HALTglass reviews

23 May 21'

Steven reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"I'm a stained glass artist and I'd been wanting to learn how to screen print on glass for about 4 years but couldn't find the right course; if you're like me, then this is the right course. It requires proper understanding of the many types of glass and glass paints/enamels to deliver this course and Jim clearly has years of experience. He is actively experimenting to push the methods as far as they can and he enthusiastically encourages you to start your own journey. His course is very well planned to take you logically through the many stages of the process and he makes sure you're not struggling. I was really impressed to see how committed he was to ensure the students maximised their experience. After two days I was so pleased with my images and feel confident to start making on my own. Thanks Jim."

26 Jan 21'

Alvaro Maury reviewed: Screen Printing on Glass Kit & Online Course

"Before I took Jim’s course, I had been struggling for a while, trying to learn screen printing on glass by checking out YouTube videos and other sources. However, with this course everything came together and in a very short time I was creating beautiful images on glass consistently. James is a master of his craft and knows how to transmit the knowledge to his students in a very effective way. Highly recommended."

5 Mar 20'

Vicky reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"Don't think about it, just book it! An excellent course full of information, tips and useful advice. Jim explained each step, checking that we had understood before moving onto the next stage. Each day was broken down into manageable chunks so that you weren't overloaded with information. I was amazed at how much stuff I did and very pleased with the results. The bonus was the lovely lunch served each day and the never ending supply of tea, coffee and biscuits! Go on, what are you waiting for!"

29 Jan 20'

David reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"This excellent course is very thorough, covering all aspects of choosing and formatting images to print, preparing the silk screens and finally cutting the glass and printing. James is an excellent and patient teacher. I was very happy with the results I produced during the two day course. I’m certainly planning on returning for a second class."

24 Jan 20'

Kenya reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"Fantastic course, would highly recommend. Jim is very knowledgable in his craft and is very willing to share with those in the class. Very patient and willing for everyone to get involved in every step of the process. Classes were intimate and friendly. Wouldn't be able to recommend enough. Thanks Jim!"

20 Dec 19'

Hanna reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"Very good workshop - Jim is very knowledgeable, both in terms of preparing material for screenprinting and in making screens and applying the screens to glass. He is very organised and the workshop ran very smoothly. He is also a patient teacher and was very generous with his time and know-how. I was amazed by how many items I managed to make over the two-day period. It was both enjoyable and rewarding and it even included a scrumptious lunch!"

12 Dec 19'

Hanna reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"Very well run workshop. James is a highly skilled artist but also a calm and helpful teacher. As I am already a screenprinter I particularly appreciated all the helpful tips on producing great images to translate onto the screens. James was generous with his know-how and super patient. I was truly delighted with my finished pieces."

25 Nov 19'

Kevin reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"This course is fantastic! Jim is a really great and patient teacher and made a huge effort to get the best out of all of us, regardless of our printmaking experience. I took the weekend course after not having printed in any medium since school and still came home with some lovely prints. Jim is very open in giving advice and sharing his personal tips and trips for getting the most out of screenprinting on glass. The classes are intimate and you get a lot of chance for input from Jim on the course. Definitely would recommend to new and experienced printmakers alike."

17 Nov 19'

Thomas Compton reviewed: Screen Printing on Glass - archived

"James is a highly proficient practitioner and teacher, making this refreshing and unique experience very enjoyable. As an illustrator and printmaker, screen-printing onto glass was an exciting project, and the satisfaction I received seeing my work take form on this beautiful medium made the result all the more spectacular. I absolutely recommend this course to fellow creatives or anyone looking for an out of the box experience."

17 Nov 19'

Simon Joy reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"This is a fantastic course for anybody interested in this medium, I decided to sign up for it after having attended Jim`s Monday night course. Jim is a great teacher and takes you through the whole process over the weekend. It's fantastic to see your ideas come to life and finally appear on the glass. The course was great fun and it was a pleasure meeting the others on the course and I would highly recommend this, you won't regret it."

