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Have you ever pondered the medicinal properties of fennel or echinacea? Do you find the modern habit of taking drugs and pills unhealthy in itself? This may be the place for you. Natural herbal courses are run by experienced herbalists and involve teaching you how to concoct your own natural cosmetics and medicinal remedies - tailored for you!

New! Would you like to learn how to make your own skincare with all-natural ingredients? It’s time to take control over what goes onto your skin and decide which beneficial ingredients (many of which you will find in your kitchen) you would like to indulge your skin with. All the products we make will be preservative free which means they are made without water and as such they are completely natural. With a hands-on practical...
Dorset - Next course on 22nd September 2019
Introduction to herbal remedies An introductory day of plant knowledge, traditional healing and remedies. We will look at ... Herbal medicine: the art and science The plants: identification, how we use them The remedies: teas, tinctures, oils, salves, creams, and many more... Your first steps: growing your own herbs, wild harvesting, preparation, preserving Learn how to use herbs medicinally, including sensory sessions and tastings. You will take home a selection of taster remedies and a...
Herefordshire - Next course on 20th July 2019
Introduction to herbal medicine - A weekend course covering the basics of using herb in the home Course Overview An Introduction to Herbal Medicine Making. An exploration of the uses of herbs and learn to make your own top quality cosmetics and herbal preparations. Includes ID, growing, harvesting from my organic garden, drying and storing herbs. A practical 2 day workshop making teas, decoctions, infused oils, ointments, creams and other remedies This herbal medicine making...
Herefordshire - Next course on 2nd November 2019
The Art of natural perfumery - Create your own perfumes using essential and infused oils How to use essential oils to make your own unique perfumes Course Overview: An appreciation of a lost art as we explore the creative and sensual possibilities of using natural oils in perfumery. Natural essences resonate with our emotions and our memories, as well as our body, mind, and spirit. This weekend we will delight in the aromas of the...
Herefordshire - Next course on 21st September 2019
The Natural Health Chest: Assemble your own herbal medicine chest for health and wellbeing, including herbal approaches to common conditions Course Overview We will be using the principles of holistic natural medicine for maintaining health and wellbeing and discussing herbal approaches to, and useful herbal preparations to have on hand for, common ailments. We will look at many different herbs in different forms, and make preparations from them. This will include making a tisane, an...
Foraging Day at Hafod Estate, Ystwyth Valley, Ceredigion (about 12 miles from Aberystwyth) Join professional forager Jade Mellor for a full day of wild food foraging. Spring is a time of abundance and new life. Of fresh, green leaves, edible blooms and the most tender, tasty and nutritious wild food. Join me in this very special opportunity to spend a whole day foraging in the heart of the beautiful, magical, Hafod estate . We will...
London - Next course on 25th July 2019
In this workshop you will be introduced to a range of essential oils and basic massage techniques and learn about their therapeutic benefits. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn a simple back massage to use on friends and family to help them to relax, de stress and chill out. Please note: In this workshop students need to be willing to give and receive a back massage. Who is this course for...
London - Next course on 24th July 2019
Confused about essential oils? This workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to understand what they are, how they work and how to use them safely. This workshop also aims to give you the skills to make your own healthand beauty products and to teach you certain self-help massage techniques to enhance your well-being. Who is this course for This workshop is designed for total beginners and those with previous experience who wish to refresh their...
London - Next course on 26th July 2019
An introduction to the musculoskeletal and urinary systems. For each system we will look at the anatomy - form and function - and how we can work with medicinal plants, diet and lifestyle that can be useful to support these systems and our general well-being. Topics will include strategies for supporting joint health & how herbal medicine can help in the management of cystitis and prostatitis. Who is this course for For the who have...
This course will cover how to prepare for your travels by achieving optimum health before you go using herbal remedies, and also what to take with you as an essential travel herbal first aid kit plus herbs for minor ailments while travelling. We will also discuss useful herbs for helping cope with the challenges of travelling in other countries and climates, and possible alternatives to vaccinations, traditional herbal anti malarials etc. Will we make some...

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