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29 Jan 20'

karen Tilburt reviewed: Glove making workshop

"Great course. Patient and understanding tutor. I now have a pair of gloves that fit me. Thanks!"

21 Jul 19'

Melis Erden reviewed: Glove making workshop

"I've grown a new appreciation for glove making. Vajira has been so patient with us. It's a good idea not to have more than 3 people in this course, we needed so much attention! I would've been happier if we had maybe 1 more day. :) Great fun and relaxing! I appreciated Vajira let us put creative input into our making process even though we were total beginners. That excites me! Thank you!"

Peiris Designs responded:

" Hi Melise, Thanks for last minute booking. it was lovely to have you. I loved your colour combination, and the special details and the creative touch! looking forward to see some custom made gloves!!"

19 Jul 19'

Jeanette Wright reviewed: Glove making workshop

"Had 3 tremendous days! So much concentration. I had not realised how many pieces go in to one glove. The venue was great, it just a pity it is so far from home. Vajira is very knowledgable about her craft. I could perhaps have done with one or two more days tuition."

Peiris Designs responded:

" Hi Jeanette, THanks you very much for coming a long way to do the workshop. I'm glad you enjoyed. Your gloves are beautiful. The intricate stitching is amazing. I'd love to see you make more and please send me some pictures. We can definitely do few more days if you like in X'mas gift workshop, in November. Looking forward to hear what Elise think about them. Many thanks!"

19 Jul 19'

Geeske reviewed: Glove making workshop

"Dear Vajira, I am so glad that you've collected all the knowledge that I wanted and now I can start using :) Thank you so much for that! It was worth the 14 hours (back and forth) journey on the cold boat we travelled on from Holland. It's nice that you have all the samples, even with quirks, and that you are interested to develop your skills during the workshop yourself. We've learned a whole lot in 3 days, and now I feel like I want to experiment at home, and I'll send it to you when I've finished them! Hopefully you'll hear a lot from me. And then when I'm stuck with a problem, I'm sorry but I'm going to bother you ;) and take the next workshop next year and year after. It's quite exciting to go on from here. Thank you so much! Geeske"

Peiris Designs responded:

" Hi Valka and Geeske, You are welcome!! and thank you both for your lovely, long and detailed feedback. It's my pleasure to teach you two enthusiastic students. I was so happy to see how enthusiastic you both were at the workshop and the beautiful gloves you made were amazing. I"m also glad that you've learnt about construction. I'm more than happy to answer any question you have re glove making in future- just drop a message or call me. It's interesting to see how you develop new ideas and overcome difficult construction problems of glove making- it's very challenging. You are welcome to learn again in advance glove making workshop. Also it's a pleasure spreading this rare technique and glad it is learnt and used by others. Thank you both for participating! Vajira x"

19 Jul 19'

Valka reviewed: Glove making workshop

"Valka came all the way from Holland to learn glove making with Vajira ******** Thank you for your support. When I ruined my pattern you kept smiling and silently glued and fixed my glove :) Thank you for sharing your experience and all the little hacks that make the glove special. ***** ***Valka***"

Peiris Designs responded:

" Hi Valka, It was my pleasure to teach you. You've come a long way to learn and I'm glad that you've got everything you need to make beautiful gloves. Yes those little tricks makes your whole journey different. They are just amazing. I love sharing it all with you! Your gloves are so neat and beautiful. I really enjoy seeing them become 3D with your beautiful stitching. Looking forward to see some beautiful gloves. Many thanks! Vajira"

14 Jan 19'

Lali Mound reviewed: Glove making workshop

"I took the Glove making course and it was lovely. This is a lost art, and Vajira seems to really love teaching it. Had a nice time overall, pleasant conversations, and managed to make the gloves I wanted. I recommend this workshop to whoever likes craftsmanship:)"

Peiris Designs responded:

" Hi Lali, Thanks for your review. It was lovely to have you in our workshop. You have amazing designs and ideas to make. Looking forward to see some more glove you make in future. Many thanks! Vajira"

29 Dec 18'

Danielle and Jamie reviewed: Half day leather accessories workshop

"Vajira was really friendly and helpful.My husband and i are novices and learnt a lot in the half day workshop. Vajira was patient and allowed us to experiment. We'd recommend the workshop to anyone wanting to get to groups with leather making and for those wanting to make a personal gift for friends and family. Thanks Vajira. Danielle and Jamie."

