Lakeland Cabinet Makers reviews

14 Oct 17'

Chrissie Harper reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I have just completed the 5 day Course 1. It was BRILLIANT! Prior to this course I had zero knowledge/experience. We were very quickly hands on with the tools, not overkill on lectures, and the 45 min daily talks after lunch were genuinely really interesting. The pace of the course was perfect, Richard and Mark are natural teachers. As there are only 4 students for the 2 teachers you have their help constantly when needed but they also let you get on with it whilst keeping an eye on you from the other side of the workshop. I made a spinning stool and was amazed by the variety of techniques, tools, machines etc that I was taught to use making this one item. The reaction I've received from the photos I've posted on my facebook account are indicative of how professional the finished item looks, I still can't really believe that I made it! I'm definitely going back to do one of the other courses. Thank you Richard and Mark for a fabulous week."

12 Aug 17'

William Totten reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"I attended this course just a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was truly excellent. It was one of the best weeks I've had in a long while. Richard is a great teacher (you can tell he's been doing it for years) and Mark and Jay provide fantastic support. If you have an interest in working with wood I'm sure you'll find this course extremely satisfying - as I did. Thanks again guys. Hopefully see you on course 2."

24 May 17'

Sara Montgomery reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I have just done courses 1 and 2 back to back and thoroughly enjoyed them both. As a complete beginner, I felt somewhat daunted on the first morning by the sight of the unshaped pieces of wood piled on my work bench that I was somehow to transform into a long stool. However, by lunchtime, under the expert guidance of Richard and Mark, I had already marked up the wood and used various fearsome-looking power tools to cut the legs and rails and prepare mortises and tenons and felt ready for anything. With only four students and two instructors, everyone received lots of support and assistance. The atmosphere in the workshop was relaxed and friendly and Mark and Richard struck the perfect balance between keeping our confidence up and gently easing us out of our individual comfort zones in order to tackle more ambitious tasks. Each day was as intense as it was rewarding as our projects gradually took shape. I felt as though I was using completely new parts of my brain and was exhausted every evening. Angie's van brought delicious sandwiches, pastries and fruit every day and when the sun shone, as it did for the first week, we sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful Lakeland view from the workshop. Richard's after lunch lecture course provided a huge amount of useful practical information which he plans to make available on YouTube as well as a welcome period of calm after the thrills, spills and machine noise of the morning. I decided to cover my stool with woven leather rather than upholstery and Mark (unflappable even when I was firing a tack gun perilously close to his thumbs) went far beyond the call of duty in helping me source, cut and attach the leather. By the end of the first week I was keen to tackle something more complex and embarked with gusto on the side table which involved making a drawer with dovetail joints. Doing the two courses back to back enabled me to consolidate a lot of the information and skills I learnt in the first week and I now feel ready to try some projects of my own. I went home with two beautiful pieces of furniture that I still can't believe I produced. It's the most satisfying thing I've done in years and I highly recommend both courses to anyone, especially if, like me, you could do with being reminded what you're capable of."

16 Mar 17'

Bob Kirk reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"Attending this course has been a wonderful experience. My wife bought me the course as a surprise Christmas present and it has been the best present I have ever received. The course is very neatly set out providing all the help and guidance you need as the instructors ( Richard and Mark) take you through it. Experience is given on turning, routing, the use of a band saw, sharpening tools and finishing techniques. Part of each day is given over to an informal talk on the subjects such as measuring tools, sharpening techniques, recommended tools for a workshop and more. Whilst this is going on you are using the techniques shown so that at the end of the week you come away with a beautifully crafted piece of furniture. Richard and Mark are both exceptional craftsmen and they love passing on their skills to the participants on the course. I just cant wait for my wife to save up enough to send me on the next level of course."

