Fransham Forge reviews

28 Feb 23'

Neil Harris reviewed: Welding with confidence

"I recently attended this course and thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave me a good insight into the basics of welding and Nigel gave us lots of demonstrations and information which was not only useful but entertaining. I would recommend this course."

25 Feb 23'

John McGough reviewed: Welding with confidence

"I enjoyed this course, and if I decide to take it up I think I will Weld with Confidence, though I think I will not necessarily Weld Well with Confidence as that will need a lot of practice."

17 Feb 23'

Ben Hansen reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"I was bought the Blacksmithing experience as a Christmas gift. Nigel was very knowledgeable and made it a lot of fun to learn from him. The experience day was filled with a great deal of different techniques that we were able to put into practice and we were able to keep the pieces we had crafted to take home. The site itself was full of things to see and Nigel was happy to show us around the site and show us a huge variety of the things that he had made. Would definitely recommend and hope to go again."

Fransham Forge responded:

" Thanks for your review Ben -we are glad you enjoyed your day at the Forge."

13 Feb 23'

Natasha Day reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"A wonderful whirlwind day into the life and skills of a professional blacksmith. Nigel is hugely knowledgeable and shares this generously as well as helping people successfully go home with a wonderful array of forged items. Thank you Nigel."

Fransham Forge responded:

" You are very welcome! Nigel"

6 Feb 23'

Laurence Burton reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"I did a two day course (Fri/Sat) - a really great experience. Nigel was really patient - especially after I got it wrong for the 3rd time! :-) We've covered far more than I thought we would be able to - Nigel loves to share his knowledge and expertise!"

23 Jan 23'

Bob Hunt reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"Great hands on experience. Well equipped workshop with heavyweight equipment. Nigel is extremely knowledgeable and has a very wide experience of forging on some impressive projects. We came away with our own forgings which demonstrate our achievements and will have use. It was an icy cold, January morning so needed some warm overalls even with all of the forges running. Great to see demonstrations of the big hammers and press. Great day. Thanks Nigel. "

15 Jan 23'

Lee Van Rensburg reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"Fantastic course, great to be taught by a Master craftsman. Perfect facilities, would not change anything."

29 Nov 22'

Mark Harrison reviewed: Welding with confidence

"Excellent opportunity to get some experience of MiG welding, after initial H&S talk, Nigel was keen for everyone to just get hands on and start. During the course, Nigel provided instruction on what next to attempt having demonstrated what to do and again left you to it. At the end of the day I had learnt enough to take away skills for basic MiG welding and learnt about the different machines available and their capabilities."

27 Nov 22'

Mike Dowson reviewed: Welding with confidence

"Great course with lots of hands-on time welding pieces of metal together. Great equipment to work with and good instruction from Nigel. Might have liked a little more feedback on my “work” but it was an enjoyable and very useful day."

20 Oct 22'

Ben & Aislinn reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"Fantastic experience, did the one-day course which results in a few created pieces to take home yourself! Nigel was incredibly knowledgeable and patient with his teaching, made everything look so easy! He's also great to talk to, full of interesting stories! We also stayed overnight in one of the cabins by the forge, incredibly comfortable and warm even in Autumn! Highly recommend the course and overnight stay to anyone interested in blacksmithing, or just doing something creative."

12 Oct 22'

Richie Allen reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"Fantastic course! Nigel was a real character ! I loved it all and my main aim is to return for a more advanced , longer session. Highly recommend to any one interested in Blacksmith forging ."

9 Oct 22'

Russ and Louise. reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"This was the most informative and fun experience. The hosts were thoughtful and the accommodation was excellent - especially given the very fair price. The huts are beautifully made by Master Blacksmith Nigel, and toasty-warm even when it’s cold, with electricity, kettle, lighting and log-burners. The site itself is relaxed and comfortable. Nigel gave so much instruction and guidance whilst at the same time allowing us the independence within his forge to develop our skills and create several lovely pieces to take away. Even as part of a Saturday group he was always attentive and the resources and facilities within the forge are excellent. He is a passionate craftsman and artist, and the gallery and shop that he runs alongside the forge is worth a visit in its own right. Everything exceeded our expectations from start to finish. We very much look forward to returning :) "

26 Sep 22'

Lucy Bird reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"My son completed his Silver DofE skills section with Nigel. He had the best time and learnt so much from Nigel. Nigel was really relaxed and supportive, helping my son discover a passion for blacksmithing. I would 100% recommend one of Nigel’s courses to anyone who might be interested in learning more about this amazing art form."

