AthelstaneForge reviews

22 Jan 23'

Tony Higgins reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"Great experience. Really informative and great use of time. Thoroughly enjoyed it."

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Thanks Tony! Hopefully see you back again soon!"

15 Jan 23'

A & K reviewed: Introduction to Welding

"Great intro to welding. Father and son team really enjoyed the experience. Given lots of attention and feedback throughout."

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Thanks for your feedback! I really enjoyed teaching them both on Saturday. "

23 Oct 22'

Neil reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"Had a great time at the forge. Truly a hands on experience (gloved hand, of course). Definitely felt I learned something. Good coffee as well! "

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Thanks, Neil it was great having you! Glad you enjoyed it, the coffee really is good too!"

1 Oct 22'

Kate Buckle reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"I had a great day with Sandy at Athlestane Forge. He is a great teacher with endless patience and enthusiasm. He took time to show me different tools and equipment in the forge giving me confidence to use them myself. I would certainly recommend this course and hope to go back soon to try out my new skills."

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Thanks, Kate! It was a pleasure to teach you, we will get the candle holder finished up next time!"

24 Jul 22'

Richard Whittle reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"Athelstane Forge's 'Blacksmithing Experience' is much more than just an experience, it is an excellent introduction to blacksmithing techniques. Blacksmith Alex McBain is a born teacher and is friendly, informative and attentive. If you want to learn basic blacksmith skills in a well-equipped workshop (and use an awesome power hammer!) then this is the course for you. I booked two places – they were worth every penny."

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Hi Richard, Thanks for your review! I had a great day teaching the boys to make their own pieces. Hopefully, I will see you all again soon! Sandy"

11 Jun 22'

Chance Watson reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"I loved the course. I found it to be informative and an overall great experience. I was taken through each step of forging thoroughly, and felt like ive picked up some good skills all while having a good laugh. Sandy was an excellent teacher, he was patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. I definitely want to continue with blacksmithing after this course"

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Thanks, Chance! Had a great day teaching you, looking forward to another day forging soon!"

5 Jun 22'

Andrew reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"My time at Athelstane Forge was excellent. A very worthwhile experience for anyone."

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Thanks Andrew! Enjoyed teaching you! Hope you get good use out of the tools."

29 May 22'

Lucy Branse-Instone reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"The whole experience was incredibly rewarding and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how metal moves after it has been heated up. I would definitely be interested in coming back for another workshop after I spend some time with my own forge to improve the skills that I have gained. I should also mention my appreciation for Sandy and his endless amount of patience, encouragement and high quality advice."

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Thanks Lucy! It was great teaching you! Keep practicing and come back to make your own hammer soon!"

23 May 22'

Eilidh reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"Booked for my partner as a birthday gift and he absolutely loved it! He is already talking about rebooking. He said he learned so much and that Sandy was a great teacher and full of knowledge."

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Thanks for the review! It was a great day in the forge! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!"

12 May 22'

Natasha reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"This was an absolutely fantastic course, my mum and I had a really wonderful time and we learnt so much! It was incredible being able to come away with several things we had made over just a few short hours using a completely new skill. Sandy was a great and natural teacher, helping us both with lots of hands-on learning! I would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to try something different!"

24 Apr 22'

Smarkou reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"I booked this course for my 15-year-old as they expressed an interest in blacksmithing. Sandy was a fantastic teacher! He was so patient and talked my child through every step, always ensuring that safety precautions were being followed. It was so enjoyable they want to go again! Definitely recommend."

30 Jan 22'

Mary Mewett reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"My husband and sons had a great day and Sandy couldn’t have been friendlier. They made some really gorgeous and useful tools."

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Thanks for your review! It was a great day, they all picked it up like naturals! Hopefully see them again for a more advanced project!"

9 Dec 21'

Amanda Clark reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"I had a great time at Athelstane Forge last weekend! Sandy’s a brilliant teacher - I’m a total novice and he explained every process and technique really clearly. I’d highly recommend this class to anyone who wants an in-depth and hands-on introduction to blacksmithing!"

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Thanks ? had a great day teaching you!"

30 Oct 21'

Alex Fleming reviewed: Blacksmithing Experience

"Having watched forged in fire I was excited to try out blacksmithing! Sandy’s forge in Newbridge is a great location near Edinburgh so was easy to get to. We made a hook and a fire poker that I am pleased with. The teaching was helpful but still allows you to make mistakes and have a go! Would definitely recommend it!"

AthelstaneForge responded:

" Thanks Alex, was a pleasure hopefully see you again soon!"

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