Jenni Wren Designs reviews

8 Apr 22'

Cicely reviewed: 'NEW THIS SEASON' ECO-FRIENDLY 'LIVING' SPRING WREATH KIT with Spring Bulbs & handcrafted willow/birch base

"This was the most amazing craft experience, I would highly recommend. The kit came beautifully wrapped and labelled, clearly with such care and love. The instructions provided were detailed and the video tutorials were endearing; they were a joy to watch, I felt that Jenni was in the room with us having a chat! It was great that we could pause and repeat bits over again to make sure we were doing it right. The end result was a beautiful piece, which is proudly displayed on the front door, but the process was the best part! Thank you Jenni, I look forward to doing some more of your wreaths in the future!"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Aaaah, thank you so much for the recommendation, it is so appreciated. I am so pleased that you got the sentiment and love behind it, as I do try and take special care to ensure that everything is labelled and wrapped. I am even more pleased that you enjoyed the process. To handmake an article from scratch through to the finished product, is a wonderful achievement. Even better, that you and your passers by, get to enjoy and admire the wreath on a daily basis. Well done! Hopefully you will be inspired to use the base for another seasonal wreath and of course the bulbs, which can be planted out and enjoyed for next Spring."

21 Mar 22'

Alfred Jang reviewed: 'NEW THIS SEASON' ECO-FRIENDLY 'LIVING' SPRING WREATH KIT with Spring Bulbs & handcrafted willow/birch base

"It was a gift for my Mum, a pensioner. She found it hard to follow the instructions and the video, and as a result did not get the most out of the gift."

24 Feb 22'

Pauline reviewed: SPRING WREATH with gorgeous silk flower and nest detail.

"Jenni attended to my order well and even though I was sent the wrong wreath kit in error she compensated by sending the correct wreath kit free of charge which I thought was a lovely gesture. My friend has both the wreathes - she is the artistic one - and I'll be taking photos once they are done. She loved the assorted silk flowers and nest detail and was excited to make the wreath"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Hi Pauline, thank you so much for your lovely review. In the end turns out she did get the right kit after all.๐Ÿ™ˆ It was a post office error allocating the weight and receipt to the wrong order but as it was a birthday present, I wanted to make absolutely sure and sent an additional kit. I am so pleased that she is looking forward to making the wreath kits and I am sure they will look lovely when completed. I am looking forward to receiving the photos and I am sure by the second one, she will be quite the pro ๐Ÿ˜…. All the best, and thank you for supporting my small business. It is so lovely to seeing my designs 'come to life' so to speak, but each person being able to put their own stamp on it. Jenni"

20 Feb 22'

Jane reviewed: 'NEW THIS SEASON' ECO-FRIENDLY 'LIVING' SPRING WREATH KIT with Spring Bulbs & handcrafted willow/birch base

"What a wonderful experience! The materials were carefully chosen and packaged and the tutorials very clear. Absolutely delighted with the results! I can feel a new Spring tradition coming on and will be recommending to friends and family."

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you for making my day by sending me the photos of your you lovely completed wreaths. Well done! I am so delighted that you are delighted ๐Ÿ˜…. Absolutely in agreement with you, I think that's an excellent tradition to start and what's more you can reuse the wreath bases that you wove again. Result all round๐Ÿ˜Š. Jenni"

20 Dec 21'

Kim Pedrick reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"Jenni, Thank you so much for sending me my wreath making kit so promptly. So enjoyed making this. I am a complete novice and found your instructions and guidance really easy to follow. Thank you again. Will highly recommend this to my friends for next year. Kim"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" It so warms my heart when I receive the review like yours which it is why I decided to do the kits in the first place. I really wanted novices or people who thought they weren't necessarily artistic, to be able create something they could be proud of, especially when making it themselves, and from scratch. I am also happy that you found the instructions easy to follow and so lovely that you'll be recommending me to your friends. I'm already excited for next year and planning a number of new designs for a Christmas range.๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽ„๐Ÿฅฐ. Take care and thank you, Jenni"

15 Dec 21'

Lynn Woollard reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"Jenni was swift to reply from beginning to the end! The course was 2 days away and I couldn't make it to the venue, Jenni pulled out all the stops and got me the kit sent to my home so I could join in the class virtually. The course was fun and rewarding, we all have lovely wreaths on our front doors now and are extremely proud of what we have made! The materials and the variety of them made the wreathes look very professional and individual. Jenni was friendly and very knowledgeable and encouraged us to keep on knowing that the end results would thrill us all. I could not fault her or the class a great teambuilding opportunity. Thanks Jenni!"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you so much Lynn. It was such a pity with all that hard work and preparation that at the last minute you were unable to attend, but thanks to the Royal Mail overnight service, and the benefit of a virtual workshop, we made it happen. For your colleagues, who managed to attend the workshop at your office, it was great fun, and they all relished the 'challenge' and were all so happy with their efforts. We had a few visits from other people in the office and all were equally impressed, Yes, you were right, each one was very individual in their own right and the choice of colours, arranging style and personalities, were very evident in their final pieces. They indicated they would like to do another next year, perhaps a Table Centrepiece or even a Christmas Garland? Hopefully by then, things will be back so some kind of normality and we can meet in person. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Jenni"

6 Dec 21'

Amanda Cooper-Cocks reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"I now have a fabulous wreath on my door for christmas ,thrilled with the whole service.The instuctions were all very clear and easy to follow.thanks jenni and team for your attention to detail."