9 Mar 17'

Sophie Brook reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"Fantastic, fast-track introduction to woodwork. I went into the course with zero woodwork experience and came out with a lovely looking side table. Unfortunately, it is so professional that my friends and family don't believe I produced it myself! I also learned how to use the fundamental tools (lathe, saws, chisels, drills …), cut/shape wood, make basic joints (biscuit, mortice and tenon …), finish items (sanding, waxing …) and setup a workshop (space and tools required). The volume of knowledge you gain in such a short period is mostly down to the fact that the instructors empower you to get going and doing it for yourself from the very start, so it's very much learning on the job. What's more, this course isn't just for complete beginners; the choice of projects and small class size mean that instruction can be tailored to the individual and students are encourage to ask lots of questions! Last but not least, the atmosphere of the course is spot on thanks to the down-to-earth, friendly and funny instructors, Richard and Mark, thanks g"

9 Mar 17'

Sophie Brook reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"Great for quickly gaining the capability to get off to a flying start in woodwork. I did this course straight after course one (tools and things) and it was definitely more challenging, but absolutely do-able thanks to the very supportive instructors, who both have a wealth of cabinet making experience. In this course, I produced a beautiful side table-table, for which I employed fairly advanced joints (e.g. tongue and grove) and techniques (e.g. draw fitting). I also learned about the attributes of different wood types as well as how to select, store and prepare wood. The range of different experience levels among the four students in the class was vast, with me still being a beginner and one student having already made lots of fairly complex furniture, yet each student was really able to improve. Finally, the tone of the course is perfect thanks to the down-to-earth, friendly and funny instructors, Richard and Mark, thanks guys!"

11 Feb 17'

Julian Scarisbrick reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I had a great time on this course and would heavily recommend it to anyone who's even considering it as an option. It is a great way in to practically doing and understanding how to work with wood, the tools and range of techniques available. Richard and Mark are very welcoming, always on hand to help and answer any questions. Definitely looking to go back for course 2."

4 Dec 16'

Dave weatherby reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"My wife gave me the week on course for me birthday. I had learnt a little wood work at school but that was a very long time ago. I learnt a lot on the course about all aspects including tools, machinery, the importance of accuracy and relearn the pleasure of making something from wood. Richard and Mark were always there with advice but also let you get on and do things by yourself. I made the small table and my family were very impressed with its quality, of course I can see all the flaws - next time it will be better. Overall a really good course which does what it says in the tin. I am now working out how to make a very small work shop in my very small cellar, Richard's advice on this has been very helpful. Definitely recommended if you are looking to learn about working with wood"

22 Nov 16'

Michael White reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I have always loved wood but never had the chance do do any workworking at school so here I was, recently retired, with the opportunity to go all the way to The Lakes to go back to being a 15 year old again on a course called "Tools & Things". This was drive that was really worth it. Richard and Mark do not hang about with introductory lectures - you get straight into it. I was making a step stool and started measuring up when it dawned on me that I just had a pile of wood and how on earth was it all going to go together! Richard and Mark took me through it step by step by showing me how to do a particular task and then saying over to you. I made a point of trying out all the different joints by hand and now have a much better appreciation of what is involved in this wonderful world of wood. Thanks Richard and Mark and I cannot recommend the course highly enough."

20 Nov 16'

Jane Weir reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I did wonder, when I was driving up to Cumbria to live in my van for 2 weeks in October, if I was nuts, going all that way for a woodwork course, but it was totally worth it! I am back home now, after two brilliant weeks, with two great pieces of furniture a few new skills and more of a clue what I’m doing to show for my time. Right from the start, Richard and Mark were welcoming, friendly and inclusive. They were patient, knowledgeable, good fun and supportive, with bags of experience between them and loads of tips that helped us all get the most out of the fortnight. They kept us all moving along at a pace that meant that we could all finish by Friday but still had time for questions and to learn from each other - particularly handy, as people did different projects, so it was interesting to learn from watching them. Having completed the two courses I feel like I have a lot more idea of what I need to do to get up and running in a workshop - I just need to find somewhere to host all my projects now!"

9 Oct 16'

Denise reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I booked for the course as a complete novice, never having even picked up a chisel yet came away having completed a table. The tuition was relaxed, expert and friendly and Richard and Dave had infinite patience. It was a great experience, thank you. I enjoyed the lunchtime lectures very much."

