The Art of Woodcraft evening: traditional and modern techniques


Robert Penn - The Art of Woodcraft

On 21st March the how to: Academy  are hosting an evening in London with television presenter and author Robert Penn on The Art of Woodcraft.

In 2012, Penn felled a great ash from a Welsh forest. Travelling with this magnificent tree across Britain, Europe and the USA, he visited a generation of craftspeople committed to creating beautiful objects from wood. From wheelwrights and arrowsmiths, toboggan-makers and hurley stick carvers, Penn observed and documented the traditional and modern techniques that can turn this renewable resource into gorgeous, useful and natural objects.

woodcraft items Robert PennThis became the source material for Penn’s most recent book, The Man Who Made Things Out Of Trees (Radio 4's book of the week at Christmas). For those who are interested in woodwork and craftsmanship, this evening is a unique chance to see the real and beautifully crafted objects that inspired such a magical book.

Whittling birds

Part two of the evening features artist Zack McLaughlin who will be exhibiting his painstaking skill in carving beautiful and realistic birds from paper and wood, and Kristy Kirkpatrick who will show us how to make environmentally friendly and yet beautiful wooden bookmarks.  

Whittling your life away just got a whole lot more interesting...

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