Calligraphy courses and craft kits

Release your creativity with this centuries old beautiful art form in calligraphy courses, classes, workshops and online calligraphy courses taught all across the UK. Practice your foundational and italic hand and learn about nibs, sizing, tension and how to achieve fluid letters.
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Faux Calligraphy Evening Workshop in Henstridge, Somerset (near Stalbridge Dorset)
Next date: 30th Sep 2022
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Copperplate - Regular Classes
Next date: 1st Oct 2022
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Modern Calligraphy & Watercolour Brush Lettering Workshop - Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire/Wiltshire Border
Next date: 29th Oct 2022
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Letter Carving in Stone
Next date: 15th Oct 2022
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Christmas modern calligraphy for beginners
Next date: 26th Nov 2022
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Introduction to modern calligraphy for beginners - online tutorial plus deluxe kit
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Modern Calligraphy
Next date: 8th Oct 2022
Calligraphy for Beginners in Bournville Birmingham
Next date: 1st Jan 2050
Beginners Modern Calligraphy Online
Improvers Modern Calligraphy Online
Creative Hand Lettering Live Class
Next date: 29th Sep 2022
Brush Calligraphy Virtual Group Workshops With Creative Kit
Next date: 29th Sep 2022
Brush Calligraphy Kit with Online, OnDemand Tutorial
Modern Calligraphy - In Studio Exclusive Group Workshop
Next date: 29th Sep 2022
Modern calligraphy - beginners kit
Introduction to Modern Calligraphy with Stacy Oakley
Next date: 16th Oct 2022
Brighton: Christmas Sparkle Nib Workshop
Next date: 19th Nov 2022
Chichester: Christmas Calligraphy Taster Day
Next date: 2nd Dec 2022
Chichester: Christmas Brush Pen Tags,Cards & Wrap
Next date: 20th Oct 2022
Brighton: Christmas Brush Pen Tags, Cards & Wrap
Next date: 1st Dec 2022
Christmas Sparkle Workshop - Oxford
Next date: 19th Nov 2022
Chichester : Calligraphy 10-week Beginner Course
Online: Calligraphy 10-week beginner course
Online: Introduction to Engraving
Next date: 30th Sep 2022
Online: Masterclass Pointed Nib
Next date: 3rd Oct 2022


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