Tartan Caledonia reviews

3 Jun 22'

Iona Kelly reviewed: Cyanotype prints

"Ashleigh was very knowledgeable, which was just as well because we knew nothing about the subject at all! He provided a range of items for us to use and was very open to all of ideas, no matter how random. Cyanotype is a very niche area and it was interesting to learn about it."

23 May 22'

Judith Roberts reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"I had such a wonderful day weaving with Ashleigh. He explained everything very clearly and was very informative about different types of weaving and patterns. I was thrilled with my finished piece and having leaner different techniques I am now set to make a scarf in my favourite pattern. The course is held at Nest which is a crafters’ delight. I would highly recommend Ashleigh and can’t wait to go back."

16 May 22'

Sharon-Leah Perry reviewed: Cyanotype prints

"I had a fantastically inspiring time with Ashleigh who shared so many different techniques & ideas with me. He made the workshop very understandable, fun & enjoyable & had so much material prepared for me to choose from to use for my printing. I loved being able to experiment with soaking one of my pieces in a strong tea solution, that I currently have another piece soaking in very strong coffee for comparison. I have since shared my with my family who also appreciated the learning experience & knowledge that Ashleigh shared with me. I would highly recommend doing this workshop with Ashleigh, or even one of the other workshops he does. He is very knowledgeable & has a gift of breaking things down into easy to understand pieces. THANK YOU ASHLEIGH !"

10 May 22'

Maureen Kerr reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"I have just had an amazing day with Ashleigh Slater on this weaving course. He is an excellent tutor!!! I had the best fun and tuition I’ve had for a long time. He is so patient, even with someone like me who needs constant looking after. I produced a piece of weaving about a foot and a half long in the most diverse patterns. Chuffed?? Absolutely !!! Thank you Ashleigh."

20 Mar 22'

Helen Gledhill reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"As a bit of a wool nut, I’ve been wanting to learn how to weave for a while now so I decided to take my daughter (8) to a class with Ashleigh and make a day of it. I was a bit unsure how she’d manage to focus all day but I needn’t have been. She loved it. Ashleigh explained everything so well and clearly to us, he’s a great teacher. We had an amazing time, we were able to go at our own pace, Ashleigh is so knowledgeable and I think we’ve both officially been bitten by the weaving bug. Without a doubt we’ll be going back to learn more!"

22 Jul 21'

Carol R reviewed: Cyanotype prints

"Lots of good content on the course and good detailed advice. Ashleigh had ensured all materials were ready for a range of techniques to try. The day ran smoothly and it was really enjoyable to work outdoors. It is very useful to get handouts and info about where to buy materials. Definitely recommend this course and you get value for money."

25 Nov 20'

Caroline Pitt reviewed: Tartan design (Digital) e-course

"This was booked more for curiosity about tartan than anything. Ashleigh obviously loves his work and wants to share his knowledge. A very enjoyable experience from learning some history, to designing my own tartan. I (with Ashleighs help) am now going to register the design & hopefully get the weave made up. He has patience and amazing software to make the whole process fascinating."

16 Aug 20'

Jenny Farrar reviewed: Tartan design (Digital) e-course

"Thank you Ashleigh for a very interesting and comprehensive overview of the processes involved in tartan design and registration. I have enjoyed learning something new from a patient and experienced teacher! This has been my first venture into online craft courses and it was a very positive experience that I would not hesitate to repeat."

3 Jun 20'

Joe reviewed: Tartan design (Digital) e-course

"This is a fantastic course that will guide you through the entire process from concept to designing and registering your own tartan. Ashleigh is a great tutor and goes above and beyond to help you bring your vision to life and I am thrilled with the tartan I have created. Even after the course has finished Ashleigh has been at the end of a phone or e-mail to help. Highly recommended for anyone with an interest in tartan or craft."

8 Mar 20'

Pippa Clegg reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"My daughter and I had a lovely day with Ashleigh learning how to weave on a four shaft table loom and a heddle loom. Ashleigh patiently took us through the basics and advised on colour combinations and then we were off! We had a great day exploring different patterns and colour combinations with Ashleigh keeping an unobtrusive eye on us, ready to intervene if things were getting tricky but otherwise allowing us to try things out. We had a lunch break at the Cateran Cafe (part of the cost of the day) and then back for more experiments. Ashleigh is an excellent tutor and we both came away with pieces of work we felt proud of and delighted with."

