Chalk Pit Forge reviews

25 Sep 17'

Peter Mason reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"Thanks for a brilliant day, Alex! Still looking admiringly at the table I built. Perfect balance of tuition between helping and letting me get on with it. Will be recommending the one day course to all my friends!"

20 Sep 17'

Ken Gosling reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"Spent a very enjoyable day being shown blacksmithing techniques by a knowledgeable and interesting teacher. Alex gave precise demonstrations of each technique required for the finished article and then let you copy these on to your own work giving advise and help when required. I was involved with the whole manufacture with Alex`s guidance from design to finished product and very pleased with the result which now has pride of place in my garden as a permanent reminder of a brilliant day spent in the forge. I highly recommend this course to anybody interested in decorative ironwork. Thanks Alex"

4 Sep 17'

Roger Sinnhuber reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"Had a great day at the forge with Alex. It was the first time that I done any blacksmithing, so I was a little apprehensive. I needn't have worried - Alex explained and demonstrated the techniques very well. I was pleasantly surprised at what could be achieved in a day with his help and guidance. I now have a pair of fire tongs that I'm really pleased with. His courses are very popular and I can see why!"

31 Aug 17'

Allen Lee reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"Really really good couple of days with Alex. Proper hands on course. No classroom stuff just a great style of teaching through years of experience. Alex puts you at ease with the tools and the processes from the word go. You look at options on the best way to make something and overcome any hiccups on the way. You get stuck in from the word go and every bit of it is interesting. You choose a design (I wanted to make a billhook which involved a lot of different processes and loads of hammering) and look at whether it is possible. Then you make it using Alex' expert tuition and muscles you've forgotten exist. It delivered exactly what I hoped. Great fun. Ive been recommending the course to all of my freinds. Still smiling two weeks later."

29 Aug 17'

Alastair reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"A really amazing experience. Alex is gets the balance just right; he teaches you a technique, and once you've got the idea he lets you carry on with it on your own until you're ready for the next bit. He was very patient and helped me make a piece I am extremely proud of. I recommend the course to any one who will listen!"

28 Aug 17'

David bunce reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"Had a fantastic day with Alex, his knowledge and teaching was first class. Really hard work but so much fun, would recommend it to anyone to have a go."

18 Jul 17'

Kevin Germany reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"What a 'smashing' way to spend a couple of days learning new skills. Alex is patient, creative and very good at tailoring your course to allow you to achieve the best product you can within your course time frame. If you are quicker than planned, them he encourages you to make other smaller items so you leave with a great experience. Whether it is a gift for others or a treat for yourself the course is great value."

12 Jul 17'

Peter Stage reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"This is a brilliant day out/course with a first rate tutor. You can do as much (or little) as you want in beautiful and interesting surroundings (all sorts of things to take in eg. Electronics museum , guided 20s bus tour etc if you have the time and inclination). I brought some of my own bits to play with in the forge and lost several pounds (weight) chopping holes in and hammering away at hot steel. A made to measure jacking saddle wes produced (by joint efforts) . Alex is a mine of useful information and can obviously handle both first timers and those who have a bit more ironwork experience. An ideal present and thoroughly enjoyable day out."

4 Jul 17'

Andy Moreman reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"I had a thoroughly enjoyable day at the Forge and was impressed by how many different techniques and concepts I was able to get a taste of in just one day. Alex is a skilled teacher who gets the balance of showing you the ropes and allowing you to get on and work for yourself just right. His experience and creativity were evident: having arrived without really knowing what was possible or what best to make in a day, Alex led me through a design and making process and I went home with a coat rack, which I am suitably proud of. A really positive experience and one I'd happily recommend to anyone."

19 Jun 17'

Mark Wilson reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"This was a birthday present from my wife and something I have always wanted to do. Suffice to say that I was not disappointed! I have nearly 30 years worth of mechanical skills and metal fabrication behind me and throughout the day I still learnt more things than I could imagine. The course is obviously very hands on, and be prepared to have to concentrate, have attention to detail and don't rush. You will be very pleased as to what you can achieve in a single day. Prepare to use muscles you didn't know about and to get cooked occasionally - all part of the fun! Well worthwhile and thoroughly recommended for anybody with a practical lean who wants to learn the basics of the art of forgework and blacksmithing. To do it properly takes years of training and practice, but for one day - can't be beaten! Many thanks."

14 May 17'

PhilipWilliams reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"What a great day I had with Alex! An excellent tutor who expertly guided me through the art of making a wrought iron shovel. I was very proud of the finished article! Thank you again Alex!"

11 May 17'

Sarah S reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"What a great day! Alex was fantastic and taught me so much in just one day. It was so rewarding to learn new skills and put them into practice and I now have a set of hinges for my bathroom door! I left with exhausted but with a real sense of achievement. Thank you Alex you are a wonderful and patient teacher! I would thoroughly recommend him."

1 May 17'

Will collins reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"This course was absolutely amazing, in the space of one day Alex managed to teach me loads of blacksmithing skills. 100% recommend this course"

25 Apr 17'

Barry Miller reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"As a Welder Fabricator for over 30 years it came as a pleasant surprise to be shown by Alex a new set of skills to add to my arsenal. Absolutely loved it. Well done Alex for teaching an old dog some new tricks."

