Winter Sketchbook - A 30-day project with Helen Hallows



A sketchbook project for winter to help you create a peaceful retreat from the world. Tap into the solace of nature and get engaged in connecting to yourself and the beauty around you with tasks, creative projects, journalling and rituals to take you through the darker days. Take your cue from nature, rest and enjoy the still point of the year whilst staying in a gentle creative flow. I have a love hate relationship with winter! I have learned to lean in and embrace the still point of the year, to understand that I too have to rest and to take a gentler approach with my creative expectation and output. I have to wrap up, stay warm, nap, go see and take life in small bites. I avoid big tasks and long projects instead taking solace in collecting and curating, sketching and making and making sure wellbeing is at the top of my to-do list. Join me so I can share my winter connection with creativity and guide you through the season.

What's included in the price?

This online course offers you: 10 video tutorials - From the blank page to simple drawing techniques, to embellishing with print and collage - I will walk you through my processes. You can watch these whenever is convenient for you and stop and start them as you follow along. 30 daily tasks delivered in blocks of 7 tasks - one to do each day. These are themed and mix creative tasks with well being and journalling tasks. A 'Welcome' session plus sections with additional resources so you can lean-in to the wisdom of nature and get support for your creativity. A 'Goodbye' session with a summary of what you've learnt and where you can take your creativity next. Access to an online group forum for feedback from me and other students - mutual support and motivation!

What you will need

You will need: Access via a PC or laptop to my website where you can access the password protected pages Broadband wifi with sufficient speed to watch video content Suggested kit list: For drawing artmaking: A5 sketchbooks. Or use what you have! Posca pens white Water based printing ink Ink roller Plastic sheet or Perspex Carbon paper – optional Lino cutting tool Lino Erasers Black ink Watercolour brushes Watercolours or gouache or acrylics Black pen Charcoal pencil Sheets coloured or repurposed papers Long blade scissors For the makes: Watercolour paper A4 Mountboard or cardboard box Newspaper Hole punch tealight wire Wire snips Scalpel For self-care rituals: Essential oils Notebook and pen What you will need to have: The materials on the materials list (see above) Access via a PC or laptop to my website where you can access the password protected pages Broadband wifi with sufficient speed to watch video content You will also need a willingness to have a go and try new ways of working - not focussed on the outcomes, but on devloping a creative flow and adapting new techniques Time - regular slots that you can set aside for yourself Commitment to fulfil the tasks and share with others in the group so that we can nurture each other.




Helen Hallows

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Hello! I am Helen. Over the time of my creative work I realised I take great enjoyment from processing ideas in sketchbooks, gathering and using sketchbooks as starting points for future projects. I can help you get past the fear of the white page. I can help you fall in love with creative process. I can help you stop being obsessed with the end point of art and find a step by step way to creative flow. Each workshop covers a part of what I do - making sketchbooks, drawing with confidence, printing pattern - all inspired by the wonders of nature. I want you to come away from a class feeling empowered and excited about the potential of your creativity.

Suitable for

  • Adults
  • Seniors
  • Teenagers
  • Wheelchair users
  • Hearing impaired
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Intermediate level
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