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you so much, always so lovely to receive a glowing review. I am sure it looks amazing on your front door. Seasons greetings, Jenni"

6 Dec 21'

Gaynor Gravestock reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"I thoroughly enjoyed the wreath making. It was all beautifully packaged and a delight to open. The instructions were easy to follow and Iโ€™m thrilled with the result. Thank you!"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you so much Gaynor and even a bigger thank you for sending the pic of the wreath in situ. Wow! I have door eny.๐Ÿ˜… You have done a fantastic job and love the fact you have added some birch for a whimsical feel to a beautiful natural wreath. Well done.๐Ÿ‘"

6 Dec 21'

Beth Carswell reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"Absolutely brilliant! I have been wanting to make my own natural wreath for years but have never had the opportunity. Jenni sent everything i needed and i got to work whilst being guided by her thorough tutorials. Now i have a beautiful wreath this Christmas. Thanks Jenni!"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Always a pleasure ๐Ÿฅฐ. Yes you should be very proud as you have created a beautiful wreath, weaving the base, then binding the greenery and finally decorating with Christmas loveliness.๐ŸŽ„ Well worth the wait I'm sure, as your woven base can be reused and your door will never be bare at Christmas again.๐Ÿ˜…"

3 Dec 21'

Meg reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"My mum and I had a great afternoon following Jenniโ€™s videos to create our own Christmas wreath. All of the materials arrived nicely packed and we had the perfect amount of foliage. We are already looking forward to using our willow base to make another wreath next year - and the year after that! Thank you Jenni, it was fab!"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you for your lovely review and also the email with the photos of the wreath making process and the final pic of the wreath on your front door. Amazing, it looks like you had a look lot of fun. Well done! ๐Ÿ‘ It's so rewarding to get such great feedback and even better knowing you can reuse the base over and over again. I can see this becoming a Christmas family tradition ๐Ÿฅฐ. Enjoy it and have a super Christmas, Jenni"

2 Dec 21'

Lucy reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"Jenni - thank you so much for the wonderful wreath kit! I used a gift voucher I had been given to buy this kit and what a great gift learning a new skill has turned out to be! My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed making both the willow base and creating the wreath, personal to us. We both feel such an amazing sense of achievement at learning the art of wreath making, which we will be able to utilise each year. The YouTube guides which Jenni provides are comprehensive and so easy to follow and she is so friendly and easy to contact. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you, and so grateful to receive your review. I love that it was a joint effort and you have ended up creating a beautiful, unique wreath that you both can be very proud of. The photos you sent, were awesome. The addition of the fairy lights and the stars, look stunning, especially lit up at night.๐Ÿฅฐ I can definitely see this becoming a yearly tradition, just as much a part of the Christmas decorating process as putting up the tree.๐ŸŽ„. I think in this case it's a little more special, since it's hand crafted and made from scratch ๐Ÿ‘ Finally it's great to hear you found the video tutorials easy to follow. At least the many hours of frustration of editing, and recording has been worth it. There was many a time I had to resist the urge to chuck the computer out the window ๐Ÿ˜… A wonderful Christmas to both of you ๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŒŸ. Jenni"

1 Dec 21'

Eden reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"Thank you for my wreath making kit, it was a very enjoyable experience. I loved personalizing it and decorated the wreath in my colour scheme, and received so many compliments from my flatmates when I hung it on the front door. It's great that I have learnt some new skills and can reuse the base to make another Christmas Wreath next year .๐Ÿ˜"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Well done! It's lovely to have created something for other people to enjoy and admire. Also love the fact that you personalized it to your style and colour scheme. It is good to know that you're able to reuse the the base for next Christmas and I'm sure you will create another beautiful wreath, utilising the skills that you acquired this year."

