This is NOT a Black Friday deal: pay it forward instead


Nothing should be just for Christmas...


‘Tis the season of giving, and giving, and giving, and giving…up?!

We all know that dogs are not just for Christmas but we actually think nothing should be just for Christmas, that’s right nothing:

toys, gifts, candles, games, mulled wine and even (or especially!) mince pies ?

We’re not getting all bah humbug here, quite the opposite in fact, we’ve been busily preparing for the festive season for weeks and in some cases months (I can hear the moans)! – enjoying handcrafting special gifts and decorations to create the Christmas magic.

But sometimes, like right now with Black Friday in full swing, it all gets a bit too much…


Crowds of shoppers


Picture the scene:

Frenzied price comparison, crowds shopping around for the best deal or the latest 'must-have', panic purchasing and the constant worry about whether our gifts are good or plentiful enough...ugh!

Offers keep arriving with gay abandon and our wallets follow suit.

There’s gift opening after gift opening. Packaging and wrapping galore. It encroaches on our time and the environment – this sea of STUFF.

It’s exhausting.

We’ve grown weary.

What happened to the days gone by where gifting was minimal, each item treasured with time to enjoy and the focus was spending time together?

(Dad’s satsuma in a sock sounds increasingly appealing - our children would be horrified!)

Quite simply we’ve had enough. This throwaway culture is bad for our souls.


Making things by hand is so rewarding


So we are NOT doing a Black Friday deal.

We are not going to undervalue the great work of the artisans, makers and course providers on our site. Instead we're going to celebrate the amazing power of making something, of being given that experience as a gift, of sharing skills, thoughtful presents…and giving back.

Every person who purchases a gift voucher between 1 November – 31 December 2019 will be entered into a randomised draw to WIN a gift voucher for themselves of the same value, so they get to enjoy that special experience too.

It’s a bit like paying it forward, and we like that idea.


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