Moon Hare Studio reviews

9 Aug 19'

Osullivan family reviewed: Recycled china mosaic workshop

"My family and I had a brilliant morning making mosaics. My 2 children are 11 and 13. They loved it! Getting to break china plates and make them into something beautifully unique was fab. Adela is so knowledgable, friendly and helpful - she made us feel at ease and gave us the confidence to have a go. I would recommend to anyone who would like to do something a bit different."

7 Aug 19'

Julie Dobson reviewed: Recycled china mosaic workshop

"This is a technique that I have never tried before and loved every minute. Adela was knowledgeable, welcoming & helpful throughout & her studio very cosy & relaxing. It was fascinating to see everyone’s finished pieces at the end of the morning, all completely unique and very pretty. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to try something new. Thank you Adela for a lovely morning."

7 Aug 19'

Helen Stroud reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"Adela is knowledgable, creative, fun and welcoming. We had a really enjoyable day which flew by and was both informative and very user friendly."

11 Jul 19'

Kathryn reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"This course was great. Adela took us through different mosaic laying concepts, gave us a chance to practice and taught us how to cut glass tiles into varied shapes. She was very generous with the beautiful materials. We came away with our own gorgeous individual creations to treasure. And a thirst for more mosaic adventures. Thank you Adela!"

10 Jul 19'

Melissa reviewed: Mosaic garden bunting flags

"So this was my third time on one of Adela's courses, and once again, I had the most fun. I came away with three "bunts", each with a flower design. Adela is a fantastic, patient tutor and I highly recommend all of her courses."

8 Jul 19'

Margaret Rimmer reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"I really enjoyed my day in your craft centre. It has given me the knowledge and confidence to attempt more pieces of work at home. Your studio contains some lovely examples of your work to inspire everyone. The atmosphere was relaxed and informal with delicious biscuits, but at the same time you managed to impart a great deal of knowledge and encouragement. The day more than exceeded my expectations, thank you."

17 Jun 19'

Elizabeth Lowe reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"Such a fun day! Leant at a good pace and plenty of freedom to create with wonderful, inspiring pieces by Adela around the workshop. Thoroughly enjoyable day and would like to do more in the future."

15 Jun 19'

Jaki Mann reviewed: Recycled china mosaic workshop

"The time flew during this morning! I had such a lovely time making two mosaics. Adela explained the techniques and tool use really well and gave help and encouragement without being too directional. I will most definitely attend one of her other workshops on offer."

12 Jun 19'

Bee Griffiths reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"Very enjoyable day spent having fun and learning something new."

20 May 19'

Gill Harrison reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"Relaxed friendly atmosphere. Adela offered just the right balance of guidance and freedom to explore. The day flew by and the three of us in my group all loved the experience."

14 May 19'

Stephanie reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"Wow! I really enjoyed this relaxing workshop. Inspiring studio with plenty of space to create. Adela is very generous with her knowledge, materials and also her time. We were not rushed even when we were late in finishing. Would recommend this day course to all."

13 May 19'

Lizzy Tyler reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"Very informative and thoroughly enjoyable. I’m so pleased with the mosaic I made"

13 May 19'

Vicky reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"Great day. Adela introduced the whole topic and basic principles behind mosaic in a clear and calm manner. She guided us through the day in a reassuring way, giving top tips and guiding as appropriate, but equally letting us be creative in our own unique ways. We were surrounded by Adele’s own work which was beautiful to look at and very inspirational. The whole creative day was just fab and very therapeutic, the rest of your busy life is just forgotten about as you are too busy deciding which beautiful tile to “keystone” or “opus tessellatum”! Really would recommend Adele’s courses to all. Thank you Adela :)"

11 May 19'

Clare Caines reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"Went to this course apprehensively as I am far from artistic. Adela was the perfect teacher and she made it all sound achievable, which it was. We were all put at our ease in a very supportive and relaxed environment, with plenty of coffee and very nice biscuits! I was surprisingly pleased with what I produced under Adela’s guidance and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product when I have grouted it at home. Thoroughly recommended for a day’s escape from real life."

