Knit and Destroy reviews

12 Dec 22'

Margaret Webster reviewed: Machine knitting for beginners

"Absolutely brilliant, exactly what I wanted, machine knitting for dummies. Kandy was fantastic with the patience of a saint, I can’t praise her enough. I went from not even being able to cast on to knitting myself a scarf, thank you so much Kandy, I will be looking out for the next stage class once I have practiced a bit "

Knit and Destroy responded:

" So glad you got what you needed from the workshop, it was lovely to meet you. Kandy x"

20 Aug 19'

Harriet reviewed: Machine knitting for beginners

"I thought this machine knitting workshop by Kandy was fantastic! Kandy really takes the time to help you get to know the machine and gives you some amazing opportunities to practice different styles. The course length is perfectly timed and really inspired me to work on other arts and crafts I do."

15 Aug 19'

Steve Carlton reviewed: Machine knitting for beginners

"I had an ace time learning to knit on a machine with Kandy! My experience/ability level was sub-beginner, if that's possible, but by the end of the workshop I'd made myself a lovely scarf to take home with me. A lovely way to spend a day. Looking forward to going along to another of Kandy's workshops when I get the chance. Would definitely recommend."

13 Aug 19'

Kate Montague-Hellen reviewed: Machine knitting for beginners

"I really loved this course- the perfect balance of relaxing fun and learning a new craft! And I made a beautiful new scarf! I've signed up to the intermediate session!"

12 Aug 19'

Lisa Russell reviewed: Machine knitting for beginners

"What a fab course! Had a wonderful time on the knitting machine with Kandy, learned loads and left with my new fav scarf! Great way to spend a crafty day ?"

12 Aug 19'

Kathleen reviewed: Machine knitting for beginners

"I took this course and was so inspired I went and got myself a knitting machine! Kandy is really knowledgeable and experienced so can answer any question, it's really good using a machine knowing that she can fix any problem! Her studio is amazing as well, it's got so much character and it's inspiring seeing all of her work. Would definitely recommend - I came for the day from Leeds and the studio was a minute's walk from Sheffield train station."

12 Aug 19'

Kathryn Rubio reviewed: Machine knitting for beginners

"I’d always wanted to try machine knitting and Kandy’s workshop was the perfect opportunity to give it a go. All the basic techniques are explained and demonstrated clearly, step by step. It was great fun being able to knit a scarf to take home. Kandy is a brilliant teacher, designer and artist. Highly recommended!"

12 Aug 19'

Sophie Hinchliffe reviewed: Machine knitting for beginners

"I absolutely loved this workshop! Kandy Diamond is such a good teacher and she adapts the workshop depending on who is there, what their learning types are. My scarf I made is one of my favourite things I own! Thank you Kandy ?"

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