Guide to... wood turning

Wood turned artBeautifully turned lathe artThe basics of wood turning:

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Wood turning is a technique by which a piece of wood rotates on a lathe and the wood turner uses tools to create shapes and intricate designs. Perhaps the most commonly seen examples of wood turning are found on staircases in the spindles, but you will also see wood turning in furniture legs, bowls and handles.

Why do a course in wood turning?

Wood turning is a fantastic hobby that could become your job! 

Working on a lathe could become one of the most satisfying and enjoyable things in your life.

wood turned vaseYou might also be someone who would love to have a beautifully turned fruit bowl or pair of candle sticks - but find the prices a little high. This is the site where you can find courses that will teach you how to make your own. 

Wherever you are based in the UK, you’ll find a range of wood beautiful wood turned vaseturning courses to compare here. Browse woodturning courses across the UK.

Tools of the Trade

If you have never done any wood turning before, you might want to take a beginners course before investing in a lathe. However, you will also need a set of hard steel gouges and chisels.