Andys woodworking reviews

19 Jul 22'

Gary Logie reviewed: Woodturning

"I have just done the first of 2 days with Andy. His knowledge and instruction is impressive to say the least. Managing to get me to understand and vastly improve my sharpening; something many hours of trying to self teach from YouTube hasn’t managed! He then got me the wood turning bug with spindle and bowl turning, using a few different techniques. I’m looking forward to the 2nd day, as well as some more awesome hospitality from Andy, Mary and Angus."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks Gary , looking forward to seeing you again Andy mary angus "

21 Jun 22'

Sarah Hayes reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"I recently attended the one day woodturning course with Andy and had a wonderful day. During the day Andy provided me with lots of information and insight on the different wood turning tools, sharpening the tools, and the opportunity to learn and practise woodturning skills such as coving and beading. We finished the day by turning a lovely small bowl. Andy is a really informative and patient teacher and as someone who is new to woodturning really helped me to learn some of the basics which I will take away and continue to practise. It was a fast-paced and really enjoyable day, but with time to take notes/ videos and tea and cake breaks (thank you Mary) Thank you Andy, Mary and Angus for a lovely day"

20 Jun 22'

Phil reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"Andy’s communication skills before and during the course were very clear, positive and helpful. The workshop was well equipped and had multiple equipment and tools that the course required. He acted in a very professional manner and was insistent on both health and safety issues before the start of the course,. He made great efforts to ensure my understanding about the differing tools, equipment for beginners as well more experienced users, the procedures and skills required for woodturning. The course was done at a good pace and clearly he has the patience of a saint ensuring that if necessary there was plenty of practice time to gain the necessary basic skills. Thoroughly enjoyable and would attend again after a bit more practice. His good lady Mary provided multiple tea and cakes which were greatly appreciated!! Definitely a highly recommended course and tutor"

6 May 22'

Mark Ivens reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"I'd always wanted to try woodturning but never attempted it. So my wife bought this for me as a birthday gift 'experience'. I'm familiar with turning metal but working with wood is both physical and creative. This day was so much more than an experience, with excellent tuition and guidance. Many aspects of woodturning may seem intuitive but to understand it and learn how to do it safely you need a proper introduction. I learned a lot as well as getting good down-to-earth advice. Recommended"

2 Mar 22'

Simon reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"Andy is a great tutor, very welcoming from the start. His workshop is well equipped and his knowledge of the tools is fantastic. We started with talking through the lathe machinery, components and operating instructions, then moved onto hand tools. He showed me various chisels, how to use them and importantly how to sharpen them. We used a number of sharpening tools depending on the chisel. Once we'd been through the basics with tools, Andy loaded a softwood blank onto the lathe and showed me some techniques, turing beads, scotias and v cuts. I practiced this for a while then we moved onto something more decorative. I was given a book and picked out a nice profile for a bowl. We used a piece of seasoned Oak for the bowl. Andy was on hand to assist me with tricky cuts as I am a complete beginner. We carved out the bowl over a period of roughly an hour then finished it with staged sanding and polish. I was really pleased with the piece I came away with and would definitely recommend this to any beginner who is interested in trying wood turning. A great experience all round."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks Simon , I’m glad you enjoyed your day Andy mary angus"

22 Feb 22'

Deano reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"A great course with a great tutor, very knowledgeable and keen to share this. Clearly very passionate about wood turning. It's not just about spinning a piece of wood, it's all the detail behind it, the use of the correct tools, how to care for the tools to ensure you get the best finish and results for your effort. Detail about how to work the wood, why things are done a particular way and some of the history of wood turning. An all round great day in a relaxed atmosphere where you learn at your own pace."

20 Feb 22'

Toby H reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"What a great day wood turning. I walked in to Andy's workshop a complete beginner. Andy was welcoming and a great teacher, with ample patience required in covering the fundamentals of wood turning. Awesome location for me workshop packed with tools and machines for the day, plenty of tea coffee and cake provided by the lovely Mary and assistance from Angus the terrier! The day was very well paced for me and progressive, starting with the basics of wood turning tools and methods and culminating in producing a good looking bowl in the afternoon. I hadn't quite realised the variety and scope of the craft and a day is only really enough time to scrape the surface and get a taste of wood turning, would definitely recommend booking 2 or more days with Andy. Thanks for a great day!"

3 Feb 22'

Richard Lowe reviewed: Woodturning

"I have just attended the first of a 2-day woodturning course with Andy which was a wonderful experience. He and his wife Mary were very warm and welcoming and quickly set me at ease. We started by focusing on tools, the difference between scrapers and gouges and the methods of sharpening them, but soon I was getting hands-on experience of different techniques for both spindle and bowl turning. Andy's knowledge and experience of the subject are impressive, and he is a great teacher! I came away with my first bowl, an appreciation of the breadth and complexity of the subject, and keen to get in some practice before returning for day 2. Thanks Andy!"

