Lakeland Cabinet Makers reviews

14 Oct 13'

Yasmine Stone reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I had a great week making a step-stool. I didn't have a clue about woodwork before the course, but by the end I had made a beautiful piece of furniture, which taught me a lot of useful skills. I also had a go at wood-turning when I'd finished the stool. Richard and Mark are really chilled-out and friendly and they give you lots of tips about tools and show you what to do step-by-step, but they never just do it for you, so when you've finished you feel a great sense of achievement. It's a really satisfying and rewarding course. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys making things; I'm so glad I've entered the realm of woodwork and I feel confident to start my own project now - a wooden board game."

28 Aug 13'

Venetia Young reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"This was an amazing week. The teaching was very good and thorough. The work we all did was produced to a professional standard that I didn't know I could ever achieve! i will definitely go back for the second course"

21 May 13'

Malcolm Chisholm reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I have attended both of Richard's courses. You gain experience of using lots of different tools and machines in the process of making a beautiful piece of furniture. I made two oak tables, both of which have been well and truly admired. Richard also gives lunchtime lectures that complement the practical sessions. He and Mark guide the students every step of the way. I strongly recommend these courses to anyone interested in working with wood."

8 May 13'

Fran Gregson reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"Richard is brilliant at challenging you just enough,so you get satisfaction from your work without feeling out of your depth. There is always another way of doing things if anything is a problem. Very relaxed but with great respect for safety, and his dog, Ash. is great too."

14 Apr 13'

Mark Douglass reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I have always thought I would enjoy working with wood but with no real opportunity to find out. That has now been rectified as I have just completed Course 1 with Richard and Mark. Course 1 is a most enjoyable fun week in which you are guaranteed to learn an awful lot of wood working skills in Richard's Workshop. A great set up with loads of top quality tools and top quality guidance and instructions. I have completed this course with a massive sense of achievement and a super Spinning Stool which is taking pride of place. I am now trying to work out how I can set up my own workshop and get back for Course 2."

12 Apr 13'

Sue Kane reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I have attended Week One and the followed it with a Week Two Course. I knew virtually nothing about woodworking beforehand but was trained by Richard and Mark in the use of hand tools and power tools. Their teaching was excellent and the small class numbers meant that we were never left waiting to find out what to do next. I thoroughly enjoyed the weeks and have two beautiful pieces of furniture to show for it! Thank you!"

17 Feb 13'

Geoff Dickson reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I have just completed both courses - "Tools and Things" and "Wood and Things" back to back. The last time I tried woodworking was over 40 years ago when I was about 12, so I was a little apprehensive about my lack of talent. I needn't have been. Both Richard and Mark were very good tutors with loads of patience and an eagle eye to stop you before you did anything stupid. I now have the confidence to embark upon new projects and am considering a few of my own ideas to create something really bespoke for my own home. I would recommend these courses to anyone whatever your level of skill. I have attended many different courses during my 30 year professional career,and I can honestly say this is the only one I've never wanted to end. I left with a sense of achievement I have not experienced in many a year."

5 Jun 12'

Robin Wenham reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"The courses are such fun! You learn practical woodworking from a practising woodworker and take away finished project at the end of the course - Richard inspires you and gives you the confidence to complete the work that you want to complete and is quite happy to continue after completion of the course - he's always happy to reply to e-mails. The courses are structured well, mixing practical with informative lunchtime lectures. For me it was the stepping stone to a new pastime."

10 May 12'

Jacqueline Duffield reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"This course is fantastic and has changed my life! I have been searching for a long time for the 'thing I want to do next', and this is it. Richard and Mark have so much knowledge and patience and are open to your ideas no matter how crazy - "you really want to leave the bark on that chest of drawers?!" I would recommend this course to anyone, young or old, male or female, as a hobby or as a stepping stone to a future career. It is great value for money considering the rewards, and you get to take home your new prized piece of furniture to enjoy for a long time to come."

9 May 12'

Mary Munro reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I have never had lessons before in the use of a lathe, band saw etc and was very pleased to discover that with the patient guidance of Richard I too could successfully complete a wonderful little table for all to see and admire. I loved using their new sander that had a tilting table as part of it. The course is also very informative in practical tips for a workshop set up, sharpening tools, helpful gadgets, screws, drills and much more. Go for it!!!"

4 May 12'

Linda Keen reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I attended the course without prior knowledge or experience of woodwork. I was amazed I learned so much, so quickly. Richard and Mark are true craftsmen and it was a priviledge to be in their company. Their skills, knowledge and expertise was imparted with enthusiasm and their positive encouragement was palpable alowing each individual to attain a high level of competence. Set in beautiful countryside in superbly equiped workshops this is a great course and a wonderful experience. Without doubt I recommend this course to anyone who loves to learn and at the same time thoroughly enjoy themselves."

2 May 12'

Kerry Kingston reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"Richard has worked really hard to structure this course brilliantly - it's not just a good woodworker showing you what he does. He mixes a series of lessons with hands-on practical work at a pace that keeps both your brain and hands engaged in a thoroughly absorbing week. And its a lovely relaxing environment too, so it does feel more like a holiday than a course. The real test is that I now have a workshop in my garage and I've made a chest of drawers, a garden table and I'm even contemplating building my own kitchen units!"

2 May 12'

Frank Price reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"The courses run by Richard are excellent. He combines knowledge and experience with an infectious enthusiasm that makes the week flash by. Mark works together with Richard and between them they have all the skills you can imagine! On both courses I learned so much about wood and got to practise a whole range of skills and techniques. The courses taught me a tremendous amount and gave me confidence to adapt what I learned to other projects in my own workshop. If you are a beginner or someone with a good set of skills already you will learn a great deal from Richard and Mark. Thoroughly recommended!"

2 May 12'

Simon Appleby reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"Both Richard and Mark clearly love what they do and their enthusiasm is infectious. I have attended two courses at The Wood Workshop and both have been excellent learning experiences. Both the courses have had their core content to follow yet Richard is happy to work around this to address, wherever possible, any personal objectives or specific areas of learning you may want to cover. I enjoyed and benefited from my time on these courses and have no hesitation in recommending them."

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