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Knitting, crochet and macrame courses, live classes, kits and online workshops from UK makers. Socks, plant hangers, jumpers, scarves and hats, you'll be the envy of your friends and in high demand from parents-to-be! There has been a resurgence of interest in knitting, crochet & macrame in recent years (thank you Bridgerton) and once you start, you'll see why... it's fun, useful and highly addictive! Discover the craft of knitting, macrame and crochet with our large selection of courses, kits, gifts and online workshops and be introduced to patterns, yarns, needles and stitches - and to the delight of saying 'I made that'.
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Personalised Stitch Markers
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Hand knitted chunky snood
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Craft Stickers - Yarn Stickers - Crochet Stickers - Knit Stickers
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Made to order Arm knitted throw
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Rainbow baby blanket, soft & fluffy
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Geometric Blue Wall Decor, Blue purple Triangle Macrame Wall Art,
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Christmas Wall hanging decoration, Geometric Wall Decor, Red Triangle Macrame Wall Art,
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Geometric macrame and weave wall decor, Yellow and red Triangle Macrame Wall hanging.
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Purple Crochet Geometric macrame wall decor, Beaded and crochet triangle wall hanging.
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1 metre of natural cordage (2 ply). Made with UK native plant material.
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