18 Nov 21'

Mandy Brown reviewed: Artisan Christmas wreath making workshops- Live online

"Jenni's wreath kits are amazing, the instructions on line and little notes on the box make making this wreath a pleasure, everything is included and they are such fun. My daughter and I had such a fun day together making the wreath I canโ€™t recommend them enough. Thank you Jenni"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback, it is always lovely to receive a positive review, especially as I was in the middle of packing another wreath kit order when the notification came through. I also loved seeing the picture of the completed wreath you sent to me, hanging on the front door. Awesome! Your daughter should be very proud of herself, especially knowing that she made it from scratch. It is quite wonderful to take raw materials and create something that everyone can enjoy. (even passers-by). A wonderful way to spread Christmas Cheer. Well Done:)"

23 Jun 21'

Kelly Balfour reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"I bought this as a birthday gift to myself so that I could learn how to make a wreath properly after trying to make my own with some success. I sort of knew what to do but wanted to have a how to guide to help me along especially as I was making it for my sister with my recently deceased aunts artificial roses. Jenni was lovely from day one and emailed me asking what I would like in my set etc, she also kept me up to date with despatch dates. Everything in the box was labeled up and tied together in separate portions, which was helpful. The willow wreath was very sturdy and of excellent quality. The written guide and the video were extremely helpful in getting everything just so. I'm over the moon with my wreath. Thanks Jenni!"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Hi Kelly You certainly did your sister proud, thank you for the photo of the completed wreath, it looks absolutely beautiful. I certainly appreciated the comment about the willow wreath, as they are made with a lot of care and attention, from sourcing and cutting the willow/ivy to weaving it by hand. The feedback for the video tutorial is also very gratefully received and I am so happy that it was helpful in constructing the arrangement of the wreath. The wonderful thing about wreaths, is that they are all year round, and make wonderful gifts, so I am sure this will not be the last one that you make. All the best and once again I am so pleased to have been part of the process of what really is a memento of a cherished member of your family. Jenni"

5 Apr 21'

Jane Burgess reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"My daughter in law loved creating the wreath. It is hanging resplendent on their front door. A hit as a birthday present! Thank you."

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you for you feedback and that is so rewarding to hear, especially as presents can be so difficult to get right. Either by not being used or put away in a draw somewhere. However in your case, your present is displayed on her front door. ๐Ÿคฉ What a compliment๐Ÿ‘ So glad your daughter in law enjoyed the creative process. A hit all round.๐Ÿ™‚"

3 Apr 21'

Hilary reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"I ordered the Easter wreath for myself and was really pleased with the quality of all the materials, the way everything was labelled clearly and packed well. I adapted the design slightly by making the wreath using just the flowers. I made use of the nest and eggs, adding some chocolate eggs too, as a surprise for my granddaughter. She loved it! Thank you. It was a great project."

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Hi Hilary How super to hear how you adapted the design and what a delightful idea using the nest to display the Choccie Easter Eggs for your granddaughter. There is something special about a handcrafted item and so happy she loved it๐Ÿ‘ Yes, thank you, I do try my best with the packaging.๐Ÿ™‚ I like to recycle and label by hand so was really happy to hear my attention to detail was appreciated. Have a wonderful Easter, Jenni"

1 Apr 21'

Tom reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"I bought this as a gift for my Mams birthday. She loved it and is already planning time to put it together. The gift arrived very quickly and Jenni even added a personalised message to it. I cant recommend this enough"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you so much for your review. It was a delight to deal with you from start to finish. I got a message from your Mam, and she was so excited to start crafting her wreath. I am sure it will look amazing when it is finished, just in time for Easter. All the best Jenni"

17 Mar 21'

Lisa reviewed: CHRISTMAS WREATH MAKING KIT on Eco-friendly Willow Bases

"I just can't get enough of Jenni's creations. I can't wait to do the next one. They're such fun & I end up looking really talented ๐Ÿ˜"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you for ordering both of my designs and delighted to hear your daughter enjoyed her gift. In that case I best get creating new designs ๐Ÿ˜Š. Don't forget to look out for the autumn and Christmas ๐ŸŽ„Wreath Designs full of Christmas gorgeousness later on in the year. Jenni"

17 Mar 21'

Lisa reviewed: SPRING WREATH with gorgeous silk flower and nest detail.

"Jenni is really talented yet she makes it so easy to follow. Loved it"

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you so much for your response, and I hope you get a lot of 'door envy' from your neighbours now you have put your beautiful wreath up. Well done for customising it, it looks stunning. Jenni"

10 Mar 21'

Mel reviewed: SPRING WREATH with gorgeous silk flower and nest detail.

"What fun to make your own wreath. Jennieโ€™s instructions are easy to follow, and sheโ€™s certainly very skilled, although I think I need a bit more practice! :). I will be doing a Christmas Wreath this year too."

Jenni Wren Designs responded:

" Thank you for your lovely review. Yes practice makes perfect and the skillset that you have acquired in making the wreath can be applied to making more in the future, especially, as you mentioned, for the most popular season of all Christmas. Look out for my wreath kit and online/in person workshops available from November as I teach more ways of making and decorating wreaths. Enjoy your wreath Jenni"

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