Andys woodworking reviews

23 May 23'

Geoffrey reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"Really enjoyed the day and learnt a great deal. I am a complete beginner and Andy taught me the basic skills and how to handle the various tools etc. Ended up making a rather lovely wooden plate and I now have the confidence to start on my own in earnest. I would thoroughly recommend the day to anyone interested."

21 May 23'

Sam reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"Had an excellent day with Andy, Mary and Angus yesterday. Andy's vast experience is evident in his skill with the lathe and the opportunity to take my first steps into the world of wood turning with his guidance was brilliant. Thanks again, Andy, see you next time!"

Andys woodworking responded:

" Looking forward to seeing you again Sam Andy mary angus "

11 May 23'

John reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"I had no previous woodturning experience. Andy provided a great introduction, fully covering the safety aspects and theory before providing the opportunity to put them into practice. Would recommend!""

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks John Andy Mary Angus "

10 May 23'

AlisonR reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"My husband attended this course as a family gift for a big birthday. He thoroughly enjoyed it and was made to feel very welcome by Andy, Mary and Angus! Andy was very patient and happy to share his wealth of knowledge. The therapeutic nature of woodturning and Andy’s humour made this a day to remember. Thank you."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks so much for your kind words 🙏🙏"

8 May 23'

Kieran from Oxford reviewed: Woodturning

"I have just finished a one-day course with Andy. His knowledge, experience, and expertise are absolutely fantastic. We started with the basics of H&S and quickly moved onto the lathe and all the associated turning tools. The art of sharpening is an essential skill for any woodturner and Andy has devised a number of approaches which he quickly and effectively shares with you. Andy has a great sense of humor and the day quickly passed with his many stories and general banter. He is very well assisted by Mary his wife and Gus the dog, with lots of tea, coffee, cake, and biscuits. I learned a lot on the one-day course but I would recommend the 2-day course as there is a lot to take in. Now all I need is a lathe, lots of tools, and a workshop. Thanks, Andy, and very much appreciated."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks for those kind words Kieran Looking forward to seeing you and Gaye again "

1 May 23'

Dave reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"I booked this for my husband as a Christmas present. He really enjoyed the day with Andy, lots of tea and coffee and the company of Angus the dog! It was the first time my husband had done a woodwork course and he said it was great, very proud of the bowl the brought home! "

Andys woodworking responded:

" It was an absolute pleasure to introduce you to Woodturning dave Andy mary angus x"

25 Apr 23'

John Loran reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"I had a great day with Andy today. I’m completely new to woodturning and he’s an excellent teacher. I’m an old dog and he was teaching me new tricks. I’m sure to be back for more! And thanks to Mary who’s a super host with lots of tea and coffee - not to forget her legendary fruit loaf! "

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks John for your company today , I had a brilliant time and I hope you did too Looking forward to meeting up again Andy mary angus "

2 Apr 23'

Mark Maharaj reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"Andy is a fantastic teacher and and his Mary an excellent host. Had a fantastic day and will certainly be back. Thanks Andy for your time. "

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks mark i enjoyed your company Looking forward to seeing you again Andy mary angus "

1 Apr 23'

Dave reviewed: Woodturning

"I have just finished a course with Andy, he is a fountain of knowledge which he is more than happy to share. His passion for woodturning is infectious and his teaching style is relaxed which suited me perfectly. We started off with the fundamentals of the lathe and chisels then moved onto techniques for spindle work. After we covered sharpening in a lot of detail and moved onto turning an oak bowl. At break time we went in for some fantastic Yorkshire hospitality from Andy’s wife Mary with tea and flapjack and to give Angus lots of fussing. I would thoroughly recommend this course but don’t forget your notebook for all the information Andy gives you and a few doggy treats for Angus :)"

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks Dave , glad you enjoyed the day and looking forward to seeing you later on for the second day Andy mary angus "

31 Mar 23'

Graham reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"Did a course today with Andy it was excellent and set me on my way to discovering the dark arts of woodturning. Very informative from a real craftsman"

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks graham , really enjoyed your company Keep at the woodturning you have a talent "

29 Mar 23'

Bruce reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"As a novice woodturner I spent a day with Andy learning how to use the tools properly and perhaps more importantly how to sharpen them. Andy covered the subjects that his experience indicated novices need to learn but also answered many specific questions related to my own turning equipment and interests. Andy and his wife looked after me very well and the whole day was an enjoyable learning experience. I’m sure I will return for more of his wisdom following a period of consolidation and putting things into practice."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks for your kind words Bruce It was a pleasure making your acquaintance Andy Mary Angus "

17 Mar 23'

Martina Hardy reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"I bought this course as a present for my husband. He had a great day with Andy, thoroughly enjoyed working with lots of different tools and came back inspired and full of ideas. The bowl they made together on the day is just beautiful . Highly recommend Andy and will no doubt book another day in the future. "

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks for your kind words Martina , ian and I had a great day !"

