Powdermills Pottery reviews

10 Oct 22'

Anne reviewed: Learn the Potters' Wheel in a Weekend

"I’ve just completed the weekend pottery course and it was fabulous. For a start, the drive through the most stunning landscape of Dartmoor to reach Powdermills was just incredible. There were three of us on the course, all beginners, and we began the day with our own lovely cafetière of coffee and a chance to get to know each other. After Joss had outlined what we’d be doing over the two days we headed for the wheels. We watched Joss demonstrate building a cylinder before sitting down to have a go ourselves. Joss was a joy to be around, as were my two fellow emerging potters. There was lots of laughter! I very much liked the way that Joss taught as she was thorough, going over the detail of how to do what we needed to do and answering all questions. She was relaxed and funny and so very helpful. She was always available, noticed when I needed help and responded immediately finding something good about my work to praise and celebrate even when I felt I was failing at the task! There was never any pressure to keep up and we just kept helping ourselves to fresh clay and moving on to create the next pot. In-between Joss added more demonstrations so that we were building our skills to create bowls and vessels of various shapes, handles, spouts and lids. It was a fabulous weekend and Joss was my perfect teacher. And my fellow learners were great fun! I’d do it all again tomorrow if I could! "

Powdermills Pottery responded:

" Wow, Anne, thank you! Great to work (and giggle) with you all - definitely a group of expert handle-makers as well as throwers!"

14 Sep 22'

Rafik Taibjee reviewed: Learn the Potters' Wheel in a Weekend

"I forgot to mention the setting is stunning and the lunchtime walk was really special with great scenery. We felt really privileged to be there"

14 Sep 22'

Rafik Taibjee reviewed: Learn the Potters' Wheel in a Weekend

"Joss was charming. Easy to chat to and learn from. She was great at answering questions and spotting where we needed to work on. But was very encouraging and motivating. We learnt a lot and are tempted to get a wheel now. It would have been lovely to take home a souvenir but she only fires the kiln infrequently for ecological reasons which makes sense. Learning to make a spout and make a complete teapot would be a great way to conclude the session"

Powdermills Pottery responded:

" Thank you, Rafik. It sounds like you have been bitten by the throwing bug! "

14 Jun 22'

Deirdre Conniss reviewed: Learn the Potters' Wheel in a Weekend

"I started the course as a total novice. It was an absolutely practical course. It was only a small group and we were encouraged to start using the wheel from the off. We had unlimited access to clay for second goes where we made mistakes and useful advice on how to avoid them on the next pot. Tuition was clear and easy to follow. At the end of the weekend, I felt confident using a potter's wheel to make useful stuff. The scenery, of course, is a bonus."

Powdermills Pottery responded:

" Thank you for such a lovely review Deidre!"

9 May 22'

Mel reviewed: Learn the Potters' Wheel in a Weekend

"Spending a weekend with Joss was an amazing and genuinely life-changing experience for me. I had no experience of pottery at all, but under Joss's patient, warm and practical guidance by the end of day 2 I was really proud of what I was able to create. I really enjoyed the careful focus on technique rather than rushing to a finished but poor piece, which is what many other courses seem to do. Spending time with Joss isn't just about process - her relationship to the landscape around her from which she creates her clay infuses the experience, and being able to explore the Powder Mills at lunch time was a treat. I highly recommend this course, and am already trying to find time to do it again."

27 Apr 21'

Katey Reeves reviewed: Learn the Potters' Wheel in a Weekend

"The small group was good as you could get individual attention, Joss the instructor is very knowledgeable and the demonstrations clear and easy to follow. I would highly recommend this course if you are a total beginner like me from knowing nothing at all to throwing a tea pot excellent excellent 5 out of 5 stars"

Powdermills Pottery responded:

" Thank you Katey! I am so pleased you enjoyed the course - good luck with all your future crafting. Joss x"

26 Apr 21'

michael reviewed: Learn the Potters' Wheel in a Weekend

"Expect a warm welcome from an gifted potter who only fires her pots using a traditional wood fired kiln. She also mines her own clay and sources her own glazes. At the end of an intense, but relaxing, weekend course you will know all you need to know about 'proper pottery' - using a wheel, turning a cylinder (OK a mug) adding a handle, turning a bowl and then turning, or finishing its foot, or base. If that's not enough you can add in wild Dartmoor scenery and gun powder ruins. I'm happy to recommend this course. Joss isn't just an enthusiastic potter, she's a torch bearing ambassador for all things pottery and you'll begin to catch the bug - its a bit compulsive . . . although she'll tell you its only playing with mud."

Powdermills Pottery responded:

" What a lovely review! Thank you Michael. Jx"

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