Shh, the secret is word of mouth!



Why should I collect student reviews for my courses?

Word of mouth marketing is probably the best kind there is. So you want people talking about how much they loved your course!

As a course provider, getting great reviews from your students is like Gold Dust! Having collected thousands of creative course reviews over the past eight years, we know that 98.2% of course participants rate their experience as 'Excellent' and that reviews are a key factor of choice. 

"I chose this course partly for location but mainly due to the amazing reviews."

We rely increasingly on online reviews before making decisions on all sorts of purchases and choosing a creative course or workshop is no different.


On the CraftCourses site, student reviews are built into each course page

This gives potential students a feel for what they can expect on any of the creative experiences listed on our site and enables course providers to collect and publish student feedback easily - with no hassle or paperwork!

Another advantage to collecting student feedback is that big search engines like Google favour pages that have reviews and ratings - they deem that these pages are 'popular' and interactive' and rank accordingly.

We also use reviews to inform our website: course providers who have great ratings benefit from each review contributing to their course's ranking on Students can search our directory by keyword, postcode, category or price but our default setting is to list in order of ratings. In short, reviews help us to provide recommendations to students.

Thousands of reviews have already been collected on - read the latest here.




How to collect reviews on

Once the course has passed, you'll need to ask your students for feedback. Gathering reviews not only helps other potential students to make an informed decision, but also helps you to improve what you do. Most people like to be asked what they think so let them know that you welcome their thoughts and comments.


Finding the Request Reviews tool in your account:

  • Log into your Account Dashboard 
  • Go to ‘My Courses’ 
  • Select the ‘Request Reviews’ button to the right of the course for which you wish to collect reviews
  • This will open up your review request form, which you can personalise. 


Completing the Review request form:

  • Type or paste in the email address(es) of your past and/or current students, leaving just a comma and no space between them
  • Edit the text - if you wish - in the message section. You can also save this personalised message by ticking the relevant box
  • See the Preview to check over the message 
  • Fill in the confirmation boxes and hit send


Your students will be sent a message entitled “Tell us what you think” and the title of your course. Within the email the link will take them directly to the Review section of your course page.

Whenever anyone leaves a review on your course page, you will receive an automated email with a link through so that you can go and read the review. You also have two weeks to reply to their review and thank them for their feedback. 

Sending direct email requests

Alternatively, you can send your students the URL for your course directly from your email account, to ask them to leave you a review. 

Remember to activate our free SMS service so that you receive a notification of any new reviews or enquiries by text message, as well as by email.

You can do this via your Dashboard, under My Profile.



We look forward to reading your students' reviews soon and please get in touch with the CraftCourses team with any questions. We are here to help!


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