1 May 19'

Vicky reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"A lovely day spent in a cosy studio full of inspiring creations. The small group size, combined with Adela’s clear and patient instruction, made this the perfect introduction to mosaic making. Highly recommended."

29 Apr 19'

Peter reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"Adela's knowledge, skill, enthusiasm and patience made for an excellent and very enjoyable family activity. Highly recommended !"

23 Apr 19'

Melissa reviewed: Recycled china mosaic workshop

"This mosaic day was lots of fun - Adela is super knowledgeable and passionate about mosaicking. This was the second time I have been on one of her courses - I did the full day mosaic course a few months ago and couldn't resist this one too :) I will definitely be back!"

23 Mar 19'

Sarah Mortlock reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"I would throughly recommend Adela’s one day mosaic class, I initially went in February enjoyed it so much I had a second day in March. Adela is brilliant, she has lots of experience to share. Her workshop is fab with a lovely log burner, in a great location. Tea, coffee and cake go down really well while you are working. It’s so surprising that the day goes so quickly once you have chosen what you would like to mosaic, and you do get to complete your mosaic project the same day. Thank you Adela for bringing out my creativity side."

21 Mar 19'

Max reviewed: Recycled china mosaic workshop

"Had a lovely day in Adele’s studio. Although I’d never tried this before i came home with an amazing hand made China mosaic. Really relaxed atmosphere, had a good laugh with the other lady on the course. Would definitely recommend it."

16 Mar 19'

Mary Rowlinson reviewed: Recycled china mosaic workshop

"A great workshop in a very comfortable relaxed setting. Adela was helpful and inspirational. There was a wonderful array of china pieces offered to help us create just the colours and shapes we wanted - very therapeutic even for beginners."

11 Mar 19'

Sally Blayney reviewed: Recycled china mosaic workshop

"So enjoyed this course - have never done mosaics before, but Adela explained everything that we needed to know. I was so pleased with the result and am inspired to try something larger. Thoroughly recommended- and the cookies were lovely! Thank you 😊"

14 Jan 19'

Priscilla White reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"Thank you Adela for a lovely introduction to mosiac making - the course was fun, entertaining, well prepared and allowed enough time for me to complete a project (apart from the grouting but that needs to be done 24hrs later and we were given a demo and the materials to finish). The choice of patterns to use were varied and very flexible to each persons preferences and the colour schemes they chose. Location was easy to find - only downside the tea room we had planned to visit afterwards had closed when we emerged clutching our mosaics!"

6 Dec 18'

Wilma Graham reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"I loved the workshop given by Adela. Fortunately (unfortunately) the others joining us had to cancel so I had a one-to-one which was brilliant, given I have never done mosaic before. Adela was very thorough in showing me how to work, explaining how tools work, the different types of mosaic etc - which was much appreciated. She left me to do my own thing, luckily I had examples of what she produced, but I just had to ask and she helped me. She is very friendly and approachable, I felt ever so comfortable despite being clueless and to top it off said I done a grand job! I recommend giving this class a go, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks again Adela."

5 Dec 18'

Linda Wilson reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"I enjoyed this course so much, Adela is a great teacher, I always thought mosaic was too complicated for me. After a blissful 4 hours of being engrossed in cutting and sticking, and with her clear instructions and encouragement, I left really amazed at what I'd achieved. She's inspired me to have a go at home and mosaics have been ordered! Thank you so much"

4 Dec 18'

Andrea & Darrall Wilson reviewed: One day mosaic workshop Moon Hare Studio, Devon

"Both Andrea and I really enjoyed our course with Adela, after initially providing a good introduction and background into styles of mosaic along with plenty of ideas and inspiration we found ourselves fully immersed in a creative bubble for 4 hours. We proudly left clutching our mosaic masterpiece, together with grout and instructions to complete at home......only criticism, the time passed far too quickly."

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