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24 May 23'

Mario reviewed: Box making for beginners

"I came home buzzing after an amazing box making day. A steep learning curve for a beginner but every question or concern was answered, however obvious, and I gained confidence as the day went by. This made me consider the possibility of small projects in my garage. The box is a thing of beauty!"

Lee Furniture responded:

" Thxs so much Mario for your great review, glad you feel you have gained more confidence in trying out more projects. Take care Andrew."

20 May 23'

Richard reviewed: Box making for beginners

"Had a great day with Andrew and learnt loads of tips and techniques while making the box. Andrew took great care in showing me how to go about the various processes employed throughout the making of the box while giving detailed explanations as to why things were being done a certain way. Andrew is clearly a very experienced and skilled cabinet maker and being able to have a one-to-one session with him is invaluable. He also showed me a few extra techniques to help me with some projects that I have on the go at home which was much appreciated."

Lee Furniture responded:

" Hi Richard thanks very much for your glowing review, much appreciated. Enjoy your box, glad you had a great day!! Andrew "

16 May 23'

Ray reviewed: Box making for beginners

"The course is very "hands on" and thoroughly enjoyable, and he does not rush through the process so you can go at your own pace. Andy is clearly an excellent cabinetmaker as well as an excellent instructor. He explains every step of the way on how the box is constructed and put together; so even if you have no experience with using tools etc. Andy will ensure you go home with a great looking box made by your own hands. "

Lee Furniture responded:

" Thxs Ray for you great review, enjoy your new box, glad you enjoyed the day. Andrew "

4 Apr 23'

Alex Mason reviewed: Box making for beginners

"I really enjoyed this box making course. I am a complete beginner and was lead through the process, shown what to do and this enabled me to produce an absolutely lovely box as a beautiful present for my mother's 80th birthday present. She adores the box. What a memorable day. "

Lee Furniture responded:

" Thxs Alex, glad you had a great day, and your mum loves the box, take care. Andrew "

3 Apr 23'

Ben reviewed: Make a Adirondack garden chair

"Had an excellent day with Andy. Learned a lot of fundamentals and techniques on different machines and came away with a lovely chair that I'll be using in the garden this summer! I definitely recommend to anyone who's looking to learn the basics or develop their skills, or anyone who'd like to own a piece of original furniture that they made by their own hand rather than bought from a website off a production line. A very rewarding experience with a great bloke! "

Lee Furniture responded:

" Thxs Ben for your great review, hope u enjoy your new Adirondack Chair and sanding lol!! Take care."

23 Mar 23'

Adam Green reviewed: Make a Adirondack garden chair

"Did this course was great, the fact that I came away with a Adirondack chair after 1 day was amazing, well worth the money, and Andrew was a great teacher. thxs"

15 Nov 22'

David Vella reviewed: Box making for beginners

"Andy was a great tutor. I already had some experience as a hobbyist woodworker and having access to Andy to pepper him with questions and get recommendations on tools and techniques was invaluable. I now have the confidence to make nice boxes and I am working on getting some additional jigs being made and tools in my workshop so I can start practising."

Lee Furniture responded:

" Thxs David, glad your enjoyed the day, good luck with all your woodworking in the future."

10 Nov 22'

Pete reviewed: Box making for beginners

"Really excellent day with Andrew. Went away with a lovely oak box with walnut splines but more importantly a great enthusiasm to make more and experiment with techniques learnt. Informal and ad-hoc comments and advice were at least as informative and useful as the taught topics and I have a notepad full of tips and recommendations."

Lee Furniture responded:

" Thxs Peter for your thoughtful review, glad you enjoyed your day. Regards Andrew "

2 Nov 22'

Ben reviewed: Furniture making woodworking skills for beginners

"Andrew was excellent. Knowledgable and chatty. Not only does he show you how to do it, you come away with an amazing looking box. Would recommend for sure!!"

Lee Furniture responded:

" Thxs Ben for the thoughtful review, glad you enjoyed the day. Andrew "

30 Oct 22'

Ally reviewed: Box making for beginners

"Relaxed and detailed. Thoroughly recommended "

26 Sep 22'

Mark reviewed: Furniture making woodworking skills for beginners

"Hi all I enjoyed my box making course with Andrew immensely. He is a fount of knowledge and I picked his brain all day and he was happy to share. We discussed things outside of just making a fabulous oak box which I am very grateful for. It was a full day of fun and enjoyment. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in making a special gift or improving your woodwork skills and knowledge."

Lee Furniture responded:

" Hi Mark, Glad you enjoyed the day and making your oak box. Thank you very much for finding the time to leave me a review, many thanks Andrew."

11 Jun 22'

James reviewed: Furniture making woodworking skills for beginners

"Fab course can't believe I made a oak box in a day, learnt loads, recommended."

11 Jun 22'

Paula reviewed: Furniture making woodworking skills for beginners

"I had a brilliant day. Andrew was a wealth of knowledge. I was able to get involved as much or as little as I wanted, and I was able to ask questions throughout the day. Thanks Andrew"

15 Mar 22'

John reviewed: Box making for beginners

"This 1 day course was great, i cant believe Andrew managed to get me to make a box in one day, you do learn as you go along, great to learn all about how wood it cut and machined, i loved using the big machines, and hand tools. Will defo be back for more, chair making looks like a good course. thxs Andrew"

24 Dec 20'

gary simpson reviewed: Furniture making woodworking skills for beginners

"Andrew was great, answered loads of question, walked away with a great box, and loads more knowledge. The course is tailored to you, great work, will be back for more. thanks Gary"

Lee Furniture responded:

" Thanks Gary.. It was very nice to meet you, and I'm glad you enjoyed the day, hope to see you soon, the course outline we discussed will be available shortly. thanks Andrew."

10 Nov 20'

Elaine Spencer reviewed: Furniture making woodworking skills for beginners

"A great one day course, i left with great information, and now eager to get making. Andrew was a great tutor, with a wealth of knowledge. looking at coming back for more courses asap."

Lee Furniture responded:

" Thank you elaine for your nice review, i am glad you enjoyed your day and learned a lot, hope to see you again soon. Andrew."

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