Artinsteel reviews

20 Mar 23'

Sam reviewed: Introduction to welded metal sculpture

"Great day with Alan in the workshop (don't follow Google blind, check the location). Lots of welding, cutting and free reign over your design choice. Great pub lunch and overall enjoyable day"

9 Jul 21'

Rebecca Coutts reviewed: Introduction to welded metal sculpture

"We spent 2 days with Alan in June and had a great time. As a complete beginner, he taught each technique and process in detail to quickly be able to work alone, and the equipment available to use is vast. Alan is an excellent teacher stepping in to help when needed and stepping back to watch us learn. We will definitely be returning later in the year with our son"

17 Aug 20'

Peter reviewed: Introduction to welded metal sculpture

"This was an excellent course and would highly recommend to anyone looking to have a go at welding sculpture work. Me and my wife attended the one day with Alan and it was thoroughly enjoyable. We had an idea of what we wanted to make and Alan went through all the processes to get to the finished product. MIG welding, plasma cutting, bending and cutting metal there was so much content in one day. When you are finished you have a piece of your own work to take away with you which we were thoroughly pleased with. Also Alan was a great teacher, very funny and had some great welding stories."

12 Feb 20'

Hilary Stephenson reviewed: Introduction to welded metal sculpture

"When I started with the idea that I’d like to have a go a welding, not only did my better half jump on the bandwagon but other members of my family too. We all arrived with ideas, thinking that no way would it be possible to complete these creations in two days, however, the confidence Alan gave us and freedom to use as many of the tools available in the process to help us achieve our goals was inspirational. I was surprised how versatile and malleable metal can be, feeding it through the bending machine and ‘mangle’, but the plasma cutter was great fun (want one!) I’d certainly recommend the course, and it’s a great shared experience! Thanks again Alan, you may well be seeing us again!"

25 Nov 19'

John Watkins reviewed: Introduction to welded metal sculpture

"I spent two days, 19th and 20th November, with Alan and really found it a positive experience. Alan explained his design process and the path he takes to construction. Through Alan's calm and consistent manner, I was able to use a MIG welder to produce my own creation. I wouldn't say I was in anyway good, but it has made me realise some real enjoyment and my desire to get further training. Hopefully in the future I'll be creating my own sculpture."

25 Jun 19'

Mark Foreman reviewed: Introduction to welded metal sculpture

"Fantastic day. Alan is one of those natural teachers that will hold your hand or give you as much freedom as you want, advice, guidance and encouragement he provides freely throughout the course. I spent half my drive home looking at what I could bend, fold, cut or weld and I have no doubt that what I've learnt today will (probably in some surprising ways) help me in the future, I can still smell the MIG welder, very satisfying. Than you Alan"

7 Mar 19'

andrew reviewed: Introduction to welded metal sculpture

"I have just finished a two day metal sculpture course with Alan. I had never welded before and am no artist. Alan was very patient in teaching me not only basic welding but also the use of the awesome plasma cutter (think bank robbery films where the robbers cut through the bank vault doors with a "torch"). Sounds much more scary than it is in reality but with Alans guidance I soon felt at home using it. By focusing on a garden sculpture I had decided to make and which Alan helped in refining the design of and then by learning to use each tool / technique when needed for the next section which needed to be fabricated Alan made learning both easy and rewarding. I now have a steel garden sculpture of which i am very proud together with new skills. Alan has a relaxed way of teaching and also importantly was good company for the two days. I would recommend this course to anyone and whilst i did it on a one to one basis i am sure that for 2 or 3 people the learning experience would be equally good. Final thought for anyone contemplating the course but concerned about needing serious physical strength to work with metal - dont be put off - as surprisingly this is not the case at all."

6 Mar 19'

Clive reviewed: Introduction to welded metal sculpture

"Three of us ventured across the bridge to Alan's studio on the edge of Swansea so that we could learn (or in one case improve) welding skills. Alan proved to be a good teacher whose welding and teaching skills are both excellent. At the end of the weekend we came away with three unique pieces of art and a lot more knowledge and skill than we had before. I'd recommend this to anyone with an interest or a desire to do something different."

25 Feb 19'

Colin Partridge reviewed: Introduction to welded metal sculpture

"My partner and I completed one of Alan's day long welding courses a couple of years ago. We had never done anything remotely like this before and were frankly a bit apprehensive and concerned that we would not be able to rise to the challenge in just one day. But Alan was extremely encouraging and his step by step instruction in basic welding techniques soon had us nonchalantly sticking bits of metal together. Alan's own expertise is clear and, although he presided over a delightfully relaxed and informal atmosphere, I did notice him keeping a careful eye on us to make sure that we did not set fire to his workshop or ourselves. We managed to complete a bit of "sculpture" by the end of the day which still has pride of place in a front garden and which we are both most proud of. I would recommend one of Alan's courses without hesitation to anyone who has even a vague interest; you will not be disappointed."

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