Training on offer for Mum-preneurs


It’s one thing to sell your goods at a craft fair or two, 

Samantha jennings (right)but something else altogether to turn that hobby into a business that can provide an income to the family home. As part of the new Made by Mummy Markets programme, Samantha Jennings is planning training events to help mums build successful businesses. 


Founded by stay at home mum of two, Samantha Jennings, Made by Mummy Markets is an affordable market place for crafting mothers to sell their creations. Samantha’s background is working for museums and the heritage sector so she is no stranger to marketing large craft events and visitor attractions. 


A Basic Book Keeping talk and Social Media evening are already planned, with more to follow. 'I dream of an army of mummy-preneurs!’ jokes Samantha.


The debut Made by Mummy Market took place on Sunday 1st May with the next one billed  for Sunday 9th October 2016 at Thief Hall near Northallerton. The Made By Mummy Markets website will soon feature an e-commerce page providing a permanent market place for mother-makers to sell their work. Essentially the craft fair that never closes, it will allow mums to be home with their families rather than stand behind a stall every weekend.


‘The ethos of the company is to provide an affordable platform for crafters to exhibit their work at a high profile event. Makers must apply so that the quality of the whole event remains high and crafts are not duplicated.’


Between now and then Samantha will also be busy running a training programme for mothers hoping to grow a craft business and marketing the website and next event.


Are you a talented maker and mother? Applications are now open!

Please contact Samantha Jennings, founder of Made by Mummy Markets on 07811 190 193, by email or via the Made By Mummy Markets website.

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