Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops reviews

9 Jul 24'

Meg Bernstein reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"Lucy's stone carving course has been one of the highlights of my year-- I can't believe how much I learned about tools, materials, masonry, and carving techniques in just three days. I'm an art historian who has studied stone sculpture for years, but experiencing carving stone myself under Lucy's tutelage has revolutionised how I think about the medium. Lucy is a gifted teacher-- patient, thoughtful, and clear. It is truly a testament to her and the course she has designed that my cohort and I left on the third day with objects that we couldn't have fathomed making three days before! Beyond the actual carving, the whole experience-- carving in Lucy's sunny workshop, lovely food and plentiful tea and biscuits, great conversation with Lucy and the other participants-- was absolutely wonderful, and I'll be returning as soon as I can!"

1 Jul 24'

Tim May reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"Absolutely brilliant course. Lucy has a unique skillset and deep knowledge of her trade that she is able to share in a generous way. I found the course enlightening and has given me a way in to what was a mistery craft to me before. Thoroughly recommend. "

30 Jun 24'

Edward Lambert reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"I’m giving up my day job! A really rewarding experience, Lucy was a wonderful teacher with so much patience, skill, knowledge and enthusiasm. I can highly recommend her 3 day course, it’s just brilliant."

28 Apr 24'

Chris Ebert reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"An incredible 3-day workshop with Lucy Churchill learning stone masonry and carving skills. I was a complete beginner with no creative skills at all and Lucy made this ancient art accessible and enjoyable. I met some of the loveliest and most interesting people at the workshop and we learned and laughed together. I would recommend this to beginners and creatives alike. Loved it."

28 Apr 24'

Michael reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"This was a wonderful journey. Thanks to Lucy for her patient guidance and careful care. The whole process was perfect."

28 Apr 24'

Michelle reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"Wonderful workshop, tutor and couple of days learning carving. She was very patient and was always on hand with encouragements. Lovely food & cake provided. I would highly recommend "

26 Mar 24'

Nigel Baines reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"It's a rare opportunity to learn new skills from someone who has such mastery of their craft, the ability to teach and keep an ever watchful eye on their students' progress giving gentle encouragement and guidance along their journey to producing their first piece of carved stone, surpassing their expectations. Don't miss that opportunity, I'm so happy that I didn't. Book now. "

24 Mar 24'

Sheila Gray reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"I have just had an amazing 3 days with Lucy on her sculpting course. Despite never having done this before, I came away with a piece that I was proud of. This was all thanks to a very good, patient and friendly teacher with a work space well equipped with the tools needed for the 3 days. You are invited into her home with refreshments on arrival which continue throughout the day, including very tasty lunches. If I have the opportunity I would not hesitate to attend another course. If you are thinking of doing the course I do not think that you will be disappointed."

4 Mar 24'

Sue Tomlinson reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"Thank you Lucy for the most fantastic three days. It was such a joy to attend the three day workshop, small enough (3 participants) for lots of attention. Leaving with a carving I am very proud of and the knowledge to begin carving independently at home. Thank you for your company, your wonderful hospitality, our many and varied chats, laughter, your expert guidance and the confidence you had in us all. I very much hope I can return in the autumn!"

23 Jan 24'

Helen reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"As a complete novice, this was the perfect introduction to stone carving. Small group (there were only 3 of us), and lots of support from Lucy, with freedom to choose what to carve over the 3 days and the opportunity to try out lots of tools and techniques. Also a special mention for the lunches and snacks provided!"

20 Dec 23'

Laura reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"Such a wonderful course. Lucy allows you to follow your creative ideas whist providing clear expert teaching and guidance. My classmate and my sculptures could not be more different, but we both received exactly what we needed. With such a small group size you really do get bespoke attention. The food catering provided was also good, and perhaps most importantly we had hours of inspiring conversation while we worked. If in doubt just do it!"

8 Dec 23'

Molly Newham reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"This course with Lucy was unbelievable. She welcomed us into her home and studio and was extremely friendly, supportive and warm. Her wealth of experience was evident and she managed to take me from complete beginner to able to carve my own sculpture. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of trying stone carving!"

Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops responded:

"Thanks Molly - it was a pleasure to have you here and get to know you! Your artwork is inspirational and I can't wait to come up to Scarborough to see all you are doing at your Mandy Apple arts centre. And to see where you will go with your stonecarving! "

18 Sep 23'

Michael Parton reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"A fantastic course with a great tutor, plenty of time was given for us to complete our chosen piece and the instruction was brilliant, it was a well paced and fun course. "

11 Sep 23'

Mark Alder reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"I attended Lucy's course after having to cancel a course elsewhere when Lockdown hit and I'm so glad I did as Lucy's hands on teaching style, easy going personality and outstanding talents made for an absolutely joyful experience. With only two students we pretty much had one-to-one tuition throughout the three days. We were lucky enough to work outdoors in the sunshine enjoying tea/lunch breaks in the garden with Lucy where we were able to learn more about each others backgrounds and generally have a good laugh as we bonded over tea, cake and stone! I would recommend Lucy's course to anyone who is looking to take that first or even second step in stone carving, she will guide you gently through all of the skills required to produce your first masterpiece in stone or hone your existing skills! All done with a smile, a cuppa and gentle prod in the right direction when needed. Big thank you to Lucy and my fellow student Mike for making the whole experience as hilarious as it was rewarding. Tools have been ordered and the work will continue - money and time very well spent. "

14 Mar 22'

Paul and Sue Tacq reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"What a fabulous three days! A week later and we’re still smiling about it. Lucy brought us from raw beginners to feeling proud of our new skills and confident enough to continue stone carving on our own at home. She’s an amazing teacher - even with her highly developed carving and artistic skills she is still able to give novices all her attention and encourage them with care and understanding. And on top of that she opens her house to you and is such good company. Highly recommended."

