Paula Armstrong Ceramics

Contact name: Paula Bond
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about 9 years
with CraftCourses

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I passionately believe that everyone has the ability to be creative and love teaching because of this. I get a kick out of seeing students’ faces light up when they see a piece they made fresh from the kiln that they love, especially when they weren’t expecting it to work. I have heard too many people say, “I envy you. I’m just not creative.” including some students when they first arrive. Being creative doesn’t mean being good at art and craft. It’s soooo much broader than that (but I won’t go into that here!). For myself I love trying new techniques and pushing clay to its limits. I often get asked, “how did you make that?” even by fellow ceramicists. The infinite possibilities of clay as a medium appeals to my need to constantly evolve my work and my love of learning and challenging myself . Teaching adds another layer to that.

Courses, kits & gifts

Ceramic Christmas wreath making with Paula Armstrong
Two ways to make ceramic Christmas tree ornaments with Paula Armstrong
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