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Jewellery making is a wonderful hobby, giving you the chance to experiment with beautiful gemstones, beads, threads, charms and more. When getting started with jewellery making, it can seem a little daunting to learn new techniques and choose the right tools and supplies. In this blog post we want to share with you our top tips on getting started on your jewellery making journey and the easiest ways to learn new skills!


Read jewellery making books


One of the best ways to learn affordably is through reading jewellery making books. There are so many to choose from, with many focusing on specific techniques such as wire wrapping, beading, stone setting to soldering. This way you can pick and choose the techniques that interest you the most and enjoy learning in the comforts of your own home. With books, you can practice in your own time and can always come back to them when you want to refresh your memory on a particular technique.


Shop Kernowcraft’s range of jewellery making books here.


Do a jewellery making course

One of the best things you can do when wanting to learn a new skill is jump straight onto a course and get making. You may be surprised the number of courses available near you - CraftCourses lists thousands of creative workshops across the UK, making it so easy to find the perfect course for you.

There are workshops and longer term courses in all types of jewellery making including metal clay, beading & beadwork, fine jewellery, resin jewellery and wire work.

Not only will a course give you the chance to learn a new skill quickly, you will meet like-minded people too!

Want to find out what a beginner's jewellery making course is like? Have a read of this blog >




Learn jewellery terms

Cabochons, head pins, jump rings, briolettes… the list goes on! All these jewellery words but what do they mean? If you want to start making, learning the lingo early will make it easier for you to buy supplies and learn new techniques. Have a read of this glossary >


Begin With Jewellery Making Kits

If you’re uncertain about the supplies you need, it can be a great idea to start with jewellery making kits. At Kernowcraft, we provide kits aimed at beginners with step by step instructions and a handy one-click shopping list of supplies needed so you don’t have to worry about what to buy.

This way you can practice and get to grips with the skills involved, before choosing your own supplies and experimenting with designs.


Follow jewellery making tutorials

Online, you will find so many free resources to help you and this includes jewellery making tutorials. Whether you want to know how to wire wrap a briolette or how to create your own setting, you will find plenty of advice and projects to help you. At Kernowcraft, we work hard to offer free jewellery making tutorials aimed at beginners with step by step projects with photos to follow.


Watch YouTube videos

We love YouTube for discovering jewellers! There are so many professional jewellers willing to share their top tips and skills with those wishing to learn. Whether you’re interested in wire wrapping, stone setting or metal clay – there’s something for everyone - here's our Top 10 >






Get a tool kit

When first starting out in jewellery making, buying supplies can seem a little overwhelming! That’s when tool kits come in – providing you with all the basic tools you need to get started. There are all different types of tool kits for wire-wrapping, beading, sea glass, silver clay, soldering and more.


Use jewellery settings

The beauty of jewellery making is that a complete beginner can create stunning designs with gemstones easily. Ready made jewellery settings such as snaptites, glue-in and gallery wire settings are perfect for beginners as they can be easily used to either glue or set your chosen gemstone cabochon or faceted stone! Settings can then be attached to chains to create pretty bracelets or necklaces or hung on earwires for instant earrings – the possibilities are endless!

Read Kernowcraft's tutorial page on the types of settings and how to use them here.


Practice with Silver Plated, Copper or Brass

Practice makes perfect! When trying out wire-wrapping for example, it can be easy to waste wire when perfecting a technique. That’s why we always recommend starting out with cheaper alternatives to silver, such as silver plated, copper or brass wire – why not combine them to create on-trend designs. This way you won’t feel so bad about getting things wrong.

Join Facebook groups

There is so much support and information on social media. For example, you can simply search ‘jewellery making’ or ‘beads’ for example in the search bar of Facebook and under groups you will find communities with the same interests as you. These groups are great for staying up-to-date with current trends, troubleshooting problems and general chit chat about your shared interests.


Create a workspace

So you have bought your supplies but where will your workspace be? For those wire wrapping or beading, being sat on the sofa or at the kitchen table may be the perfect setup for you. With stone setting or soldering for example, you may prefer to set up a jewellers' workbench to have a dedicated space. Get some ideas from these customer photos, one is even under the stairs! >


Be inspired

Perhaps you can’t wait to get making but you have no idea what to make. Social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are both brilliant places to be inspired by designs and projects. Magazines are also a great resource for learning new techniques and finding interesting designs to try for yourself.


About our guest writer, Kernowcraft:

Kernowcraft is a great destination for gemstones and jewellery making supplies. Based in Perranporth, Cornwall their small team of experienced jewellery makers are there to help you through every step of your jewellery making journey. Find everything you need to get started online, with jewellery making tutorials, kits and all the supplies you need to get started today.


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