Why not just buy them...?

Parabens, Triclosan and Formaldehyde are all toxic chemicals often found in mainstream beauty products. Ones that in the past I have gaily slapped onto my skin, and into my bloodstream!

Like me, do you find it hard to know who to trust and what to use when it comes to your beauty regime? Many products labelled as 'natural', 'botanic' or 'organic' often don't live up to these ideals when you read the small print.

Some of these companies are clearly 'greenwashing' us...

And the products that do tick all the boxes? Often out of my budget. So what is the answer? 

Last week, I spoke to beauty expert and award-winning tutor Zaga Colovic about the benefits of learning to make your own bespoke skincare products and she gave us an exclusive 7-day discount on her range of skincare courses.

Read on for details of the offer.





"You can make products with you in mind and no one else. You know your own skin best and what it needs."

Zaga Colovic


1. Customisation – tailor to your own needs

Sometimes you may feel the need for an ingredient that is not included in your favourite serum or a moisturiser. Perhaps you are going through seasonal hormonal changes and your skin demands more moisture and retained hydration - that is difficult to get using just one of the commercially available products.

2. Safety and ingredients

Perhaps there is an ingredient that you wish to avoid or a chemical that you believe is not beneficial to your skin. Making your own can take away all of this worry.

3. Cost

The average natural and organic moisturiser retails at £30 to £40, some much more! However, the costs of making the same yourself are typically between £5 - £10. Over time this will represent a large saving.

4. Plastic free / less waste

A lot of plastic from packaging now ends up in our oceans or landfill, polluting our waters. By making your own skincare you can avoid all unnecessary packaging and plastic. You can use and reuse again and again your glass jars and bottles.

5. The benefits of learning a new skill

Learning a new skill will bring you a sense of accomplishment, pride and power. As the Japanese proverb goes :

"Knowledge is Power."

You will be investing in yourself, and will gain a skill that no one can ever take away from you.

A skill that may even earn you money and open up new opportunities for you. 

"Making your own skincare is not only creative but it also brings a sense of relaxation and calm."



6. Turn your skill into a career and set up your own skincare business...

Once you know how to make your own skincare, bath and body care products, you could consider creating your own business. 

You do not need a chemistry degree or formal qualifications to start making and selling your skincare products. However, you must have your products safety tested and you must comply with the cosmetic regulations.

I teach all of this at my one to one workshops so rest assured if you attend one all aspects will be covered, so you will leave my workshop ready to start your own business.

We will together, you and me, create skincare products that are relevant to you only, customised according to you needs and demands.


In a nutshell... by making your own products you can:

be reassured about what is in them

tailor-make products to suit your exact needs

save some money and enjoy the making and creating process

set up your own beauty product business!

Exclusive discount! 

Take a look at the range of business skincare courses that Zaga runs at Skincare Formulator >

***Book by midnight 7 August 2019 using code craftcourses10 at checkout on the Skincare Formulator website and you'll receive 10% off (bookings paid in full)***


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