16 Nov 19'

Stephanie Wright reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"This course is excellent. Jim teaches and shares his knowledge and experience and I came away from the course feeling confident that I can use the skills I learned in my own practice. The course is well structured so as to use the time fully. The setting is really nice with the studio in Jim’s garden and it was nice to say hello to his family! I would really recommend this course if you are wanting to further your experience in glass, thoroughly enjoyed it"

16 Nov 19'

Rosie reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"This was an excellent course, from total beginners to more experienced glass artists, all abilities are catered for. You will be taught everything you need to know to produce some amazing prints on glass. We were taken through choosing images to how to make your own individual screen. Tea, coffee etc and lunch is included, yum yum! The studio is in the garden with views over a green. We booked as a couple and my partner (total novice) and I thoroughly enjoyed our 2 days. If you get a chance to do this course you won’t regret it. Highly recommended."

16 Nov 19'

Laura Pilgrim reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"A really enjoyable two days with Jim. Thorough and fun, I came away with both practical advice and some beautiful bits of work. Ideal for people who want to gain knowledge to take their practice further or just even as a treat to come away with a piece of work. Lovely studio and very hospitable. The main take away for me was Jim’s generosity of sharing his knowledge that otherwise would take many, many months of trial and error for the inexperienced. Absolute pleasure."

14 Nov 19'

Jane Vincent reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"Jim's courses are enjoyable, friendly and informative and run at the right pace so you get a lot done but don't feel rushed or under pressure. Lots crammed into 2 days and lots of fun too."

14 Nov 19'

Ian Merry reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"I recently attended Jim's 2 day screen printing on glass course and found it both informative and inspirational. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to take their "glass" skills that bit further."

11 Nov 19'

Laura reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"I attended this course this year and was thoroughly inspired. James has a calm and knowledgeable teaching approach and is very patient! The course has provided me with all the tools I need to practice on my own one day. Great setting and host. I look forward to attending the next one!"

11 Nov 19'

Harriet Biddington reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"Fabulously taught, in depth course in a pleasant, relaxed and informal atmosphere. Nicely sized small group of participants. Was also great to meet the other glass artists."

11 Nov 19'

Kate Pasvol reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"I recently went on this course and found it very informative. Jim creates a good working atmosphere and a good introduction to the screen printing process with lots of information and useful tips."

11 Nov 19'

Caroline Small reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"I attended this course and learnt so much about producing images on glass. The course takes you through the selection of an image, making a screen to completing the printing on glass and so much more. It was amazing. I have some experience with glass but would recommend it to all. Jim, the tutor, provided excellent teaching and answered all the questions I had. It was a small and friendly studio and I highly recommend it."

11 Nov 19'

Marie Dawe reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"This 2 day screen printing on glass course was a very last minute find for me...and oh boy!! am i pleased to have spotted it. Screen printing on glass is pretty specialist stuff and not easy to get your head around. However, Jim made this so clear and direct, explaining repeatedly if any of us didn't understand the first time. He is definitely up for having his brain well and truly picked, and we did.?. I loved making my own screen to take home and use again, (Jim explained all the screen options before the day). My reason for going was to learn this technique to use again in my own art works, others just wanted to produce some finished pieces. So all in all, a fabulous 2 day course, if you want to give it a go, Jim is the man. One other thing, lunch (home made soup etc) and snacks, coffee and tea, there were aplenty! Yum!! I would certainly recommend #Haltglass to all."

11 Nov 19'

Phil Melville reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"I have recently been on the excellent course run by Jim at Halt Glass. I researched screen printing courses in UK for a long time & finally found one that ticked all the boxe ! This course takes you through the whole process in very pleasant surroundings, in a small group & with great results. I've been practising as a stained glass craftsman/artist for approx 25 years and I genuinely feel excited about the new skills I've learned on this course & I can't recommend it highly enough . A nice relaxed atmosphere & a great lunch also helps :-}"

11 Nov 19'

Peter Dunn reviewed: Screen printing on glass

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and thought it was good value. I learned a lot, and I particularly appreciated being able to produce more than one finished, fired piece of glass. The opportunity to make several enabled us to practice the skills we were learning, and refine them. The atmosphere was friendly and positive and the food was good as well. I will be doing further courses with HALT Glass and can wholeheartedly recommend them."

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