27 Feb 20'

Clare Levings reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"I had been looking forward to the weaving course since before Christmas as it was a gift from my husband and it didn't disappoint. The loom was prepared on arrival and there were lots of different types and colours of yarn to choose from. The instruction was given in a very friendly and clear way together with explanatory notes and patterns to use. I was thrilled to cover a great deal and left having ordered a loom - need I say more!?"

26 Feb 20'

Helen Gardner reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"Thank you so much for the weaving tuition on Thursday, it was hugely enjoyable and interesting and exactly what I needed."

28 Jul 18'

Mhairi reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"Great day, specifically tailored to me and my style. Learned lots about weaving and the different techniques used, allowing me to create a beautiful cloth with a variety of different weaves. Would highly recommend for new beginners!"

18 Jan 18'

Martha McInnes reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"I spent a day with Ashleigh. He tailored the teaching to my requirements, was very accommodating, helpful, and enthusiastic. I loved every minute of being in his studio. I was sad when the day was over. I produced a lovely sample of cloth."

31 Oct 17'

Jacqui reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"" This was probably the best craft course that I have attended. With very well gauged individual tuition I went from being a complete novice to producing an attractive piece of fabric within the day. I was given time to consolidate each new technique before moving on to the next and experimenting with different textures of yarn. It was a relaxing and productive day and excellent value as all of the materials and an enjoyable lunch were included in the fee. I shall definitely be returning to consolidate my skills.""

27 Apr 16'

Aileen Ford reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"My 16 year old son attended this course. He is interested in taking up weaving as a career. Ashleigh created a one to one day for him, letting him try different looms & techniques. He had a lovely lunch included in the price. He brought home samples he'd woven & handouts & lots of useful advice. He got a great follow up email with loads of links & can go back for a follow up course for £30. A great course run by a really nice guy. A really good way to get into weaving."

20 Oct 15'

Liz Shields reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"I attended Ashleigh's weaving class last Monday and Tuesday. I had just bought a rigid heddle loom and I thought this class would be a good chance to have practical help in how to use it - and I wasn't disappointed! I learnt how to warp up, how to weave plain weave and how to weave some other techniques too such as clasp-weaving and the use of the pick up stick to create patterns and how to read and interpret a weaving pattern. Ashleigh shared lots of other tips and advise too which no doubt came from his many years experience as a professional weaver. Ashleigh was very attentive, but also sensitive to times when I just needed to be left alone to weave at my own pace! Lunch on the first day was included in the price of the class and consisted of a soup and sandwich lunch with tea or coffee at a local cafe. There were plenty of eating places in Blairgowrie to try out on the second day, and I chose one just over the road from Ashleigh's studio. Blairgowrie is a very pleasant little town, and I was able to explore the local shops during the lunch hours and also take a walk along the riverside paths. Altogether this was a very interesting and enjoyable two days, and I learnt a lot about weaving. It was well worth the cost and the journey from my home town of Liverpool to attend."

28 Jun 15'

Monica reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"Thank you very much for lessons last week, very well structured, very patient! delicious lunch at Cargill's restaurant and overall a most recommendable experience. I enjoyed it very much."

25 Jan 15'

Jane Lewis reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"I found the tuition really useful and helpful - you answered all my questions and with patience. Although it is early days yet I find I am remembering well - I have my loom up and running at home. I am now totally hooked on weaving!"

15 Jan 15'

susan cleghorn reviewed: Weaving: the journey begins

"I was taught how to weave by Ashleigh and rate his teaching and course content very highly. He is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about all aspects of weaving, and combines a sound knowledge base with the ability to let a learner move at her own pace. As a result of doing a weaving course with Ashleigh, I bought a small hand loom and was able to go back to see him as I developed new skills. What I really liked about this course was its setting in Blairgowrie, with its links to weaving history. Highly recommended."

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