'More Rag Rugs & Recycled Textile Projects' book



Jenni's second book about rag rug making has ten new projects to make from recycled textiles - old clothes and bedding were traditional. There is information about designing, plus tools and equipment for vintage techniques and one woven rug using a peg loom. Lots of pictures of rag rugs, vintage and contemporary to inspire you to have a go.

How this was made

Jenni's first book, Rag Rug Making was reprinted four times and she decided to write another one with even more on the craft which she loves and has taught for years.

What's included in the price?

Historical perspective, design considerations, materials, tools, equipment, projects for techniques: Prodding, Progging, Hooking, Plaiting/braiding and Pegloom Weaving. A gallery of work by different makers.




Jenni's Rag Rugs

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Jenni has shared traditional rag rug techniques of hooking, progging and plaiting for many years. She believes in re-using, sourcing locally and treading lightly on the planet. Whilst bringing rag rug making into the twenty-first century, Jenni honours the generations of ordinary people who used their cast-off clothing to make warm mats and loves helping people to explore their creativity through such an accessible medium at courses locally and around the country.

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