LR Silver Jewellery reviews

1 Aug 22'

Cath Westwood reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"Very enjoyable morning making some beautiful pieces of jewellery, highly recommend."

31 Jul 22'

Petra reviewed: Art Clay Silver Diploma Course - Lori Ridgway

"I’d thoroughly recommend this course, Lori has so much experience and knowledge and expertise, I learnt so much from her. She is patient and and gives just the right amount of guidance and direction, ensuring everything is completed by you independently, but in a way that gives you confidence and success. I enjoyed every minute of it, and am keen to take this knowledge further. She continues to give advice to previous students who get in contact and obviously enjoys her work. A generous talented tutor. Thank you "

27 Feb 22'

JillyT reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"Lori is a brilliant teacher, she is very patient and explained all the processes as we went along making it informative and fun. We had coffee, biscuits and a good old chat whilst we were learning, I really enjoyed her class and came home with a pendant necklace and a pair of earrings that I look at and can't believe I made. Would definitely recommend anyony to book a class with Lori."

LR Silver Jewellery responded:

" Hi Jilly Thank you for your review. It was great having you in my workshop. You both did so well. I’m glad you enjoyed your day and like the pieces you made Thanks. Lori"

22 Sep 20'

Christine Hamilton reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"My partner and I attended the Silver clay beginners course and it was outstanding. We had a fantastic day and loved the pieces we made. Lori was an excellent teacher and extremely knowledgeable. We would highly recommend this course with Lori. In addition, there were substantial measures put in place to ensure Lori could run the workshop for us whilst complying with COVID-19 guidance. Thanks for a fab day Lori!"

LR Silver Jewellery responded:

" Hi Christine. Thanks for such a lovely review. I’m glad you enjoyed your day, you both made some lovely pieces 😊"

11 Aug 20'

Heather Francis reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"Last week I joined Lori in her workshop for the 2 day beginners silver clay course. I became truly immersed, and the time flew by. I loved the pieces that I made, and the guidance and teaching from Lori was super. Lots of tea and cake... and a really relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.. It's magic when your creations start to shine! Can highly recommend."

7 Feb 20'

Ellen Bowers reviewed: Silver clay 2 day course for beginners - Lori Ridgway

"I have just spent a wonderful 2 days on Lori's beginners silver clay course. Having never done jewellery making before I had no expectations of being able to make anything I would be proud of but how wrong I was. Lori is very patient and helpful, explains all the processes clearly and gives you confidence. Her workshop is very well equipped and organised and Lori times it all so well that you never feel rushed at any stage. At the end of the course I left with pieces I am delighted with and had met some other lovely like minded ladies who were equally as happy with their efforts. I intend to go back and do further courses with Lori and I would urge anyone who is thinking about giving this a try to go to Lori - I can highly recommend her."

6 Jan 20'

Rosemarie Cantrill reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"Just loved this workshop, I came away with 2 gorgeous pendants. Lori was an excellent and patient teacher, I learnt so much in just 3 hours. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in this gorgeous medium. Thank you also for the coffee's and biscuits. I'll definitely be back for another workshop :)"

LR Silver Jewellery responded:

" Hi Rosie. Thank you for the lovey review, I'm glad you enjoyed the course, you made some lovely pieces. Thanks. Lori"

30 Jul 19'

Grainne Taylor reviewed: Art Clay Silver Diploma Course - Lori Ridgway

"I had the pleasure of doing this course with Lori two weeks ago. She is a wonderful teacher who seems to know when to give a little advice, and when to let a student get on with it. Lori is a fabulous person to spend time with, the three days flew by. I learned so much from her and got alot of confidence in myself from doing the course. Loris attention to detail is amazing, from the information she sent before I got there, to her preparation of the work space and projects, to her notes and advice regarding each project. I truely enjoyed doing the course and would recommend any of Loris courses to be a fun, creative experience."

18 Feb 19'

Margaret Sanderson reviewed: Silver clay 2 day course for beginners - Lori Ridgway

"This was a great experience tailored to us as individuals. I have a little experience in jewellery making but none in pmc and I felt I learned a lot and would thoroughly recommend the course to both complete beginners and those wanting to extend their skills. I felt we had a generous allocation of materials to work with and we produced pieces to feel good about!"

21 Nov 18'

Jane Macdonald reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"I did a fantastic two day course with Lori and was absolutely thrilled with the results. Lori is patient and explains things clearly, a lovely lady. I would highly recommend her courses."

4 Sep 18'

Sandra Purser reviewed: Silver clay 2 day course for beginners - Lori Ridgway

"I had two very good productive days with Lori in her workshop and am extremely pleased with the pieces I made. Lori patiently took me through each stage and taught me lots of new skills. The first day was quite intense (when all the groundwork was done) but the second day was when all the magic happened! I was made to feel at home in Lori's well equipped workshop and look forward to returning again for another course in the future."

24 Jul 18'

Sandra reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"Such a lovely morning! Lori is so friendly and generous with her time, expertise and tea and biscuits! I loved every minute, so inspiring."

23 Jul 18'

Louise reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"Went yesterday and had a fabulous time. Really enjoyed learning a new way to work with silver and can't wait to go on further courses."

