A and T Petersen Ltd reviews

23 Apr 17'

Morgan reviewed: 2 day blacksmithing courses

"Great introduction to blacksmithing on the one day course. Learnt lots from an excellent instructor, happy to progress at a pace that suits. Highly recommended."

23 Apr 17'

Nigel Collins reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"Course bought as a Christmas present - the last time I had worked metal in a forge was in the late sixties whilst at school, and had always enjoyed metal work. I looked forward to the course and was not disappointed. Aaron was a great teacher, relaxed and ready to share his love of working with metal. The day passed quickly and efficiently and I was able to produce some decent for me products. Great day highly recommended."

30 Mar 17'

Geoff Dixon reviewed: 2 day blacksmithing courses

"I have always had a hankering for doing some blacksmithing ever since I did a small amount at school. You can tell how long ago that was, when schools still had forges and were allowed to use them. It was a wonderful surprise when my wife bought me, after a great deal of research, a two day course with Ferric Fusion. As the date for the course approached my initial enthusiasm started to wain a little. Doubts crept in, did I have the required skills? Was I to old to be doing this? Etc. Within the first hour of the course these doubts evaporated. Aaron could not have been more welcoming and soon put us all at ease. There was no long, boring theory lesson to endure before we were allowed near a piece of steel. Rather, it was almost straight in to create our first piece. Aaron’s instruction was both clear and well structured and when it was our turn to attempt the process that appeared so easy in his hands he kept an understanding and caring eye on us at all times. We never felt out of our depth but felt totally comfortable with the work we were doing and amazed at what we had created by the end of the two days. The course at Ferric Fusion was a tremendous experience which justified all the research my wife had done. If I could afford another course with Aaron I would book one today."

9 Feb 17'

Nick Vince reviewed: 2 day blacksmithing courses

"Fantastic two day course, It far exceeded my expectations. Aaron is a very nice guy, a great teacher, and a very competent blacksmith. We covered a wide range of techniques, and made some really nice things to take home, which really impressed my wife. I thoroughly recommend this course. Nick Vince January 2017"

4 Feb 17'

kyle reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"The one day blacksmith course was bought as a gift and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I have no experience in this and I managed to come away with some lovely metal work at the end of the day. Aaron Peterson gave very good demonstrations, there was no paperwork and we were straight onto the hands on tools which was great. I would highly recommend this course to anyone as Aaron is very patient and will help you work at your own pace."

23 Jan 17'

Tony Lewis reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"I attended Aarons one day taster course found the whole experience educational and entertaining. it's amazing how much you can learn in a day, I went in knowing very little about blacksmithing but left much wiser with a few things that will last forever. plenty of time with a hammer and anvil using techniques that we learned on the day I look forward to the two day course brilliant brilliant day."

22 Jan 17'

Ian Henley reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"An inspired Christmas present from my wife. A cold winters day outside but soon warmed up working with the forge. Learnt a huge amount in such a short time - the day flew by. Aaron is a very relaxed, welcoming and knowledgeable teacher who really cares about his craft. Lots of time spent hands-on with tools resulting in some great things to take home and keep. Plenty of hot tea as well. The perfect antidote to the stress of modern life and something I will keep thinking back on for a long time. I would highly recommend it to anyone."

6 Oct 16'

Claire Honan reviewed: 2 day blacksmithing courses

"Six of us descended on Aaron for a day's blacksmithing course to celebrate hubby's 'big' birthday. Fantastic time. We all came away having made a poker, plate with 3 hooks and several other hooks. We all really enjoyed it and would recommend it highly. Aaron is a great teacher. Thank you."

6 Aug 16'

Sandy Colclough reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"What a great day, funny, interesting. Aaron was great patient, positive and best of all productive. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Wonderful introduction to working with metal and a great taster for more courses. Thank you."

12 Jul 16'

Gary Doherty reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"My wife bought a day course for me as a present - she came too :-) We had a wonderful time. Aaron is really friendly, very knowledgeable and engaging. His love of iron is infectious too. The day flew past and we created items we use at home! We both thoroughly recommend the course."

19 Jun 16'

Bettina reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"An informative and interesting day that leaves you with rich memories. Highly recommended."

21 May 16'

Smith Family reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"As a family we wanted to do something different...it wasn't just about the connection with something ancient, hot, physical, real it was our blacksmith host Aaron and the magic place they've managed to create. Aaron uses his skills and knowledge of history, metal working and politics to take you on a journey - we created so much more than objects - we forged and renewed friendship. Go, do it connect your head with your hands. Thank you Trudi and Aaron."

10 May 16'

Matt & Jess reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"What a day! Originally bought as a Christmas present for Matt, I soon decided I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have a go, and with Trudi's excellent planning, I was able join just days before the course. I'm so glad I did, and we thoroughly enjoyed! Aaron's knowledge, skills and friendly nature made him the perfect tutor - always on hand if help was needed, but also gave us space to just have a play! I would highly recommend the course - once my family saw the beautiful pieces we'd made, they now can't wait to have a go!"

7 Mar 16'

Sue Laverack reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"I did this course with my son and one of my friends. Everything about it was excellent; the admin, the directions and information, the welcome, the teaching, the cameraderie and chatting.. Aaron demonstrated what he wanted us to do, gave us space to have a go but was on hand if we got stuck or made a mistake. He tailored the course to our skill (or lack of it!) level and allowed us to modify the designs to suit our own situations so Graham and Gill made toasting forks with a ram's head handle whilst the stem of my rams head became a handle for the door of my workshop. He was also happy for us to make extra hooks etc. In 'down time' to practice again what we had learned on day one. Despite being a pensioner and female with no experience of metalwork beyond polishing it, I had a great time and came away with several useful pieces which I will be proud to display."

