Scarlett Rebecca reviews

10 Oct 22'

Lyn Griffiths reviewed: Mokulito Printmaking at Home - Woodcut & Lithography

"This course is excellent with well made videos and many suggestions for future developments,which is exactly what I wanted.The materials box was beautifully packaged,arrived quickly and provided all the specialist needs.Wouldn’t hesitate to do more of Scarlett’s courses."

Scarlett Rebecca responded:

"Thank you Lyn, that's so kind of you! I'm so glad you're enjoying your explorations in printmaking. I'd love to see your work sometime. Happy Printing!"

1 Aug 22'

Lyn Griffithe reviewed: Cyanotype and Monotype - Printmaking at Home

"Excellent course with very professional accompanying videos .Tutor happy to answer questions and with a friendly approach"

Scarlett Rebecca responded:

"Thanks so much Lyn! So looking forward to seeing you prints at the feedback session soon. "

14 Mar 21'

Katie reviewed: Card Collagraph Printing at Home

"Being introduced to collagraph on Scarlett’s course opened up so many more ways of mark making for me. It was so exciting to receive the materials box before the course, which was beautifully packaged. The guided videos were ideal to refer back to whilst making and experimenting, and Scarlett showed different ways of using the techniques and examples of other artists use of collagraph. I found Scarlett to be extremely knowledgeable about printmaking. Her approachable and fun style of teaching really showed it was possible to print at home with ease and to have meaningful experience online with the live video sessions, which I loved. It truly felt like being in a workshop working alongside people."

13 Mar 21'

Holly reviewed: Mokulito (Woodcut/Lithography) Printing at Home

"I love Scarlett's online printmaking courses. Everything sets you up for success, from the box of materials you receive at the start, the tutorial videos which are super-easy to follow, and, best of all, the online workshops where you get to take time out to focus on something creative and share work with other participants. Thoroughly recommend."

8 Mar 21'

Debbie reviewed: Kitchen Lithography Printing at Home

"This was the first printmaking process I learnt with Scarlett and I honestly was blown away by it! Who knew that ordinary stuff you could find in your kitchen could produce such amazing and varied results?! Scarlett's friendly and warm teaching style and sense of humour, and her vast knowledge of printmaking, made this a really rewarding course. A fab box of materials sent out prior to the course, videos available to rewatch, and Scarlett's generosity in answering all questions patiently, maximised learning potential. Don't hesitate - sign up now! ?"

8 Mar 21'

Debbie reviewed: Card Collagraph Printing at Home

"I have been on several of Scarlett's excellent online printmaking courses now, and great they never disappoint! She is a highly skilled printmaker herself, and a great teacher. I was new to card collagraph and found both Scarlett's videos and the Zoom sessions really clear and inspiring. Added to that was the super box of materials sent out before the course started, making it incredible value! Thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended."

8 Mar 21'

Sandrine reviewed: Kitchen Lithography Printing at Home

"Fabulous course! Kitchen litho is a great process: it is amazing that everything you need to create beautiful prints are in the kitchen. At first it seemed like a lot of steps to learn, but under Scarlett's supervision, it all ended up so well. This was my 3rd course with Scarlett so I would definitely recommend any course with her. She is a fantastic teacher and printmaker."

8 Mar 21'

Sandrine reviewed: Card Collagraph Printing at Home

"I really enjoyed this course and it was really eye-opening for me to see what you can actually achieve in printmaking and especially with card collagraph. You don't actually need a lot of material to create a great imagery. I had always struggled to "finish" drawings and that gave me the tools I was missing. Scarlett is a truly inspiring printmaker: her prints are beautiful. The course is well balanced: the videos go through the process step by step, then you have time to practice. The Saturday is a time to have more practice, share with others and get some feedback. Scarlett is really supportive, has a lot of advice to offer and creates a unique atmosphere. Even if it is online, you feel like you are being cared for. I definitely recommend this course."

8 Mar 21'

Katie reviewed: Kitchen Lithography Printing at Home

"Scarlett's kitchen litho course is amazing! The teaching is jam packed and the resources you receive are fantastic value for money along with the course content. Scarlett is a fantastic teacher, extremely clear and supportive."

8 Mar 21'

Holly reviewed: Kitchen Lithography Printing at Home

"Learning kitchen lithography with Scarlett was so much fun - this was my first printing course and I absolutely loved it, and really got the bug. Kitchen lithography is like magic - the results you can get, even without a print press - are brilliant. The box of materials, tutorial video and online workshops really do deliver everything you need to make amazing prints, but also to feel like you're actually doing something with other people! Scarlett makes the whole thing a really fun experience. It was lovely to be able to share prints with others on the course, see and hear about their experiences, and get inspiration from their work."

8 Mar 21'

Holly reviewed: Card Collagraph Printing at Home

"I learnt how to do card collagraph online with Scarlett and it was brilliant. The quality of prints you can make is fantastic - I don't even have a printing press and was so impressed with what can be achieved with the materials provided in the box - plus a wooden spoon for hand burnishing. Scarlett is really approachable, patient and supportive and her video tutorials make the processes really clear, even for total beginners like me. The online workshops are so relaxing yet productive - the time flies! I'm really glad I took this course as I now have a great network of print friends to share successes (and failures) with, and even to swap prints."

