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2 Dec 15'

Phill Sawyer reviewed: 2 day blacksmithing courses

"This was a truly memorable weekend. I attended the course with a good friend of mine and Aaron very quickly assessed our ability and pitched the level of training to our strengths. Within a short time we were producing usable pieces of work and learning the basic techniques which we would need to carry on blacksmithing when we got home. This course has been truly life changing for me. since that weekend with Aaron I have set up my own forge and now regularly make items for friends and family. I have also sold several pieces and have been commissioned to design and make items to order. I would recommend this to anyone who has a practical mind. you will be amazed at the work you will take home with you."

23 Nov 15'

Olivia reviewed: 2 day blacksmithing courses

"My boyfriend and I did this course for our anniversary. We had a brilliant time, learned a lot of new skills, and now feel equipped to have a go at some more metal work at home. Aaron was a fantastic teacher, a highly skilled craftsman and very knowledgeable about the history and techniques of blacksmithing. And they don't lie when they say 'industrial quantities of tea'! We both came away with fire tools, a set of hooks and a fire-welded heart to be showed off proudly. A really wonderful weekend, very highly recommended and a beautiful part of the world to visit too. Worth a bit of travelling to get there. We stayed at The Cors which was lovely."

14 Nov 15'

John and Fiona May reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"Wow! What a day. Who wouldn't love the chance to spend a day shoving lengths of metal into a forge and then hammering seven shades of shale of it. A day full of hammers, metal, fire, and big tools might sound like something only men might like but we both thoroughly enjoyed it (I originally bought it as a Christmas present for Fiona) and came away with artefacts we proudly show off to anybody who is interested, or not. Day is made perfect by Aaron, a true craftsman, great teacher and homespun philosopher. Having bored people at work with an account of my day and showing them my artefacts, loads of them now want to do it."

18 Oct 15'

Pete & Berni reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"Echoing other reviews we had a fantastic time with Aaron. We weren't expecting to get hands on so soon, but within minutes of been greeted we were using the blacksmith's tools and forge to produce our first item. Aaron has a wealth of knowledge and experience and puts this to good use to allow you to learn the trade and helps if you need it. Apart from short breaks for tea & lunch this was a really good day's experience and whilst tired from what we'd learnt and the physical nature of blacksmithing left us both wanting to come back and do more. This is a really good value day out!"

30 Aug 15'

Sian reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"I enjoyed excellent tuition from Aarron, his experience in teaching is evident and he was entremly patient, explained in detail and tailored things to my pace. I learn lots about the art and skills of blacksmithing as well as its role in industrial development and Welsh history. Despite the physical nature of the course and a fair amount of standing, it was relaxing and distracting and a world away from my usual hectic life and demanding job. I would love to do more perhaps even a bit of welding next! I am extremely proud of the fire irons I made, and take every opportunity to show them to friends, family and any visitors."

18 Feb 15'

Sue reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"The best birthday present a 50 something woman could have. I had no previous experience, but thanks to Aaron's teaching skills I came away with an armful of useful and beautiful things. Would love to do it again"

19 Jan 15'

Matt Robinson reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"The one day blacksmith course with Aaron Peterson was a gift from my wife which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to experience the thrill of working hot metal with fire and water, and coming away with something that you made with your own hands. Aaron is very knowledgeable in is field, patient and entertaining in his own way. If you want to have a go of an ancient craft and have a great day out, Aaron Peterson of Ferric Fusion is your man."

1 Jan 15'

Simon Bence reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"I went on the 2 day Blacksmiths beginners course - I thoroughly enjoyed it , Aeron was very friendly , knowledable and experienced , a truly professional set up and I learnt a lot . I would defiantly recommend this course ."

30 Sep 14'

Peter Chandler reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"This was a really good weekend. From the friendly atmosphere and clear instruction right through to the satisfaction in taking home some real finished products - this course was just what I had hoped it would be. I wasn't as fast as the other folk at some things, but I was never rushed and never felt left behind. That's a good trick in a mixed bunch. I came away with a practical understanding of basic blacksmithing techniques and a new appreciation of old work done by people I'll never meet. All of this is only possible if the instructor has a thorough understanding of the craft and plenty of experience. Aaron has that. Thanks."

