith reviewed: Basic woodturning half day

"Great day out with Chris. Very knowledgeable and a good teacher of basic techniques. Lots of patience from Chris and a warm welcome. Thanks a lot"

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Glad you enjoyed your tuition ,all the best with your woodturning. Bw Chris Parker "

9 Jun 23'

Kate reviewed: Woodturning taster

"My Dad and Brother did the taster yesterday and they mentioned how much they enjoyed the workshop. Chris allowed time to run over and they appreciated it so much. They couldn’t recommend this course enough. Absolutely amazing! Thank you!"

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Brilliant Kate Both Your Dad & brother produced a great piece of work , they should be proud of what they accomplished. Really glad they enjoyed the course. Chris "

17 May 23'

Su Parker reviewed: Woodturning taster

"Amazing 90 minutes, which Chris allowed us to over-run so we could finish. Really helpful teacher, struck the right balance between showing us what to do and letting us get a feel for it ourselves. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be back, would highly recommend. "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Hi Su It was my pleasure to pass on some knowledge ,thanks so much for your feedback. All the best for the future. Chris "

27 Apr 23'

Jan reviewed: Woodturning taster

"Totally new to woodturning but with Chris’s help I produced a wonderful pestle of which I am very proud. Chris is an excellent teacher and I would highly recommend this introductory session. "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"The pestle is a beauty Jan great choice of wood ,really enjoyed passing on my knowledge. Chris "

27 Apr 23'

Sharon reviewed: Basic woodturning half day

"Absolutely brilliant taster session this morning. Thoroughly enjoyed by my friend and I and really proud of our end results. Clear instruction, patience and encouragement by Chris - thank you for a lovely morning :)"

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Fantastic Sharon really you glad you enjoyed the course, was good to have you in the workshop. Chris "

16 Apr 23'

Rachel reviewed: Woodturning taster

"A great introduction to wood turning. No messing, straight onto the lathe, good tuition & plenty of encouragement. Plus we made a useful item! Thoroughly enjoyable, thanks Chris "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Hi Rachel really glad you & Helen had a good day, it was a pleasure to have you in the workshop. Chris "

13 Apr 23'

Catherine Lodge reviewed: Basic woodturning half day

"Bought as a present for my husband. He had a fantastic time. Chris is an excellent teacher and also had lots of advice for someone looking to start woodturning."

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Hi Catherine Thanks for your purchase & review its very much appreciated, Paul was a great student to have in my workshop was a joy to teach. All the very best the future . Chris "

4 Mar 23'

Dylan reviewed: A whole day woodturning tuition

"Thoroughly enjoyable and informative day. Chris is a knowledgeable and patient teacher who is clearly talented and creative. I learnt a lot about woodturning and wood. Highly recommended !!! "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Was great having you in the workshop Dylan glad it was a enjoyable & rewarding experience, well done . Chris "

21 Feb 23'

Ken Ross reviewed: A whole day woodturning tuition

"The course was very informative and well run. Chris answered all my questions. There was no shortage of tools that were required or materials. Chris is a very good teacher and lets you get on with things under complete supervision. The highlight of the day was the rock cakes and meal his missus made, especially the rock cakes!"

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Lol brilliant Ken really glad you had a good day . Wendy the misses was well pleased with her mention. Cheers Ken "

20 Feb 23'

Lee cullen reviewed: Basic woodturning half day

"I did a half day beginners woodturnng course and came home with a beautiful ash bowl that I made under Chris's expert tuition. Chris is a really good teacher and is very knowledgeable and really patient. I had a really enjoyable time and would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to try woodturnng for the first time."

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Hi Lee Thanks so much for your thoughts on your tuition time in my workshop. Chris Parker RPT "

1 Feb 23'

Martin Vose reviewed: Woodturning taster

"I did the 90 minute wood turning taster. Having no experience in this whatsoever, I really enjoyed it and will be back to do a longer session. Chris was friendly and welcoming, explained about all the equipment I'd be using and before I knew it I was getting stuck into it under his supervision and guidance. I highly recommend his sessions/courses to anyone thinking about it."

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Martin that's brilliant really glad you enjoyed your taster,and would great to see you again. Chris Parker RPT "

15 Jan 23'

Tom reviewed: Woodturning taster

"Chris was a great tutor. I had a great time and learnt so much in 90 mins. It was a great, friendly atmosphere to learn in and Chris's technical knowledge was really in-depth. He explained and demonstrated all the different tools and techniques in a way that allowed me to learn really easily. I managed to make a small pestle in the 90 minutes. I was super chuffed with what I made and I would definitely like to do another course with Chris. Cheers for your time fella!"

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Fantastic to hear that you enjoyed your taster session Tom. You were an absolute joy to teach .Good to know you will be back for a more indepth tuition. Chris Parker RPT "

24 Dec 22'

Amanda reviewed: Woodturning taster

"This is great. Went with no experience and Chris was soo patient and kind. He explained everything and was very reassuring. Chris repeatedly encouraged me to have the courage to use a variety of tools, even though sometimes I messed up he just calmly adapted what I was doing. If you are considering doing this my advice would be go for it. You won't regret it. You will come away feeling you have really achieved something. Thanks again Chris "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Amanda fantastic really glad you got so much from your taster class ,was an absolute joy to share my knowledge. Chris "

27 Oct 22'

Paul Bradley reviewed: Woodturning taster

"This course was purchased as a gift for my 12 year old son, who is keen on woodworking. Chris, the host, was very patient and explained everything really well. He kept my son fully engaged throughout the session. After a few test runs, they then worked on a small project and produced a very nice bowl from wood. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone interested in wood turning."

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Hi Paul Thanks for the recommendation Paul it was great to see a young lad with so much enthusiasm & appreciation of our craft. I'm sure Joseph is very proud of the bowl he made & rightly so well done Joseph. "

9 Sep 22'

Gavin James reviewed: A whole day woodturning tuition

"I did this course yesterday with Chris it was great he was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and shows a plethora of knowledge. Had a really great day, and fueled my interest in wood-turning. The Chilli for lunch was also really good, my thanks to Chris's wife. I would suggest this course to anyone who is interested in learning about wood-turning. "

Chris Parker Woodturner responded:

"Gavin I'm really happy you enjoyed your day of woodturning in my workshop. You where I'm am if you need any further woodturning advice. Chris AKA the bald woodturner "

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