Peiris Designs responded:

" Thanks for coming to do the workshop and it was lovely to have you. I hope you both made the rest of accessories you took the patterns with you. Looking forward to see the small gifts you make."

13 Nov 18'

Hannah reviewed: Half day leather accessories workshop

"Such a great insight in to the many skilled used to make leather accessories. Vajira was very welcoming and patience. I look forward to trying out some of my new skills at home."

4 Nov 18'

Irene Holland reviewed: Half day leather accessories workshop

"Really great class! I now know how to cut, make holes, stitch and add fasteners. Lovely tutor - now going to have to make some pencil cases for my grandchildren!"

4 Nov 18'

Maththew and Cara Woodwark reviewed: Half day leather accessories workshop

"Great to understand the basics, specific tools and now I know how to saddlestich. We should be able to use the techniques and patterns for lots of things. We have a lot of leather to use. Our tutor was very clear and patient with us and we have patterns to follow to make glasses cases, pen holders and luggage tags. I would recommend this knowledge packed course for anyone wanting to learn how to work in leather."

14 Sep 18'

Sandy Lagan reviewed: Glove making workshop

"I did the course with Vajira in Nottingham. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Left with the knowledge I came all the way from Cape Town for. Vajira is lovely and patient. On the down side... we were not offered light lunch, tea and cake ;-p (kidding). I have no hesitation recommending this course."

13 May 18'

Karina van der Weide reviewed: Glove making workshop

"We had 3 great days. Vajira is an excellent teacher and learned us all techniques about gloves and mittens. It is so fun to make gloves and they fit very well because during the proces it is possible to messure them on your own size. We are bagmakers from the Netherlands and are experienced with leather. But still we learned a lot."

13 May 18'

Sandra van der Weide reviewed: Glove making workshop

"Thank you so much for a Lovely time. In the Netherlands, were I come from, I found nowere a workshop gloves making. Vajira, you teach us very well and the gloves fits perfectly. They become beautyfull!"

30 Apr 18'

Sue Bishop reviewed: Half day leather accessories workshop

"A very enjoyable morning. Vajira was keen to model and demonstrate her techniques. I have made 2 bracelets, a purse, a key ring and a trinket box. Thank you very much"

11 Dec 17'

Mishka Smiths reviewed: Half day leather accessories workshop

"A great way to spend a half a day learning basics of leather accessory making. Vajira is very knowledgeable and very flexible. The course provide all the tools, materials and patterns you need so I only just have to go and learn how to make small accessories. In the end you can have 4 small accessories made. It's so satisfying!! Quick response and worth for money as you will have knowledge and accessories made in the end. Definitely recommend this course."

11 Dec 17'

Mishka Smiths reviewed: Glove making workshop

"Great course with so much information you get about glove making. Vajira is a great teacher and explains everything so well and you can ask any question. She provides everything including patterns etc and describe and demonstrate very clearly. Also work according to students need. There aren't many glove making workshops across UK and this one is the best if you like to learn how to make gloves. It so therapeutic and you learn so much about glove making. Vajira is very friendly and has a great knowledge about glove making. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who would love to make gloves. Definitely worth the money I spent on this course."

12 Oct 17'

Gemma reviewed: Glove making workshop

"This was an excellent course as I learnt so much about glove making and my from experience have discovered that leather glove making courses are hard to find. Vajira was very helpful, friendly, patient and very knowledgeable about leather glove making. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who wants to learn how to make leather gloves."

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