13 Dec 21'

Ros Melrose-Brown reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"Totally fabulous in every possible way. Do it."

23 Nov 21'

Julie Flower reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"What a wondrous three days! Lucy's warmth, enthusiasm and depth of skills and experience make this a fantastic course for people of all levels of experience. She has an engaging and wonderfully supportive teaching style, encouraging immense creativity, curiosity and stretch...even for a complete beginner like me. Her respect for materials and range of experience make this a very fulfilling course. We were blessed with beautiful autumn weather and carved outside! The small group size made for a lovely atmosphere, great conversation and plenty of personal attention, as required. Spending three days at Lucy's studio is highly recommended!"

23 Nov 21'

Keith Grant reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"Very enjoyable as well as instructional/informative. An excellent host, mentor and teacher, Lucy provided a superb environment to learn. I’m not a beginner but I developed a whole lot of new skills and particularly how to use the tools from the processes of laying out, roughing and and finer carving."

30 Oct 21'

James Baily reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"Lucy is an excellent carver and teacher, passionate and talented. The three day course went at the perfect pace. With teaching and guidance adapted for each student. The location is perfect for relaxed steady focus. Enjoy your life, do this course."

26 Jul 21'

Nicholas Palmer reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"I have attended Lucy's workshops on more than one occasion. If you wish to learn from a true master stone mason, Lucy is the perfect tutor, she has time to help you explore your ideas, initiate and learn the techniques required to complete them. It has been an extraordinary journey of discovery and who knew that I would take so much pleasure in revealing my creations that lie within a block of stone?? I would highly recommend her courses, you will be well looked after."

25 Jul 21'

Martin Bourne reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"Returning for a third time, I found the weekend as inspiring and challenging as on my previous courses. Lucy provides encouragement and guidance, as well as thought provoking conversation and home baked cake (baked by a neighbour). I find the whole experience very therapeutic, especially as it is so different from the 'day job'. I am already thinking about what I might do on my 4th visit!"

6 Jul 21'

Simon Aldridge reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"My much anticipated and twice COVID cancelled course finally happened. I had a wonderful 3 days in the sun carving my masterpiece under the ever watchful and always helpful eye of Lucy. It is immediately obvious how talented she is from the first few demonstrations she gives - brilliant knowledge and skills. She was aware I had done a little carving before so adapted her teaching to pinpoint exactly what I needed to know and conveyed the information in a really precise and hands-on fashion leaving no doubt what I was learning and why. Lucy is a great teacher, I felt no pressure and the days went very quickly carving, chatting and eating cake with Lucy and the other wonderful student Nick!! Lucy had worked very hard adhering to the recommended COVID precautions and we felt very safe. I have come away a much more knowledgeable and confident carver and hope to make a return visit to learn more in the near future. I would thoroughly recommend this course to everyone plus there is the added bonus of great food provided for us and the City of York to explore out of hours."

30 Jun 21'

LUKE ABBOTT reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"From Luke Abbott and Sandy Frost Can't keep away from the Churchill stone carving weekends-we are addicted! This time we both made commissions for people guided by our mentor and master stone mason/carver. The results are fantastic now we can add the final touches at home on our own. Lucy is an outstanding artist/craftsperson as well as a deeply intuitive teacher meaning we never tire of her teachings and skills gifts. I wish I had known this as a younger adult as I would have had a completely different career.........."

3 Jun 21'

Steve Page reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"I really enjoyed three delightful days of stone-carving with Lucy and one other student, in May 2021. From the start I felt welcomed and at ease, with all Covid related matters dealt with in a straightforward and sensitive way. I have some previous experience of stone carving and I really appreciated how Lucy acknowledged that and at the same time didn't make any assumptions about what I knew or could do. I liked going through basic steps of carving and the different tools and taking our time to choose stone suitable for the projects we both wanted to work on. Once started, Lucy was consistently on hand to guide, instruct, demonstrate and encourage. She was also generous in sharing stories from her experience as a stonemason and showing us some of her recent sculptures, placing them in their context. Alongside the time spent in the workshop I enjoyed the conversations, coffee, food and overall very relaxed atmosphere. The course has deepen my understanding of some of the technical aspects of carving and left me with thoughts and questions about the process of sculpting which I look forward to exploring further. I will undoubtedly be back!"

26 May 21'

Bridie Durcan reviewed: Lucy Churchill's Stone Carving Workshops

"Completed this 3 day stone carving course in May 2021. Lucy proved an excellent teacher, very patient with a complete novice like me, but also able to guide and assist the more experienced second student with their project. I came away with a great enthusiasm to build on the skills I acquired, using the techniques demonstrated by Lucy, which I then got to try out under excellent supervision, a light touch so you felt encouraged but supported. Would not hesitate to take this course again, once I have had a chance to practice my new skills, Lucy still has a wealth to knowledge to impart."

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