9 Apr 14'

Jonathan reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"Received this wonderful day as a present from my wife. I was apprehensive as the day approached and not quite sure how I would cope. However there was absolutely nothing to worry about. Aaron is a superb teacher and very patient. He dealt with the difference in abilities within our group with ease and ensured that we were all able to achieve our goals. I was really thrilled and proud of the items that I made and will remember the experience for a long time. Thank you"

8 Apr 14'

Jonatha reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"Received the voucher as a present and had a wonderful day playing with metal and learning a lot. Aaron explained the techniques simply and made sure there was lots of hands on work within minutes of starting which was great. He also went on to more advanced stuff and I left with plenty of items as a memento of a fantastic experience. I still can't believe the items I made with Aaron's help as blacksmithing always seemed such a black art...it has inspired me to do some more, so I'll be thinking of some designs now! Strongly recommended for anyone with an interest in metalworking, or even for that someone who seems to have everything as they will be delighted with the whole experience. Thanks again!"

24 Mar 14'

Sarah reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"My husband and I came on a one day course and we both learned a lot from the day. Aaron is an excellent teacher, explaining the principles of blacksmithing, each item that we made enabled us to progress to more complex pieces, building upon the skills as the day progressed. We came home proud with what we made."

21 Feb 14'

Jeremy reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"Absolutely fantastic. I'd not done anything like this since I was at school and the course made me realise how much I enjoyed creating things! Aaron was great taking time to go through the practical demonstrations and watch and help when we had a go. Had a brilliant time can't wait to be able to find a free weekend to further what I learnt - who knows a new career?"

20 Feb 14'

Michelle Walsh reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"My daughter and I attended this course to extend our craft skill base. This was something most definitely out of our comfort range but within minutes of arriving we were both put at our ease. Aaron tailored the day to our needs and encouraged us to develop our own creative direction. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would return to extend our skills in a heartbeat."

19 Feb 14'

Ian P reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"My wife bought the 2 day course for me as a present; I already had a fascination with blacksmithing. Aaron is an excellent teacher! He starts with simple techniques that give you a feel for the processes, which quickly turn into pieces of work where you really feel you have made something significant. By the second day I was making a piece to a design idea of my own. I was so pleased with the result that I booked a further day of blacksmithing to continue with the design. The course was one of the highlights of my year. I strongly recccomend it."

17 Feb 14'

Robert Lovett reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"I booked the course not knowing what to expect really, i just fancied trying something totally different. Aaron is a superb craftsman and a really nice genuine guy. Our small group were guided along by Aaron who kept a watchful eye over us helping when it was called for. I really enjoyed the course and would highly recommend it, from the first communication with Trudi when booking and the information as regards hotels nearby which was very helpful and accurate right through till the end of the second day i couldn't fault anything to be honest. Robert Lovett. Wolverhampton. West Midlands."

15 Feb 14'

johnny hillman reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"My wife bought me a weekend course with Aaron of Ferric Fusion. One of the best weekends ever. Aaron is a true craftsman with a wealth of experience and an awesome forge! You get straight to work and its really hands on- learning lots of techniques. Aaron does his utmost to accommodate the varying skill levels in the group- so is suitable for novice to expert. I can't recommend this course highly enough- its brilliant- and Aaron is a lovely guy.....don't hesitate to book."

15 Feb 14'

Ann Yeomans reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"I paid for my son to go on this course as he was thinking of applying for a blacksmithing course and he thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it especially as it was practical and hands on. I loved the present he brought home for me. He then went on to study blacksmithing full time and afterwards gained an apprenticeship in the RAF using the skills he obtained. I can't recommend this course highly enough and the people are very friendly too."

15 Feb 14'

Tom reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"This was a gift bought for me for my birthday and it was superb. I really cannot stress enough how good it was. You get stuck in pretty much as soon as you are through the door and the two days fly by! Highly Recommend This Course."

15 Feb 14'

dave rugg reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"My wife and I attended this course in 2013. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. No experience is required for the beginners course yet the groups are small enough that significant additional 'stretch' can be provided if desired. A very friendly relaxed feel with plenty of hands on tuition rather than being lectured to. Excellent experience and we intend to do the intermediate course too."

14 Feb 14'

Alun reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"Something a little out of the ordinary, I loved this course. Everyone was very friendly and easy to get along with. A great introduction to blacksmithing. Thank you!"

14 Feb 14'

Rachel reviewed: Blacksmithing for beginners - one day taster

"The blacksmith course was a present for my (18yo) son - and he loved it. Aaron took the time in working with him on what he really wanted to make. My husband and I had a lovely relaxing weekend in West Wales at the same time. Trudi was great at sending us all the info - totally recommended!"

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