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The benefits of green woodwork

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With thanks to our guest bloggers at Forest Garden Shovelstrode who run Green Woodwork courses in Sussex

"Working with our hands can be a wonderful way to come home to ourselves and into the present.  In green woodwork, making something such as a chair or a spoon, the activity of the hands connects us not only with our whole body but brings the mind into a powerful focus with the object in our hands. This is profoundly mentally relaxing, an experience not unlike meditation. 

To compliment this healing quality, our traditional woodland craft courses take place outside in nature, surrounded by ancient woodland, the sounds of birds and fresh air. And to balance these things, green woodwork is alsosocial. There may be a person working next to you who is deeply absorbed in  work, but if  you wish, there is always space on courses to relate and connect with others. Healthy and delicious home cooked food are also part of the experience.

To come on a course you don’t need to have experience of woodwork; tuition is tailored to each person’s level and need. The work can be energetic but it is also energizing. Greenwoodwork does not claim to address personal issues directly, but at the end of a course you will take home something you have made to enjoy and share.

You might also take with you a surprising and life-giving new mood and perspective on your life."

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