Chalk Pit Forge reviews

28 May 19'

Sally Avery reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"I really enjoyed my experience with Alex making a two-leafed birdbath over the course of two days. He gave me confidence in thoroughly instructing me in how to use the furnace to best effect then allowed me to undertake the various methods on my own carefully overseeing my work and offering helpful advice. I never felt hurried or out of my depth and was proud to produce something for my garden which I will treasure - and will be of use to the wildlife in my garden! Thanks Alex"

Chalk Pit Forge responded:

" Hi Sally, thanks for the great review. Really glad you are happy with what you made, I hope it sits happily in your garden for years to come. Alex"

23 May 19'

Jane Bransgrove reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"I had a fantastic time with Alex at Chalk Pit Forge. As a complete beginner, I was delighted to be able to produce a bird bath (with Alex's help) at the end of the day. It's a real hands-on experience and lots of fun. Alex is a very friendly and knowledgeable tutor who patiently guides you through numerous techniques. Book it, get stuck in, get it hot and hit it!"

Chalk Pit Forge responded:

" Thanks for the great review. You did an excellent job and really got stuck in. Full credit to you. Hope you enjoy your bird bath and keep being creative. Alex"

18 May 19'

Bill Field reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"Turned up for the day course and thought there would be a few of us. But it’s was one to one , Alex not only was a great guy , but his teaching excellent as well . Basically he shows you first and then you do it . The whole day was fantastic and I went home with something I made from start to finish . Well worth the money ."

Chalk Pit Forge responded:

" Hi Bill, thanks for the great review. I am glad you enjoyed learning the techniques and are happy with what you made. Alex"

23 Apr 19'

Andy Wilson reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"I had an excellent day with Alex and I certainly recommend his courses. Alex was friendly and helpful throughout the day and he clearly enjoys both blacksmithing and sharing his skills with others. I wasn't entirely sure on what I wanted to produce but Alex offered helpful guidance and was very supportive as the design evolved. I left with all the components for a pretty substantial plant pot holder that both my wife and I are very pleased with."

14 Apr 19'

Martin Hayward reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"3 day course. I decided to book the course after watching a blacksmithing feature on Countryfile. Alex was nearest to me down near Arundel and the setting of his forge was lovely. He was a great teacher, asking what ideas I had, then breaking down the process of planning and construction into simple, easy to understand chunks. He showed me the processes and then watched over me completing them - and telling me how to alter what had gone wrong! I made a six hook coat rack, fish shaped bottle openers and a twisted ammonite key ring. I really enjoyed the whole process and hope to put some of the techniques into practice before too long. I would 100% recommend Alex's courses. What a fantastic experience!"

7 Apr 19'

Matthew Lawson reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"My wife bought me a 2 day course which I thoroughly enjoyed. Alex is a very good teacher breaking down both of my projects into a series of simple steps which he demonstrated for me to follow. I had a real sense of achievement at the end of my visit going home with a rams head poker and candlestick. Be warned that the forge is drafty and uninsulated so can be cold."

2 Apr 19'

Rosalind Wilkinson reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"I did a one day course with Alex and turned up expecting a few others to be there but no, It was just little old me. Alex is an excellent teacher and it was all very much hands on and although daunting at first, operating the fan for the fire and handling hot metal, after a short while, my confidence grew. I went home with a beautiful Ram’s head poker, which took all day to accomplish, with lots of patient help from Alex I might add, feeling very proud and very tired and very dirty! I cannot recommend this experience highly enough. It was quite outside my comfort zone but felt it truly worthwhile and informative and fun."

26 Feb 19'

James Phillips reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"I just completed a five day course with Alex and I can definitely recommend it to anyone who may be interested. Alex is a good mannered, friendly, patient and extremely knowledgeable teacher and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in his workshop. I feel that I learnt lots, and most importantly, It was a pleasure doing so. Thanks Alex!"

29 Oct 18'

Simon H reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"Had a thoroughly brilliant day in the forge with Alex. I have learnt some wonderful new skills including fire welding, twisting and bending metal to my own designs. Alex is very patient and showed me each technique before letting me create my own effects on the metal. He also manage to photograph some of the action on my phone as proof that I was really making the fire poker that I took home to use that night. Great experience and I look forward to coming back again to expand and practice more blacksmithery."

29 Oct 18'

Ron Rylatt reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"What a fantastic experience in 1 day packed full of techniques and skills to craft a unique piece to take home. unless you complete this yourself with Alex you can't explain or have anyone understand how wonderful this experience really is - one of a kind - (6 strs ★★★★★★) +"

29 Oct 18'

Simon Gaule reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"I was given a day in the forge as a Christmas gift and I have to agree with the others that it was probably the best present I have ever had. Alex was very calm and patient and answered any questions. he showed what to do on a seperate piece and was unflappable even when melted a piece off! we recovered and I was still able to make a very satisfactory piece in the time, even got to make a quick extra! It was a professional, unhurried learning experience from a great blacksmith.I would totally do it again and heartily recommend it. Thank you Alex."

