Now Strike Archery Ltd reviews

24 May 22'

Liam reviewed: Arrow smithing (full day)

"Excellent day making arrowheads, Greg was a fantastic teacher despite me having no experience with a forge I was able to walk away with several bodkins to shoot on my next batch of arrows!"

14 Feb 22'

Catherine reviewed: Blacksmithing taster days (half day)

"My son took part in a half day workshop making a drink holder and bottle opener. He's only 15 and wanted to see if Blacksmithing was something for him. He really enjoyed the whole experience and was very pleased with the end result too. The course was very well organised and he learnt lots of new skills. It gave him just a taste of something he now wants to take further. We will be booking a 1 day course some time soon. 100% recommend this experience!"

6 Jun 21'

Henry reviewed: Arrow making course - traditional military medieval arrow making

"Really great day learning a whole variety of skills, from smithing to fletching. Fantastic tutor, well planned day, all materials included and full of interesting facts!"

24 Jan 18'

Dave Cassell reviewed: Longbow making - two days

"Brilliant couple of days! Tuition and guidance was spot on - always there when I needed it but let me get on by myself so that I now have great satisfaction that I have created this beautiful longbow with my own hands. I went and practised with it yesterday for the first time and am delighted with the way it performs. Will definitely be back to do more with these guys."

3 Jan 15'

Joss Goodhew reviewed: Longbow making - two days

"I had three days with Now Strike Archery making a Longbow and some arrows and I absolutely loved it. To make my own bow and arrow has been a dream ever since childhood. So take a high quality Longbow and arrows home with you to cherish and admire for many years is fantastic. As well as making the bow and arrows you learn so many interesting facts and allot of history around Archers. You really never stop learning during the course. All testament to the hugely friendly and attentive team at Now Strike Archery. A huge thank you to Tom for all the skills and knowledge I learned from him as well as his generosity with his own time to ensure I completed the brilliant items I made. The team at Now Strike archery are friendly, attentive, full of passion and knowledge in there field which made them a pleasure to work with. They supply you with all the Tea and Coffee you need as well as a great selection of sandwiches for lunch. I would highly recommend this course to anyone that enjoys working with there hands. Especially if you enjoy working with wood and definitely if you have any interest in archery and the history of the English Longbow."

25 May 14'

John reviewed: Longbow making - two days

"Tom and James were brilliant instructors, they've taught me a lot, I'll never see a bow in the same light again. The time flew by, I started with a laminated stave and two days later I'm loosing with a bow I've made. I'll be spreading your name far and wide lads, still can't stop grinning."

25 May 14'

Ethan reviewed: Longbow making - two days

"Absolutely amazing weekend! Started with a chunk of wood and ended up shooting my own hand made long bow. Tom and James are fantastic tutors, patient and explained everything in such a way I knew exactly what I was doing. They have a huge amount of knowledge and I learnt so much more than just how to make a bow! I am already planning on returning to do one of the arrow making courses... I would recommend this course to anyone and go again given half the chance.. A custom made long bow can easily set you back over £300 and here you get to make your own custom bow and have dinner thrown in as a bonus! I would give them 10 stars if I could, great job Guys.. Thank you!"

21 Mar 14'

Nicolas reviewed: Longbow making - two days

"Fantastic weekend, started with just a glued stave and by Sunday lunch I had longbow tillered, strung and shooting, Tom is a great instructor he explains nice and clearly what you need to do and helps you out if you look like you're about to do something you shouldn't then puts you back on track, the two days flew by but was one of the best weekend projects I've done, I'll be saving up to do it again sometime."

16 Mar 14'

keith reviewed: Longbow making - two days

"what a great two days, its hard work in a way, but once you have the bow in your hand and you are shooting it everything goes by the wayside, and if you have any problems they help you in a way that you feel that you have not done anything wrong, also you seem to learn a bit of history about archery would I do it again YES"

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