Rowan Mconegal reviews

6 Dec 22'

Ewan Bell reviewed: Japanese woodblock printmaking - two day course

"I thoroughly enjoyed this 2 day course, it was an excellent grounding in the basic technique of Japanese Woodblock printing. The course was well structured, in my opinion, with a good balance of mostly practical learning with information and explanation imparted at appropriate times. I would definitely consider doing a further course with Rowan."

Rowan Mconegal responded:

" Thanks Ewan, so glad you enjoyed it - and looking forward to seeing you again! "

2 Aug 22'

Alison reviewed: Introduction to herbal medicine - weekend courses

"I really enjoyed the course! Seeing how to make ointments and infusions etc first hand is a much easier way to learn than reading about it. Rowan also has an amazing herb garden - it has inspired me to get planting! I would not hesitate to recommend the course to others, thanks again."

Rowan Mconegal responded:

" Thanks Alison, very pleased you enjoyed the course and felt inspired ! Rowan "

29 Jul 22'

Angela Morris reviewed: Introduction to herbal medicine - weekend courses

"Brilliant weekend course. I loved it. I had an interest in using herbs more for health benefits but knowing where to start and not getting over whelmed by the info out there can be tough to navigate! This course gives you a solid base to launch from and it was in the most gorgeous surroundings with lovely people. What a great way to spend a weekend. Rowan could not be a more lovely, knowledgeable and passionate teacher and host! "

23 Aug 21'

Phil reviewed: Introduction to herbal medicine - weekend courses

"I booked this course for my Wife's birthday and we both thoroughly enjoyed our time there. Since we've both been so hermit like since COVID appeared, the informal yet risk-aware atmosphere made it easier to just relax and enjoy the course .... it was a lovely group of folks attending too."

Rowan Mconegal responded:

" So pleased to hear you enjoyed the course phil, and to read your positive comments ? many thanks"

13 Jul 21'

Sandy Greville-Smith reviewed: Introduction to herbal medicine - weekend courses

"Although primarily I went with my daughter on this course, I found it absolutely fascinating. Rowan's immensely knowledgeable and informal approach was ideal. Walking around the wonderful garden being shown how to identify different plants and plant families and then how to use them was an eye opener. I shall definitely be making fresh herbal teas more. I have already used one of the products we made on my aching back with great results."

1 Jun 21'

Sue reviewed: The art of natural perfumery - weekend course

"I loved this course. It was a thoroughly lovely way to spend two days 'hands on' learning how to make an eau de cologne, eau de toilette and solid perfume. I will be buying some oils to keep practising at home. Rowan is a skilled and experienced teacher, who creates a relaxed atmosphere for her workshops - this is the second of her workshops I've attended, and I already have my eye on a third. The venue is beautiful. It's such a treat to be guided around Rowan's extensive herb gardens, munching on various leaves and flowers as you go. Thanks Rowan for a brilliant two days. I'll be back!"

4 May 21'

Caroline Newport-Hall reviewed: Introduction to herbal medicine - weekend courses

"If you enjoy hands on this is the course for you. Rowan was a fountain of knowledge and if she didn’t know something would try to find out. I felt extremely comfortable and welcomed. I travelled several hours to attend and it was well worth the journey. I have come away with a basic understanding of herbs and can identify some. I am now eyeballing every plant I see and wondering if I can put it in tea!"

23 Feb 19'

Bridget Samsworth reviewed: The art of natural perfumery - weekend course

"The two day course was an informative, interesting and fun hands-on introduction to the world of natural fragrances and the history of perfumery. It was fascinating to explore the sense of smell which can be taken for granted and experience the different characteristics of a wide range of naturally occurring scents derived from plants and learn about the extraction of oils and resins. The course took place in a light-filled and calm studio set in a wonderful garden. Thank you Rowan."

16 Feb 19'

Sara-Jane Gauntlett reviewed: Japanese woodblock printing - two day course

"I felt guided every step of the way through the one day course, Rowan is a highly competent and knowledgeable Japanese Woodblock Print Teacher. It was a great achievement for us all to produce our own non-toxic prints, I am looking forward to attending the two day course with Rowan."

14 Feb 19'

Clare reviewed: Introduction to herbal medicine - weekend courses

"I highly recommend attending Rowans herbal courses. Rowan is an expert in her field and a huge asset for Herefordshire. At a time when we all need to improve our self care & reduce dependence on the NHS/social care services which are so stretched, I feel attending Rowans courses & using the skills she teaches you, will massively improve your health & well being for the future"

6 Feb 19'

Julia reviewed: Introduction to herbal medicine - weekend courses

"What a great course this was (October 2018)! Looking forward to booking the next one in the summer. Since attending the course I have made my own handcreams and ointments which my husband loves after a day working in the woods. Well worthwhile and I'll always have Christmas and birthday presents covered now! Also made some great friends ;)"

31 Jan 19'

Jenny Holland reviewed: The natural health chest: assemble your own herbal medicine chest for health and wellbeing

"I have thoroughly enjoyed Rowan’s herbal courses and have continued to recommend them to everyone! There is something rather magical about walking into Rowan’s home, being greeted like a friend and sitting down to a fresh mug of delicious herbal tea. It’s a feast for the senses with all kinds of smells and lots of herbs in various bottles and bags on the kitchen table waiting to be chatted about, measured, simmered and stirred. Rowan has a wealth of knowledge and shares this informally and professionally, ready to answer questions as they arise. The courses are well structured with lots of practical work. Everything from identifying plants in her beautiful garden, collecting leaves, roots and berries to making concoctions. Having a seasonal lunch with yummy homemade cake adds to the whole experience. I have come away feeling empowered and energised and still use many of the recipes that Rowan shared. Rowan’s medicine course has completely changed my approach to dealing with the inevitable family sicknesses and I now have a stash of herbs that I use frequently for coughs, colds, temperatures and tummy bugs. Thank you Rowan for passing on your knowledge, it’s vital!"

Rowan Mconegal responded:

" Thanks Jenny, really pleased that you found the course so useful and empowering, and are going to carry on using this precious knowledge."

31 Jan 19'

Marion Campbell reviewed: Japanese woodblock printing - two day course

"It was a delight to experience a new form of printmaking using organic materials and media. Rowan prepared good notes for the course in advance and supported the practical work with her enthusiasm for the art form and for her time spent developing her skill in Japan."

Rowan Mconegal responded:

" Thanks for your feedback Marion, much appreciated. I'm so pleased that you have enjoyed the courses that you have come on."

30 Jan 19'

Ellie Stokes reviewed: Introduction to herbal medicine - weekend courses

"I came on this course in about 2012 and enjoyed it very much. Rowan is very good at encouraging you to do the preparing yourself, which did give me confidence in trying it at home. In fact, over this last Christmas, my daughter insisted we made the moisturiser that I had first made with Rowan! She has taken a few pots home."

Rowan Mconegal responded:

" Thanks Ellie, so glad that you found it useful!"

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