Skela Studio reviews

28 Jun 23'

Beata reviewed: Interior Design Course - five weeks

"I just wanted to thank Aleksandra for her excellent online interior design course! You complete the course modules and homework assignments with Aleksandra's direction, and they all work together to help you identify your particular design aesthetic so that your final product is exactly what you want and love. Aleksandra is incredibly encouraging and brimming with ideas and industry experience to help you develop your ideal scheme. The weekly meetings with Aleksandra , who added design advice or suggested easy modifications that I hadn't considered, were comforting to me as she helped me polish the ideas I was developing. She also sent me resources to further investigate my ideas. Everything came together week by week to form my completed scheme. Aleksandra's advice helped me design my living room. Thank you so much and I'm looking forward to designing my kitchen next. "

Skela Studio responded:

"Oh Beata, I can't thank you enough for the lovely words! "

12 Jan 23'

Anna reviewed: Interior Design Course - five weeks

"I received this course as a the birthday gift from my partner who knows how passionate I am about interior design. The course was so much better than I expected .added bonus was to meet all the lovely people online from across the world and feel supported by them and our tutor Aleksandra."

11 Jan 23'

Alex reviewed: Interior Design Course - five weeks

"Fantastic course, very happy! I have designed my bedroom in my new home during the course with the help of Aleksandra. It was amazing to have her advice for when I needed that extra confidence. We covered floor planing, colour, lighting, patterns, inspiration and interior design styles. It is well structured and there are plenty of follow up materials. I can't wait to do other rooms in my house now I've learnt so much. I feel so confident! "

Skela Studio responded:

"Very kind of you Alex to leave a such an amazing review! I'm absolutely delighted you found the course so useful. "

12 Dec 22'

Christiane Weismüller reviewed: Interior Design Course - five weeks

"It was an interesting and inspiring course! Aleksandra's explanations were clear and structured and she created a warm and encouraging atmosphere in our group. I enjoyed the course very much and would like to suggest two more sessions, so that there'll be more time discussing interior examples. I learnt most from the example pictures and Aleksandra's comments on them. Thank you, Aleksandra!"

Skela Studio responded:

"Hi Christine, thank you very much for your kind words and feedback. For your information there are longer courses and individual mentoring that lasts a long time. Please get in touch directly if you are interested. "

7 Feb 21'

Heba Barkaji reviewed: Five week interior design course - interactive

"This was a great experience, the course is very well organised and very informative. I have interior design background and this course helped refresh my memory so much and encouraged me to go back into designing. Aleksandra is a very good teacher, she is very easy going and makes things easy to understand and fun. It was great meeting others who are interested in interior design too. It is safe to say this course is perfect for beginners and with people who already have an interior design background. I am very excited to keep on working on the project I started with Aleksandra in the course. Also, she leaves you with lots of useful materials - recommendations of books, blogs & websites and more.. a great bonus! Thank you very much for this course."

Skela Studio responded:

"Thank you so much Heba for such a lovely feedback. It was lovely to see you at the workshop and your beautiful fresh ideas and presentation. I am looking forward to seeing images of your finished open plan living room."

26 Oct 20'

Paula Jones reviewed: Five week interior design course - interactive

"This was such an enjoyable and surprisingly quick 5 weeks. Aleksandra is very knowledgeable and encouraging providing the right blend of tuition, tips, links and offering weekly 1 to 1s to explore home work tasks and different aspects of the course. It was great to meet others with a shared interest and to see how our mood and presentation boards developed over the on-line course and I hope to see the shared finished results. This is perfect for anyone who has an interest in Interior design and particularly if you want to transform your own home projects. Educational and fun - thanks Aleksandra."

Skela Studio responded:

"Hey Paula, absolutely delighted you enjoyed the course. It was so nice to see you every week and witness how you made that room your own. Thank you very much for the review and I can't wait to see all the items in-situ, especially the stunning light pendant."

6 Jun 20'

Galina reviewed: Five week interior design course - interactive

"I really enjoyed attending this 5-week design course with Aleksandra. I’ve learned how to approach designing a room from scratch on my own and by the end of the course I created a complete design of a master bedroom. The course is engaging and interactive. Aleksandra is supportive, accommodative and helpful, she gave me good practical tips and supplied us with extra materials to dive deeper into each topic. I would definitely recommend this course to people who are interested in Interior design and want to give it a try."

Skela Studio responded:

"Hi Galina, how lovely to hear you enjoyed the course. It was a pleasure to have you there, see your progress in creating a stunning bedroom. Thank you for your kind review and I hope you will create lots of beautiful rooms in future."

22 Jun 19'

Emily reviewed: Interior design masterclass

"I attending a 1-day course and had a fantastic time. Perfect coverage of theory and practical exercises, great environment to give it a go, even if it's not something you thought you would be going into it! Enjoyed it very much and looking forward to putting my learning into practice!"

4 Mar 19'

Jessie reviewed: Interior design masterclass

"I had a great time on Aleksandra's 1-day course. She really helped me to find my own personal style and grow my confidence in developing a project from the start towards the finished design. There was a great balance of informative theory and time for exploring our own ideas, and sharing ideas with the group. I would really recommend her course for anyone who would like to learn about and enjoy the process of designing spaces!"

Skela Studio responded:

"Thank you so much, Jessie, that it is lovely. It was fantastic to see how you got more confident in using patterns by the end of the class. I loved your choice of colours and textures in creating a very convivial space. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished room."

1 Mar 19'

Laura Crichton reviewed: Interior design masterclass

"I so enjoyed Alek’s workshop and was really inspired to get started on my project! I already want to attend another one as just felt so fortunate to spend the day focused on design and with the added element of Alek’s knowledge and advice. I felt that she catered for each of us and really helped us all develop. Would really recommend for anyone no matter what prior experience they have."

Skela Studio responded:

"Thank you Laura for your kind words! I was delighted to have you at the workshop and see your work on Social media afterwards. I love seeing your updates and I can't wait to see the finished room."

26 Feb 19'

Anja reviewed: Interior design masterclass

"I had a fantastic time and learned a lot at Skela Studio's 5 week interior design course. Aleks is generously sharing her knowledge and experience with the group and gives lots of one-to-one attention. The course is well structured and practical, I can use the knowledge again and again. I almost finished designing my bedroom and I am doing my living room next."

Skela Studio responded:

"Thank you for your kind words Anja, it was a pleasure to have you at the class. I'm glad you are making such good progress!"

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