11 May 18'

Wendy Hayes reviewed: Silver clay 2 day course for beginners - Lori Ridgway

"This was an excellent course, ideal for the novice. Lori is an superb and very patient teacher and the other ladies in the group made the whole experience perfect. I would highly recommend to anyone to take this course. I am over the moon with all my pieces of jewellery I made. Thank you Lori."

9 Apr 18'

Jane Fearon reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"An amazing experience ........ had a fab time and made some beautiful pieces...I still can't believe I made them !!! Lori is a lovely inspiring lady and an excellent teacher, very patient and explained the different stages simply and in full detail, I didn't want the morning to end ..... I cant wait to get back and do the 2 day course. Thanks Lori"

8 Mar 18'

Lisa Simpson reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"I really enjoyed my beginners course with Lori and made some beautiful jewellery in the process, I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in making their own pieces so much so that I have ordered my starter kit, thanks again"

7 Mar 18'

Sue Gill reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"Fabulous morning on Lori Ridgway's half day silver clay course. Lori is a lovely lady and an excellent teacher. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow, she is very helpful and happy to answer questions. I thoroughly enjoyed my morning and made several beautiful items of jewellry. I'm looking forward to doing Lori's 2 day course next."

6 Mar 18'

Patricia Griffin reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"Had an absolutely wonderful experience working with Silver Clay. I hadn't ever worked with this product before so everything was new. I made a beautiful pendant and Lori supplied us with a silver chain from which to hang it. Take a look on my Facebook page. I also made a silver charm of a flower that reminded me of the Eidelweiss flower. Lori has volunteered to solder it to my very old charm bracelet for me. Would I recommend the course? Most certainly. Am I interested in taking another course with Lori? You bet I am. All in all a wonderful time with loads of instruction and information to take it to another level. Thank you Lori. Look forward to more of your teaching in the future."

14 Feb 18'

Helen Bates reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"I did enjoy this workshop with a Lori and my friend who invited me. The course itself was informative and well run. We certainly didn’t get homemade flapjacks. In fact we had to ask for a biscuit and they were ones that had gone soft in a tin. We were offered plenty of drinks. I was very pleased with my jewellery pieces but a bit disappointed when I got home and found it could bend easily. My friend’s did the same. I contacted Lori who suggested hitting it gently with a hammer to toughen it up but also thought it might be the clay."

LR Silver Jewellery responded:

" Hi Helen I am sorry you were not totally happy with your experience at LR Silver Jewellery. I have emailed you with a more detailed response. Please bring or send your jewellery pieces to me and I will have a look at them for you to see what I can do. Solid silver is quite a bit softer than sterling silver, and while it should not be very bendy, it is much easier to bend than sterling silver, however, there are a number of measures that can be taken to strengthen it. As I said in my first email, this has not happened before so I am investigating the causes. Thank you for your review and helping me to improve my courses :-)"

21 Nov 17'

Laura reviewed: Silver clay 2 day course for beginners - Lori Ridgway

"Lori was a great teacher, very patient and knowledgeable. I had a great time and look forward to the next course!"

15 Oct 17'

Christine Mitchell reviewed: Silver clay beginners course - Lori Ridgway

"Really enjoyable course . Lori was a lovely friendly teacher who took us through each step at a comfortable pace. Made some fantastic pieces. Definitely made we want to do more! Lovely flap jack too!"

1 Oct 17'

Cheryl Davies reviewed: Silver clay leaf course - Lori Ridgway Featherstone

"We had a brilliant day making a necklace from a leaf, Lori is very welcoming and lovely, she is a fab teacher and makes beautiful jewellery. A relaxing few hours producing a unique special piece, will definitely do another workshop :-)"

8 Sep 17'

Dawn reviewed: Silver clay 2 day course for beginners - Lori Ridgway

"The course was extremely informative and I came away with many new skills. Lori is a wonderful teacher and her depth of knowledge is amazing. Thank you Lori for everything"

14 Apr 17'

Jules Woodman reviewed: Silver clay 2 day course for beginners - Lori Ridgway

"As a complete novice I really didn't expect to achieve much on my two day beginner course, however I couldn't have been more wrong! Lori is such a great teacher, patient, professional and excellent at what she does. Over the course of the two days she taught me not only every technique that I need to start making my own art clay pieces, but also dozens of hints and tips that she has found due to her extensive experience. Lori is generous and very easy going, putting you at ease from the outset and letting you work at your own pace, whilst explaining every element of the process. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough."

21 Mar 17'

Annamarie McHugh reviewed: Art Clay Silver Diploma Course - Lori Ridgway

"I started the course with no small amount of trepidation as, although I have some experience with metal clay, I had not employed all of the techniques required within the course syllabus. Not only was my anxiety unfounded but Lori, apart from expertly coaching me in all the required techniques, managed to dispel my self imposed fear of pushing the boundaries with handling the clay. As a tutor, Lori is a genuine mix of calm support, demanding taskmaster and, most importantly, fun. She is warm and generous with her input, effectively managing that delicate balance between allowing independence and monitoring what is being done; she enabled me to grow with the projects. If you are considering this course I would recommend some experience with silver clay first as the syllabus is demanding and Lori, a perfectionist. I can't wait to do another course with her and would recommend her to anyone wishing to pursue this medium as a hobby or otherwise."

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