8 Mar 21'

Sara reviewed: Card Collagraph Printing at Home

"I really enjoyed learning about this way of printing with Scarlett. It’s so exciting you can do this in your own home, as I’d always thought you needed a studio - but the combination of the box of materials, the brilliant videos and the zoom session made it really accessible, and really good fun. I was so pleased with what I managed to make! Scarlett really is an exceptional teacher - she’s clear, logical, patient and gives so much time to us as students. Utterly brilliant!"

8 Mar 21'

Sara reviewed: Kitchen Lithography Printing at Home

"I absolutely loved this course - to be able to create really interesting creative prints at home was brilliant. Scarlett was the BEST teacher - she has a really clear logical way of explaining the process, so the videos were superb. The box of goodies was like Christmas, and got you totally set up. I wasn’t sure what the zoom session would be like - but it was so friendly and relaxed, and really felt like we were all in one studio. Scarlett has so much patience that she really helped walk us all through the stages, and troubleshoot when things didn’t quite go to plan. Overall this course is amazing - such great value for money and I can’t wait to do my next one with Scarlett!"

8 Mar 21'

Jess reviewed: Mokulito (Woodcut/Lithography) Printing at Home

"I have done several of Scarlett's courses now and have found them all brilliant. The course is very well designed from beginning to end and Scarlett is a very approachable and fun teacher who is really passionate about printmaking and passing on her vast knowledge. The materials box is lovely to receive and means that there are minimal extras to provide yourself before you can get started. The course is mostly self-led with tutorial videos, but this is accompanied by weekly Zoom sessions where you can work alongside other students and ask Scarlett questions or share work. This was a breath of fresh air and it was great to meet new people, especially during lockdown times! I found myself really looking forward to the Zoom sessions each Saturday. If you are looking for a fun way to try something new as a beginner, or add to your existing printmaking skills, I highly recommend Scarlett's courses!"

8 Mar 21'

Jess reviewed: Kitchen Lithography Printing at Home

"Kitchen lithography such a fun and interesting process! I loved the idea of drawing in chocolate and using items commonly found around the home to create beautiful prints. Scarlett has a wonderfully approachable teaching style and always injects some humour into the sessions as well, which makes them very fun and relaxed. In the live sessions you can share work, practice techniques and discuss anything and everything about printmaking! There is a lot included for the price and Scarlett is very generous both in terms of the materials she provides and the time and support she gives to her students. I highly recommend Scarlett's courses as something fun and different to do, even for people who have never tried primaking before, and they have been really helping me to get through lockdown!"

8 Mar 21'

Jess reviewed: Card Collagraph Printing at Home

"Scarlett is a printmaker extraordinaire as well as a fantastically fun and approachable teacher, and she is always happy to talk print! Card collagraph is a fun technique and creates some really interesting effects which I enjoyed exploring. This course was very well designed from beginning to end, and the content is accessible for all levels from beginners to established printmakers. What I loved about the course was that the materials are provided in a nicely presented box before you begin, so you will have everything you need on hand with minimal extras to provide. After that, it's just a case of logging on and watching the tutorials to get printing! The Zoom group sessions are a wonderful addition to the weekly videos, where you can meet Scarlett and course mates and spend some time going over the techniques, asking questions and sharing work, and you can even start to build a little network of printmaking pals. Scarlett's energy and enthusiasm create a great vibe in the class - I learned so much and was able to create work that I was really proud of. I have done several of Scarlett's courses now and they have really helped me get through the lockdown period!"

8 Mar 21'

Linda Knight reviewed: Kitchen Lithography Printing at Home

"Not having done any printing before, I was a little anxious that I’d feel completely out of my depth - but I needn’t have worried. Everything was so clearly explained on the videos and in the friendly Zoom sessions Scarlett helped with any problems. The techniques are fascinating, it was so friendly and enjoyable, I’m hooked!"

27 Feb 21'

Louise Fletcher reviewed: Kitchen Lithography Printing at Home

"Scarlett prepared some excellent videos guiding us through the process before the live sessions and posted us some wonderful resources to get us started. The live session was an chance for us to work through it together with Scarlett guiding us patiently when we got stuck. Everyone ended up with something they were happy with and motivation to carry on over the next fortnight for an optional critique. I would highly recommend any of Scarlett's courses supported by Phoneix Studio, a really lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon."

24 Feb 21'

Celeste Kelly reviewed: Kitchen Lithography Printing at Home

"This is a wonderful course! So intimate and friendly because of the smaller group. Scarlett had time to attend to our needs individually because of this. Every time that I came a cropper she explained where I may have gone wrong very clearly, l learned so much in only 3 hours. Her short films were invaluable too. James Ort was so helpful as well. I fully recommend that you give this course a go, it was so inspiring! Thank you, Celeste"

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