8 Oct 16'

Dave Parker reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"Just finished the 5 day tools course and came home with a beautiful, small side table which has been much admired already. I chose the course partly because they only have 4 students at a time, the intention being to give students a very high level of personal attention and coaching. This proved to be true and Richard and his colleague Mark were on hand all the time and took great care to explain and demonstrate every step we took. Richard is very open and is keen to share his experience and knowledge so you learn a lot in a short time including the daily post-lunch lectures (It's worth taking notes because there's so much and it's easy to forget). We used a wide range of tools from basic hand tools like chisels and saws to heavy machine tools like lathes, band saws, routers etc and I would feel much more confident about using them in the future. The atmosphere is informal, relaxed and friendly. I would recommend it to anyone interested in woodwork whether you're a beginner or just want to raise your standards."

12 Mar 16'

Richard Hollingsworth reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"Have just completed Course 1 and intend to continue onto course 2 at the next opportunity. The course was very good, quite relaxed with very experienced help from Richard and Mark whenever required. It is an excellent course for those like me with only limited previous experience. That said, for those more experienced there are more difficult projects that can be tackled and all power tools are available to try or use on your own projects if you have time. The projects can easily be completed during the 5 days so it is a good idea to have a few extra things in mind that you want to try or do in order to make use of all the available time, help and equipment that is on offer. The project you take away with you will be superb and your friends and family will be surprised at how professional it looks! Richard gives lunchtime talks on relevant topics each day and he will tailor these to participant's desires. I think their flexibilty of approach, coupled with their obvious vast knowledge and experience and the relaxed pace is what makes the course so enjoyable. One recommendation would be to outline the project stages at the start so you know what is coming next - on occasion I was unsure so not prepared properly for the next stage (eg taking my time as I knew there was another day only to be told with 10 minutes to go that I needd to oil the project so it could dry over night)."

16 Feb 16'

Campbell reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"Very well constructed course, covering all the tools including the what, why, how. Great workshop giving each student plenty of space and all the tools needed. Good friendly atmosphere, very encouraging to the students. Richard really great and ably supported by Mark. I would recommend to anyone who wants to get started in woodworking."

15 Feb 16'

Tanya Tanner reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"Course 1 These guys were fabulous and we can't stress that enough. We were guided and supported with gentle encouragement and challenge at every step of the way. Richard and Mark ( and Ash) were both relaxed and patient with my husband and I, and especially our teenage son, a complete beginner. Each day was full of developing skills, friendly banter and of course gleaning as much knowledge as possible from our " wood gurus". We all finished our projects beyond our expectations thanks to the brilliant tuition. This was in fact our family holiday and what a great week it was, great activity, great people, we hope to return soon, if they will have us!"

15 Feb 16'

Tanya Tanner reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"Course 1 These guys were fabulous and we can't stress that enough. We were guided and supported with gentle encouragement and challenge at every step of the way. Richard and Mark ( and Ash) were both relaxed and patient with my husband and I, and especially our teenage son, a complete beginner. Each day was full of developing skills, friendly banter and of course gleaning as much knowledge as possible from our " wood gurus". We all finished our projects beyond our expectations thanks to the brilliant tuition. This was in fact our family holiday and what a great week it was, great activity, great people, we hope to return soon, if they will have us!"

14 Feb 16'

Sheldon reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"What a great course - I have been an enthusiastic amateur woodworker for 20 years and kept looking thinking course 1 or should I contact Richard about course 2. I have a bandsaw, lathe, router and a good selection of hand tools but thought the projects looked good and it might be an idea to get to know a new way of working before attempting something more complex. I am so pleased I did, learning how to use power tools, machines and many hand tools yourself or watching videos is not the same as spending a week with 2 professional cabinet makers. I got so much out of it and came away with a side table with a finish I have never achieved before in addition to lots of things to try in my workshop . Richard and Mark have a great way of teaching and guiding you when you need it and building on what you already know. With just 4 people and 2 instructors the atmosphere is relaxed but very creative and you learn from everyone's questions and get to discuss techniques and experiences with everyone on the course. I am looking forward to returning for course 2 in the future."