11 Sep 22'

Stuart Boon reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"Superb day. Nigel gives you the basics and then lets you explore and learn. He's on hand to help all day and has an easy manner. I came away with several pieces that will all be put to use. Going to book another day for sure. "

9 Aug 22'

Darren reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"Had an excellent day and covered quite a lot of ground in terms of skills. There were 6 attendees on the day, 3 of them were on day 2 of their longer course, but seeing what they were being taught gave me great insight into how what I was learning could be applied/adapted. Nigel demonstrated everything with ease, and was open to any type of question. Some of what we did was "now copy what I just demoed", but Nigel also gave some freedom to let the skills meet any artistic ideas we had of our own. I was a little apprehensive about what I would learn in one day. but came away with a lot more knowledge (to be turned in to skill with practice) that I ever expected. Nigel has a passion that shines through, and his straight talking down to earth personality makes it easy to absorb. Brilliant day! "

25 May 22'

Dee Jackson reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"What a fantastic day. Nigel and his relaxed teaching style was just tight, no pressure. Thanks for a great course."

12 May 22'

Phil reviewed: Welding with confidence

"Well organised, I learned a good deal in a short time. Whilst I'm not going to pass any welding exams the main thing was the enthusiasm for welding which I gained through attending this course and the desire to do far more welding after this. The location is great and the facilities are great. Would recommend to anyone looking to gain enthusiasm for welding."

3 May 22'

Matt GB reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"What a brilliant day! Cannot fault it, Nigel is very skilled, he does make everything look so easy, and very amusing he kept us on point throughout the day. We made four items to take away and got to practice the basic techniques, Nigel was always on hand to help out or to advise. Superb experience and definitely recommend."

24 Apr 22'

Bob keens reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"Great day making 4 items covering many different aspects of blacksmithing. Good laugh with Nigel. Very clever man and always with a tale to tell and willing to help where and when needed. Going to book another day soon to take the learning a bit further."

29 Mar 22'

Robert Hodges reviewed: Welding with confidence

"Nigel is a great instructor with tips and tricks and lots of stories from his welding career. His skills are amazing and I soon realised it would take me a lot of practice to get my welds as neat as his, if I ever could. However I did gain the immense satisfaction of actually welding things that stayed together at the end! It has given me the confidence to give it a go. He is very safety conscious and we all came away unscathed and buzzing. It is an immensely useful skill and I'm very grateful to have tried it and learned so much from a master. The beautiful gallery and sculpture park nearby were a bonus, Thanks Nigel."

25 Mar 22'

Mike reviewed: Welding with confidence

"Excellent course, very enjoyable day."

16 Mar 22'

John P. reviewed: Blacksmithing, bladesmithing and metal craft

"A really interesting and instructive day run by a "guru" of the blacksmithing arts. You learnt practical skills and finished with several of your own handmade items at the end of the day. The numbers on the course are small, 3 in my case, and you get individual instruction and all equipment and materials provided. A great day out, highly recommended, so much so I'm going back for the welding course!"

26 Feb 22'

Jon Hobday reviewed: Welding with confidence

"Excellent day on Welding with confidence course. Plenty of hands on experience and no shortage of consumables to practice on. Nigel has a wealth of experience and illustrates the use of all the techniques taught with real life applications. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to get an insight into the skill of welding"

25 Feb 22'

Charles Julian reviewed: Welding with confidence

"a great welding course and a brilliant workshop"

25 Feb 22'

Conor reviewed: Welding with confidence

"February 2022 had days welding course at fransham forge, was an excellent day lernt far more than i expected amazing work shop n great friendly people would definitely do the blacksmithing course next! thanks again."

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