13 Apr 17'

Bob Antonini reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"I recently did a two day course with Alex. Even before the course started Alex was very helpful with organising my dates, sending out course material and even giving instructions on how to find the forge. Alex was very friendly from the moment I poked my head through the forge door and introduced myself. We spent some time deciding what I could achieve in two days and jumped straight in with a ram's head poker. Alex showed me each stage and then it was down to me. He got the level of supervision just right, as I was allowed to get on with it without feeling I was being watched but always knowing that Alex was there to ask questions or jump in to make sure I was heading in the right direction. Lunch was provided by Alex at the Museum cafe and that was a good chance to have a nice chat and find out more about him. On the second day I made a six foot lily with two leaves. Alex was very helpful with the design but always allowing me to make the final decision before we moved on to the next stage. He was on hand to weld the bits together but left me to do the grinding and sanding, although if you're not confident with the power tools thenI'm sure he'd do that for you too. Alex is clearly a very talented blacksmith but he is equally adept at passing on his skills in a friendly, inclusive and patient manner. I had a total blast for those two days and fully expect to go back at some point and carry on learning. If you're even the slightest bit interested in working with metal, from novice upwards, then I would highly recommend contacting Alex for a great and instructive experience. Thanks Alex, I will be back!"

14 Mar 17'

Melanie reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"I really enjoyed my day blacksmithing with Alex! It was a fun day and I learnt a lot. Alex helped me make a large poppy sculpture on a one day course and I took away some ideas to use in my job as a goldsmith as well. Amberley is such a lovely place to spend the day and I would highly recommend the course to anyone!"

24 Feb 17'

Anthony Howard reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"I was bought this course as a Birthday present by my wife and what a present it was! I had a really great time at the forge learnt a hell of a lot and it was taught very well indeed. Couldn't recommend it highly enough."

7 Jan 17'

Nigel Wickham reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"Fantastic two days spent making a hanging basket holder in the shape of a dragon. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone"

14 Nov 16'

James woodford reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"I had the best day with Alex. It was hard work but worth every second and Alex made it pretty easy to understand the basics as well as feel comfortable the whole day. Would do again"

20 Oct 16'

Mark reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"I had a fantastic two days at the forge. Alex is really helpful and passionate about his craft, and helpful and pleasant company. On the last day I was running very late completing my piece, but he was perfectly happy to wait until I had finished quietly offering advice until I had finished. I cannot recommend him enough."

18 Oct 16'

Rod Bruce reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"An absolutely first class course. Alex has an excellent knowledge of the skills and provides brilliant explanation as to the processes and the theory. I fully intend to go back and do a bit more as the experiences and the skills acquired are priceless. The best birthday present I have ever had and I urge anyone considering the- day course to have a go at it."

15 Aug 16'

Fabi reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"To celebrate our 8th year wedding anniversary I booked my husband and I a 1 day course at Chalk Pit forge which is set in a beautiful historic work shop museum full of interesting buildings.Alex was really welcoming and made us feel very relaxed and ready to learn the basic skills of black smithing. He shared a lot of his designs and pictures of previous work to inspire us on what we wanted to achieve. We decide on a dragon shaped door knocker and Alex showed us the various techniques and made a demonstration on how to heat and work the metal into shape. We were delighted with the results and we managed to learn a lot throughout the day. Alex is an amazing teacher, he explained every step very clearly and easily to understand. The day was so enjoyable and the fact that we managed to make something special to remember our wedding anniversary was great. We really recommend this course and Alex as a teacher. Awsome unforgettable day."

15 Aug 16'

Laura c reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"For my 21st birthday I wanted a gift that was a bit more interesting and sentimental rather than a materialistic handbag or similar, so I asked my parents for a blacksmith lesson. It is located in chalk put forge which is a great place to go in itself. Straight away before I had even met Alex, he was so friendly and helpful- even helping me with directions before I got there! Given I didn't know anything about black smiths or how it works, Alex explained everything really well and was very patient with all the questions I had! I was also a bit indecisive about what I wanted to make so Alex showed me lots of things that I could make and what techniques I would be learning by choosing different items to make. I made some lillies and I am so proud of them. When anyone has seen them in my garden I have received so many compliments. I am very weak in my arms but Alex helped me when my arms got a bit achy. I would really recommend having a black smith lesson with Alex; he is so friendly and easy to get on with and he is a very talented man who makes everything he does look so easy! Whether you are male or female, old or young, it is a great thing to try out or give to someone as a gift. Not only is it a great experience but they will also have something that they can keep for life afterwards!"

27 Jun 16'

Alan Mayell reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"This was a Christmas Present and i can only repeat what everyone else has said,had a great day and learnt so much ,Alex made this course so interesting an relaxed that the effort of swinging the hammer was a pleasure. thank you Alex"

27 Jun 16'

Elaine hughes reviewed: One-to-one, One day, blacksmith course

"I attended the day with my partner and son. Alex could not have been more helpful or friendly. I was making a kinetic sculpture for my final project at college for which I obtained a distinction and Alex's help was invaluable. The setting for the course is beautiful ,we had a taste-vin lunch included in the cost overall we all had a brilliant day . My 20 year old son enjoyed it so much that he intends to go back and do a longer course. I would recommend this course to any one who wanted to try something different ."

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