16 Oct 18'

Dave Smith reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"My wife bought me a voucher for the one-day course as a christmas present. I'd been looking forward to it since I booked it and it didn't disappoint! Ended up making a door knocker. Despite being a complete beginner with any kind of metal work, I ended up making something I was quite proud of by the end of it! Alex is very helpful and a great teacher. Highly recommended!"

13 Oct 18'

Nick Meyne reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"Alex is a highly skilled and patient tutor. He's well prepared and organised. He loves the craft and watchfully guides at every step, building your confidence with fire, tools and metal. Do it."

11 Oct 18'

Stuart Richards reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"Had an excellent time with Alex at the Chalk Pit Forge. Alex is a great teacher, very friendly and, importantly for me people like me with no previous experience forging, very patient! Very pleased with my ram's head letter opener! Thoroughly recommended. PS Now I know what a proper hard day's work feels like to!!"

4 Oct 18'

Harry Rowe reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"i was bought a day at the forge with Alex as a Christmas gift and it's probably been the best present i have received! Alex is a great teacher but also just a very nice chap. i made a large candelabra. from entering the forge alex is getting you familiar with what you will be doing and how to do it. after initial demonstrations for each stage of the build i was largely left to it so i could learn for myself with alex there to advise which was perfect for me. i had a brillaint day and would highly recommend it to anyone who has even a passing interest in blacksmithing. i can now say i have the bug and will be looking to do more very soon!"

1 Oct 18'

Michael reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"I had such an enjoyable day, Alex is a knowledgeable, friendly and patient tutor. I highly recommend this course."

1 Oct 18'

John Cater reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"The one day course was fantastic and Alex is an excellent teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed my day and learnt many techniques. I am very pleased with my ram’s head poker my friends and family were very impressed. Alex was very welcoming and I would definitely recommend it, it is a very interesting and rewarding course and exceeded my expectations."

24 Sep 18'

Chris Letchford reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"My wife bought the day as a present for last Christmas. Before the day I had done some evenings sessions at a local college so had some of the basics. Alex gave me a lot of tips that I did not get elsewhere and helped me clarify a number of things I was a little uncertain about. He has a really good set up and is very calm and collected and patient as a teacher. A great day which I would recommend to anyone interested in having a go."

23 Aug 18'

Graham snuggs reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"My wife bought me a 1 day one to one course at the forge and I was very excited to get started, the experience did not disappoint I had an unbelievable day. I have to admit I’d built the whole thing up in my mind (as I’ve wanted to do a forging course for years) it far exceeded my expectations and Alex was an enthusiastic and helpful tutor! We made a pair of forging tongs, a letter knife, bottle opener, coat hook and tried some forge welding I also got a “get it got an hit it” t’shirt!! Wish I could do another (hint, hint mrs Snuggs)"

5 Jun 18'

chay hedger reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"I attended a one day course with Alex as a present from my wife and had a fantastic time. the day was very relaxed in a great setting. I feel that i learnt such a lot and really appreciated the way Alex explained things and demonstrated on a sample and then let you have a go on your own piece. it was nice to achieve such a lot in a day and then take home what you'd made. I would highly recommend a day with Alex to anyone regardless of experience as he has so much to share. I aim to book another day to take things a step further."

9 May 18'

Derek Goddard reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"I had a one day course as a present from my wife. What a fantastic day. Alex is a great tutor. He asked me what I wanted to make and then we worked on the design. Alex showed me the basics and then demonstrated what I needed to do at each stage of my project. Always on hand with advice and help when I needed it. A full days blacksmithing, with tea, coffee, biscuits & lunch. I'm so proud of my bird feeder and hook. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to give it a go."

2 May 18'

Mark Sharp reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"This was bought as my Christmas present from my wife and what a brilliant one it was. I can highly recommend this and I'll definitely be going back. Thanks for your patience."

15 Apr 18'

Dave Bunn reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"Many thanks to Alex, This was a very interesting day with plenty to absorb and practice on. This was a Christmas present from the family and to be honest, it couldn't have been better. For my very first time, it left me wanting more and still trying to work out how to transform my garage into a Forge ;) I am sure this will not be my first and last time at the Forge. Thanks for your patience. A good teacher."

9 Apr 18'

Olie Cook reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"I was bought a day course by my girlfriend as a birthday present and I hugely enjoyed my day in the forge. Alex has a fantastic teaching style of showing you what to do and then letting you get on with it! Even though I turned up with a vague notion about making a candlestick, Alex showed me a variety of pictures and then we drew out a rough sketch and went from there. The day flew by but Alex very subtly kept me on track and I got to go home with a lovely piece of metalwork to show off and a big grin to go with it. I only wish I had somewhere I could go and bash hot metal more often."

8 Apr 18'

Carl reviewed: One day, one-to-one, blacksmith course

"The one day course was booked as a birthday present as it’s something I’ve always wanted to try and have a taster of. Alex was welcoming and helpful with the designs and very informative. I had a great day and was tired by the end of it but had a huge smile because of what we had achieved. The day flew by! Highly recommended."

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