Olivia Clifton-Bligh at Bull Mill Arts reviews

12 Nov 18'

C Atkinson reviewed: Linocut printmaking at Bull Mill Arts Wiltshire

"An excellent workshop, far better than one I had attended previously elsewhere. Lovely location and workshop, very welcoming and a very friendly dog. We were provided with all the equipment we would need as well as lots of pictures as inspiration. Olivia was an excellent teacher and I now understand some methods I couldn't grasp on a previous workshop elsewhere, as well as learning new techniques such as masking and how to create repeat patterns. Olivia spent time with each person at the workshop, giving advice and hints and tips. The follow up email with links to suppliers is also extremely useful. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, a real tonic and I came away with a number of prints. I am now determined to do my design again, making changes. I feel confident enough to do more at home but as the workshop was so good I might treat myself to another to develop my skills further."

25 Sep 18'

Lynn Cooke reviewed: Linocut printmaking at Bull Mill Arts Wiltshire

"The workshop is very professionally run by Olivia with all tools and materials provided. The standard of teaching is excellent. Olivia has a way of ensuring that you have a thorough understanding of the processes and the highest level which might be achieved. With her artists eye she guides you towards completing a piece of work to the very best of your ability. Never doing it for you but rather explaining how to get over possible problems or design weaknesses. Absolutely recommend the course for location, setting, facilities and teaching."

22 Jul 18'

Julia Gallop reviewed: Linocut printmaking at Bull Mill Arts Wiltshire

"I attended a lino cutting course with Olivia a couple of weekends ago and thoroughly enjoyed it - as a beginner the instruction was really good. Olivia's enthusiasm and encouragement are very evident, and she is very generous with her knowledge. Overall I found the course inspirational."

16 Jul 18'

Lizzy reviewed: Linocut printmaking at Bull Mill Arts Wiltshire

"This was a day of learning, creativity and great fun! Ollie is an enthusiastic and creative teacher and uses every opportunity to give us more insight into print making. She was brilliant at seeing where we each wanted to go with our idea and helping us to develop it and teaching techniques specific to what we wanted to do. The results are amazing and as a beginner, I really felt I had produced something better than I expected. I will definitely do another one!"

16 Jul 18'

Louise Stone reviewed: Linocut printmaking at Bull Mill Arts Wiltshire

"Such an enjoyable day for my daughter and I! Olivia explained everything very well, and was very approachable if you had any questions. She made her way around to everyone participating and was always full of praise and encouragement. We didn't ever feel rushed (even when my own piece of work took longer to print). Olivia is truly inspirational and always had a smile on her face! We look forward to returning."

16 Jul 18'

Michael Moriarty reviewed: Linocut printmaking at Bull Mill Arts Wiltshire

"Olivia wears her deep knowledge and skill lightly and transfers it simply and enthusiastically in a way that fills you with confidence. Such is her manner that, even as a complete beginner, it never even occurred to me that I wouldn't produce a print I would be happy with. She is supportive and encouraging and is curious about each person's individual creativity. We all had great fun and left happy with our work and inspired to continue. Very highly recommended."

16 Jul 18'

David reviewed: Linocut printmaking at Bull Mill Arts Wiltshire

"Even though I was completely new to lino printmaking, I really enjoyed this day and came away with a print that I was very happy with. Olivia made it a relaxed and informative day. I'll certainly be recommending the course to friends."

26 Jun 18'

Deirdre Geenwood reviewed: Linocut printmaking at Bull Mill Arts Wiltshire

"I attended a lino printmaking course with Olivia a couple of weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I have some experience of this kind of print making but came away feeling I had learnt a lot more particularly about inking up. The introduction was good and of interest to all not just beginners - her enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. I have already recommended the course to a friend."

25 May 18'

Jenny Farrer reviewed: Sculpture at Bull Mill Arts Wiltshire

"I Just loved doing the course although it was quite challenging at times but we were guided through the difficult parts by our excellent and very encouraging tutor, who was so enthusiastic. It was well worth every penny."

24 May 18'

Hilary McFarland reviewed: Sculpture at Bull Mill Arts Wiltshire

"Intensive three days, following the creative process of gathering information on your subject, understanding your material and it’s perameters and techniques for using it, to produce a finished piece. Olivia and Vicky are patient, encouraging and enthusiastic and very generous in sharing their extensive knowledge and expertise."

3 Mar 18'

Angharad Rhys Roberts reviewed: Linocut printmaking at Bull Mill Arts Wiltshire

"Olivia is a lively, very positive tutor , it is fun packed day and everybody leaves the workshop upbeat and happy with what they have produced."

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