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Hide camp - deer skin into buckskin
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23 Sep 20'

Amanda Challans reviewed: Hide camp - deer skin into buckskin

"This course is so much more than learning the lost art of working buckskin. I found it really wholesome living in nature and so inspiring spending time around people who are so knowledgable and passionate about what they do. Jessie and Jane created a really lovely camp atmosphere, a fun way of life, and an interactive way of teaching. I learned a lot! And feel confident attempting tanning projects at home now. Their campfire cooking is pretty delicious too!"

10 Sep 20'

Glenn reviewed: Hide camp - deer skin into buckskin

"I’m a deerstalker, and I wanted to learn how to use the skins so that I could harvest more of the animal, and pay it more respect by using it fully. I’m really pleased I booked this course! Jessie and Jane know their stuff and have been following primitive life skills pathways for many years, perfecting and using their expertise. I was able to scrape a fresh skin, then work it over the next few days, watching it amazingly turn to soft buckskin before my eyes! I required a bit of work, but the environment and great teaching and company and food meant the time flew! I’d highly recommend this course!"

2 Aug 20'

Ryan reviewed: Hide camp - deer skin into buckskin

"I had an amazing week in Devon doing the brain tanning and bark tanning, learned so much and came away feeling like I can do this at home now. Jessie and Jane are great teachers and the best kind of people, such a beautiful location too! I’m looking forward to doing another course with them in the future."

1 Aug 19'

Stephane James Melton reviewed: Hide camp - deer skin into buckskin

"I had a great week in learning the skills of braining and tanning thanks to Jane and Jessie,they were excellent tutors.I'm looking forward to the next course."

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