2 Dec 15'

Phill Sawyer reviewed: 2 day blacksmithing courses

"This was a truly memorable weekend. I attended the course with a good friend of mine and Aaron very quickly assessed our ability and pitched the level of training to our strengths. Within a short time we were producing usable pieces of work and learning the basic techniques which we would need to carry on blacksmithing when we got home. This course has been truly life changing for me. since that weekend with Aaron I have set up my own forge and now regularly make items for friends and family. I have also sold several pieces and have been commissioned to design and make items to order. I would recommend this to anyone who has a practical mind. you will be amazed at the work you will take home with you."

23 Nov 15'

Olivia reviewed: 2 day blacksmithing courses

"My boyfriend and I did this course for our anniversary. We had a brilliant time, learned a lot of new skills, and now feel equipped to have a go at some more metal work at home. Aaron was a fantastic teacher, a highly skilled craftsman and very knowledgeable about the history and techniques of blacksmithing. And they don't lie when they say 'industrial quantities of tea'! We both came away with fire tools, a set of hooks and a fire-welded heart to be showed off proudly. A really wonderful weekend, very highly recommended and a beautiful part of the world to visit too. Worth a bit of travelling to get there. We stayed at The Cors which was lovely."

14 Nov 15'

John and Fiona May reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"Wow! What a day. Who wouldn't love the chance to spend a day shoving lengths of metal into a forge and then hammering seven shades of shale of it. A day full of hammers, metal, fire, and big tools might sound like something only men might like but we both thoroughly enjoyed it (I originally bought it as a Christmas present for Fiona) and came away with artefacts we proudly show off to anybody who is interested, or not. Day is made perfect by Aaron, a true craftsman, great teacher and homespun philosopher. Having bored people at work with an account of my day and showing them my artefacts, loads of them now want to do it."

18 Oct 15'

Pete & Berni reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"Echoing other reviews we had a fantastic time with Aaron. We weren't expecting to get hands on so soon, but within minutes of been greeted we were using the blacksmith's tools and forge to produce our first item. Aaron has a wealth of knowledge and experience and puts this to good use to allow you to learn the trade and helps if you need it. Apart from short breaks for tea & lunch this was a really good day's experience and whilst tired from what we'd learnt and the physical nature of blacksmithing left us both wanting to come back and do more. This is a really good value day out!"

30 Aug 15'

Sian reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"I enjoyed excellent tuition from Aarron, his experience in teaching is evident and he was entremly patient, explained in detail and tailored things to my pace. I learn lots about the art and skills of blacksmithing as well as its role in industrial development and Welsh history. Despite the physical nature of the course and a fair amount of standing, it was relaxing and distracting and a world away from my usual hectic life and demanding job. I would love to do more perhaps even a bit of welding next! I am extremely proud of the fire irons I made, and take every opportunity to show them to friends, family and any visitors."

18 Feb 15'

Sue reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"The best birthday present a 50 something woman could have. I had no previous experience, but thanks to Aaron's teaching skills I came away with an armful of useful and beautiful things. Would love to do it again"

19 Jan 15'

Matt Robinson reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"The one day blacksmith course with Aaron Peterson was a gift from my wife which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to experience the thrill of working hot metal with fire and water, and coming away with something that you made with your own hands. Aaron is very knowledgeable in is field, patient and entertaining in his own way. If you want to have a go of an ancient craft and have a great day out, Aaron Peterson of Ferric Fusion is your man."

1 Jan 15'

Simon Bence reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"I went on the 2 day Blacksmiths beginners course - I thoroughly enjoyed it , Aeron was very friendly , knowledable and experienced , a truly professional set up and I learnt a lot . I would defiantly recommend this course ."

30 Sep 14'

Peter Chandler reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"This was a really good weekend. From the friendly atmosphere and clear instruction right through to the satisfaction in taking home some real finished products - this course was just what I had hoped it would be. I wasn't as fast as the other folk at some things, but I was never rushed and never felt left behind. That's a good trick in a mixed bunch. I came away with a practical understanding of basic blacksmithing techniques and a new appreciation of old work done by people I'll never meet. All of this is only possible if the instructor has a thorough understanding of the craft and plenty of experience. Aaron has that. Thanks."

9 Apr 14'

Jonathan reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"Received this wonderful day as a present from my wife. I was apprehensive as the day approached and not quite sure how I would cope. However there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Aaron is a superb teacher and very patient. He dealt with the difference in abilities within our group with ease and ensured that we were all able to achieve our goals. I was really thrilled and proud of the items that I made and will remember the experience for a long time. Thank you"

8 Apr 14'

Jonatha reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"Received the voucher as a present and had a wonderful day playing with metal and learning a lot. Aaron explained the techniques simply and made sure there was lots of hands on work within minutes of starting which was great. He also went on to more advanced stuff and I left with plenty of items as a memento of a fantastic experience. I still can't believe the items I made with Aaron's help as blacksmithing always seemed such a black art...it has inspired me to do some more, so I'll be thinking of some designs now! Strongly recommended for anyone with an interest in metalworking, or even for that someone who seems to have everything as they will be delighted with the whole experience. Thanks again!"

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