Young people want to learn crafts like knitting and wooden toy making


Learn to how do arm knitting in London"Old fashioned" skills like knitting and wooden toy making are skills that young people want to learn, says a new report by the Royal Voluntary Service. The survey of more than 2000 people aged 18 - 24 years, found that they would welcome the opportunity to learn skills like crocheting or wooden toy making.


Is this due to the recession? Here at the Craft Courses website we see several hundred enquiries per week from people all across the UK interested in one of our hundreds of craft workshops and courses. Our gift vouchers are often purchased for sons or daughters keen to try a day’s blacksmithing, quilting, candle making or glass blowing. 


Learn the craft of weaving on this one day courseAnd why not? As Chief Executive of the Royal Voluntary Service David McCullough says, “[Craft skills] play a really important role in the lives of older people, from staving off fragility and dementia, to helping them keep physically active and bringing friends together.”


Not just older people either! The process of learning and practicing a craft skill - be it upholstery, silversmithing or silk painting - is incredibly relaxing. The end result - being able to say 'I made that’ gives a unique sense of achievement. 


Got a yen to learn something creative? Browse our courses for inspiration


Purchase a Craft Courses gift voucher for the young person in your life... or maybe the just young at heart!

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