13 Mar 23'

George reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"I attended Andy's course with my Dad as a joint Christmas present. We were (are?) both complete beginners, and Andy did a wonderful job of building up our understanding of wood turning from scratch. Andy takes you through the importance of sharpening your tools correctly, introduces the core techniques of spindle turning, and after lunch moves onto turning a bowl. In each section of the course he carefully explains the fundamentals of what you should be doing, and is always on hand to step in when you go off course (... often, in our case). If you want a comprehensive introduction to woodturning, this is the course for you - be ready to receive alot of information in a short space of time! Thank you Andy (and Mary and Angus) for giving us a memorable day out and proving a brilliant foundation in this skill. "

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks for your kind words George , you and dad we an absolute delight to teach and I’m looking forward to you coming again 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼"

7 Mar 23'

Paul Charles reviewed: Lettercarving in wood

"Great in depth knowledge, skills and experienced top tips to help you complete the best letter carving you can do. "

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks for your company yesterday Charlie really enjoyed it Great banter Andy Mary Angus "

20 Feb 23'

Bob G-W reviewed: Letter carving in wood

"Andy is a wonderful teacher and helped me to understand the basics of woodworking in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. the knowledge and experience he passes on in such a short time is invaluable and will help me hone my skills. I will be back soon once i have honed my new skills. Thank you to Mary and Angus for the company during breaks and the homemade cakes, brilliant."

20 Feb 23'

Paul Slade reviewed: Woodturning

"I have just spent two days with Andy. It was such a pleasure to spend time with someone with his experience and high standing in the craft. I last did any woodturning 45 years ago so we started from scratch and spent most of the first day sharpening and getting familiar with the tools and equipment before I threatened a piece of wood. He set me a challenge on the second day that I proudly managed to fulfil. Andy and Mary (and Angus the dog!) are fine hosts and Mary makes an excellent ginger cake. I have come away with new skills, a fine set of bowls and plenty of enthusiasm - Thanks Andy! "

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks for those kind words paul , I really enjoyed your company (And banter) Andy mary angus x"

26 Jan 23'

Steve Rimington reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"A very good course, I really enjoyed it, Andy is very knowledgeable. Mary makes a wonderful cup of coffee. Thanks Guys. "

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks Steve "

24 Jan 23'

Kevan Hall reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"An enjoyable day of one to one focus with a real craftsman and enthusiast for wood turning. Learn about the tools and techniques and have a go yourself. I came away with a beautiful bowl that sits happily on my office shelf. Enjoyable experience and conversation - thank you"

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thank you Kevan Really enjoyed the talk with you "

20 Jan 23'

Chris Charles reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"What a wonderful day, it just flashed by. So enjoyable indeed. Andy is the best of teachers, enthusiastic, encouraging and full of woodturning anecdotes, what is not to like, brilliant. On a technical level, all bases were covered. On a practical level, we were busy all day creating little piles of curly swarf. Woodturning naturally has it own ancient craft language adding interest to the day. It was a cold day, so there was nothing better than to adjourn for a cuppa by the Aga and enjoy a slice of Mary’s delicious fruit loaf…. under the watchful eye of Angus the dog. I thoroughly recommend Andy’s course."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks so much Chris Andy mary and angus "

19 Jan 23'

Sharon and Simon reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"We attended a 1 day workshop with Andy yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very informative and fun. Andy managed to share a lot of valuable information that makes a difference to the end result. This holistic approach meant that when the hands on time came you could truly appreciate what you were doing right (and wrong!). Andy's enthusiasm, knowledge, skill and experience were infectious, to the extent after never having done this before we are considering investing in a lathe and having more lessons! His wife Mary and their dog Angus were very welcoming as well. Great way to spend Sharon's birthday! "

Andys woodworking responded:

" All three of us (Andy mary and angus ❤️) are really looking forward to seeing you again "

11 Jan 23'

PaulC reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"Many thanks Andy I did have a great time, Your instruction and patience are both excellent and your and Mary's and Angus' hospitality delightful."

7 Jan 23'

Keith Brunsden reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"What an awesome day picking Andy's brain and gaining much needed knowledge from Andy's excellent experience. I will certainly be in touch in the future when I have got my act together with the equipment. A thoroughly worthwhile day Excellent hospitality from Mary and entertainment from Angus the Westie"

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks for your kind comments Keith Andy Mary Angus "

7 Jan 23'

John Theobald reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"Thanks to Andy for a brilliant day, to Mary for the Coffee & Biscuits and to Archie for the friendly barking when I both entered the house and left it !? In a single day I had a great insight into the woodworking skills / techniques needed and the correct tools / machinery to use - particularly how to keep those tools sharp! Can't wait to now have a go on the Lathe owned by our 'Men's Shed' in Royal Wootton Bassett and begin developing those skills."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks John , glad you enjoyed your day "

10 Dec 22'

Nick Barton reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"Andy made me feel very welcome straight away - we went through the tools to use, the techniques for sharpening, the methods to use and to develop the skills to start wood turning. As a novice we progressed from basics to more advanced techniques and he went at my pace explaining fully at each stage and allowing time to practice the newly taught skills. A thoroughly enjoyable day - he is a relaxed and experienced instructor - I left feeling I had learnt a great deal and an enthusiasm to continue with the hobby."

Andys woodworking responded:

" Thanks for your comments nick I had a great day too and enjoyed your company, as I said keep in touch and keep me in the loop as to tool and lathe purchase Andy mary angus "

9 Nov 22'

Michael Yard reviewed: Woodturning tuition in Wiltshire

"I had a very enjoyable day trying out woodturning for the very first time. Andy is a real expert at his craft, and he was very good at explaining the different tools and processes that are involved in both sharpening tools and using them on the lathe. There is a real satisfaction in taking a piece of wood and shaping it into a practical object. The bowl that Andy helped me make looks really lovely and will last forever. I spent a day with Andy and I am keen to return again to learn more and get more practice. It was so good to be able to have an expert demonstrate a particular technique and then for me to be able to have a go straight afterwards. I have always admired wooden objects and now that I have had a brief introduction to woodturning, I will appreciate them even more knowing just how skilled the people are that make them. Thanks Andy for your help and guidance and for making it a fun day out, thanks also to Mary and Angus the dog. Best Regards, Michael."

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