6 Feb 16'

David reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"Just come back from having done this course and had a fabulous time. Richard and Mark are great teachers. They are generous in passing on their experience and letting us in on their woodworking "secrets". I have learnt so much this week and made a piece of furniture I wouldn't have believed I could do before the course. Learning how to turn wood on the lathe was great fun! The lunchtime lectures were also very good and I've picked up a lot of information, hints, tips and "do's and don'ts". This course has given me a lot of inspiration and confidence and I can't wait to get cracking on my own projects! I'm already planning on signing up for the second course. If you know little or nothing about woodworking and want to take it up as a hobby, I don't think you could do better than attend this course. Thanks Richard and Mark for a fantastic week!"

30 Nov 15'

James Caine reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I have attended course one which I really enjoyed and feel that I learned a lot, thanks to Richard and Mark's excellent tuition. I ended up with a piece of furniture which I am very pleased with and is far better than I imagined I would produce. I will definitely be attending Course 2. I have no hesitation in recommending this course."

1 Nov 15'

Rose reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"A very enjoyable course, thank you to Richard and Mark. During the course you get to try a great variety of tools and techniques which would be daunting in other situations, but the expert and patient Richard and Mark make it very achievable and enjoyable. I came away with a great deal of useful tips that I will certainly take up, and the positive feeling that I can use tools correctly and keep them in good working condition, and also a very nice chair!"

26 Oct 15'

Chris Whittle reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"Having just completed Course 1 on the 23rd October, I must say that this course exceeded my expectations and wildest hopes. Richard and Mark provided a mine of useful information both in the lunchtime lectures and numerous brief "group hugs "throughout the week, as specific points of learning were covered real time. The camaraderie of the group built during the week and I was surprised to find that whatever our initial level, we all learned together and shyness rapidly became confidence. Techniques were shown and practised, safety, modern machinery options and easy ways were always in mind. The results spoke for themselves. 'Must book Course 2 for next year !!"

25 Oct 15'

Michael Hall reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"I last did woodworking at school over 40 years ago and, although I enjoyed it, was never very good. Now, following retirement, I signed up for this course in the vain hope of being able to measure, mark and cut accurately, and produce an ottoman style footstool (hah!). I’ve just come home, five days later, with a beautiful ottoman style footstool constructed in oak, and am sitting writing this with my feet comfortably on said stool and feeling very proud of myself for the first time in years! This is due entirely to the instruction I received from Mark and Richard, which was perfect. There were no questions too stupid and they were excellent at making me feel capable. I was introduced to a wide range of techniques, using both hand and power tools. With only four pupils on the course each of us could progress at our own speed and I never felt rushed at any stage. In fact, it made a great change being able to take my time! The lunchtime chats (not really lectures) and ‘group huddles’ were very informative, ranging from discussions on how to use screws (no Birmingham screwdrivers here), through tools to buy and setting up a workshop. As others have said, if you’re thinking of doing this course, stop thinking and sign up! You'll love it. I’ve come away ready to start creating with the tools I currently have and looking forward to the next course in a month’s time. Need to sharpen my chisels first, though."

15 Jun 15'

Cyril Wardil reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"I had a great week with Richard and Mark 8th - 12th June and learned a lot of tips as well as being encouraged to make a good job of my project. Looking forward to Course 2 in October. Cyril Wardill Derby"

24 Apr 15'

Paul Driver reviewed: Five day woodwork course - tools

"Just finished this course and arrived home with the beautiful chair that I made on the course as well as increased confidence, skills and ambition to make more. The enthusiasm, passion and patience shown by Richard and Mark is infectious and led to a great learning environment as well as great fun. I was impressed that within 10 minutes of arriving I was using a lathe for the first time and continued to learn new techniques all week. The format of learning by demonstration then immediately doing, with help on hand when needed and achieving the goal of taking a beautiful handcrafted piece of furniture home is a winner. I have already signed up for their more advanced course."

21 Mar 15'

Jess reviewed: Five day woodwork course - wood

"Well, I didn't think it could get much better than Course 1, but Richard and Mark have surpassed my expectations yet again! Course 2 was an amazing week of building confidence and knowledge. It was a really good consolidation of the techniques learned in Course 1 coupled with a steady flow of information and plenty of hands on experience. By the end of the week I felt that I had a really good grasp of the concepts required and the ability needed to set to work on my own projects, right from the designing stage, through selection and purchase of the wood required, to construction and finishing. All I need now are a few power tools….."

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