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks richard , looking forward to the next day Andy mary angus"

28 Jan 22'

Vernon lovell reviewed: Woodturning

"Hi I recently had a woodturning course with Andy which I thoroughly enjoyed and came away with a couple of projects , Andy is first class at teaching and has a relaxed but professional approach with a great deal of patients . He teaches you how to sharpen your tools and to use them properly while maintaining safety at all times . Time spent with Andy is well worth the money and his and his wife’ Rose show you great Yorkshire hospitality . Vernon ."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks vernon Looking forward to seeing you again Andy mary and angus"

22 Jan 22'

Tasha Hallett reviewed: Lettercarving in wood

"It was an awesome day! Andy and Mary are such a lovely couple and made me feel very welcome. The experience just made me smile inside and out all day. I would recommend this to anyone."

17 Jan 22'

John Doxey reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"A really good introduction to lathe woodwork. Andy provided a very detailed explanation of the lathe, the various ways to set the machine up, the large range of tools and the machines and methods to keep them sharp to the importantly correct angles He then carefully worked through how the tools needed to be used and has a seemingly inexhaustible supply of patience in taking me through what I was attempting I booked a day course just to get an idea of this and loved it A great teacher!"

15 Jan 22'

Tim Adams reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"Andy provided a really enjoyable day for my first intro to woodturning. Not only lots of hands-on with expert guidance but also discovering the importance and complexities of tool sharpening. Had a go at spindle turning and ended the day with a nice little oak bowl to show off. Beyond the woodturning tuition, I also enjoyed the banter, the Yorkshire humour (!!) regular break for tea or coffee and cakes/biscuits (thanks, Mary!) and of course Angus the dog. 
Highly recommended to anyone at any level."

30 Dec 21'

Stuart Eves reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"No-nonsense, practical guidance from a genuine Yorkshireman! Andy provided tuition on a range of turning tools and the techniques to sharpen them. In addition to the new knowledge, I also left his workshop with a very presentable oak bowl Excellent day!"

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks Stuart Really looking forward to seeing you again Andy mary angus Happy new year 🥳"

8 Nov 21'

Iain reviewed: Letter carving in wood

"A group of us spent the day letter carving with Andy. The tools used and how to sharpen them were demonstrated whilst we honed our skills. The first task was carving a variety of letters; some more difficult than others, with plenty of support along the way. He has a well equipped workshop nestled in the beautiful county of Wiltshire. Andy has a wealth of knowledge and many useful techniques. Such a welcoming place and genuine people. No shortage of tea and bakes. Thank you again."

25 Jul 21'

Simon Gosling reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"I bought a lathe during lock down and had taught myself using youtube and lots of practice. A day with Andy revolutionised my lathe experience. I had learnt more in the first two hours than in all my efforts over the previous 6 months. Andy is knowledgeable, patient and a great person to spend time with. I will be going back once I have had chance to finish practicing the things he has already taught me. Learning to sharpen tools was an unexpected part of the course, but possibly the most important - made a huge difference to me."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks for your kind comments Simon I enjoyed our time in the workshop and I’m looking forward to you coming back"

14 Jul 21'

catherine mellersh reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"I bought this as a gift for my father and brother. They had this to say ~ Andy is a very patient, kind and informative instructor that always seems to be able to find a positive comment about your efforts, even when you are struggling to do the same! The course on a whole is very informative for a complete beginner, such that I left feeling confident that I could repeat the process at home. I do feel that one day was not enough as there are things we didn't have time to cover. However the fact that I was told that if I ever have any questions or queries I am encouraged to contact Andy for answers leaves me with faith that I can fill in the gaps when I come across them. All in all I had a wonderful experience and would encourage anyone looking to learn more about wood turning to strongly consider signing up for a few days tuition. They both had a fantastic time and Andy was a brilliant teacher. Thank you!"

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thank you so much for your lovely comments It was a pleasure having you two in the workshop It was a full on busy day but I really enjoyed your company Both of you have so much potential to take your Woodturning to the next level Very well done"

5 Jul 21'

Stuart Kingston reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"I had a great one-to-one day of wood turning with Andy this weekend. As a complete beginner, we started with the fundamentals of sharpening. We then covered basic turning techniques such as coving and beading and in the afternoon we worked on producing a beautiful bowl. The single day was fast-paced and covered a lot of information. If I were doing it again, I would be tempted to go for one of Andy's two day courses to give myself a bit longer to improve my technique."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thank you for your kind comments Stuart , I enjoyed your company and glad that you found the course helpful, it is always difficult to pack so much information into a singe day Look forward to seeing you again - maybe with the wife next time ?"

16 Jun 21'

Clare Bromell reviewed: Woodturning

"I am taking the course as a series of half days, with practice in between, and finding it really helpful. Andy is generous with his extensive knowledge and passion for wood and is flexible to suit one's needs. Andy is also an expert on sharpening which is a fundamental building block for good turning. I am thoroughly enjoying learning the craft and I strongly recommend this course."

16 Jun 21'

Malcolm Clark reviewed: Woodturning

"I had an amazing couple of days at Andy's Woodworking. Covered loads of topics including choice of tools, sharpening methods, workpiece design and production approach. Really good hands-on learning and the opportunity to make something unique."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks Malcolm for your company over those two days You have an aptitude for Woodturning so don’t let it go !!buy yourself a lathe Ps went for one of Mary’s flapjacks today and the tim was empty !where did they all go ? Sincere best wishes Andy mary and angus"

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