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Shh, the secret is word of mouth!

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Word of mouth marketing is probably the best kind there is.

As a craft course provider, having your students write you good reviews is like Gold Dust! Having collected hundreds of craft course reviews over the past few years, we know that 99.9% of the time craft course students have extremely positive things to say. If you run a craft course (or have been on one) then you will have experienced first hand the beaming faces I am talking about here! 

Many of us now read reviews online first before deciding on which products to buy. When choosing a craft course or workshop, this is no different. 

This is why has a student reviews built into each course page within our listings. It allows potential students to get a feel for what they can expect on any of our courses and it enables craft course providers to collect and publish testimonials online instantaneously - with none of that dreaded paperwork!

The team here attended a Google workshop recently where it was confirmed what we have long suspected; that Google favours pages that have student reviews and star ratings. also favours providers who have reviews; first of all every new review will get you straight our home page into the ‘Latest reviews’ section. Links to your reviews can be posted on Facebook or Twitter. Your overall rating on will also help you appear at the top of our listings. Students can search our directory by keyword, postcode, category, price but our default setting is to list in order of ratings.  

 Hundreds of reviews have already been collected on - read the latest here.

Whenever anyone leaves a review on your course page, you will receive an automated email with a link through so that you can go and read the review. You will probably enjoy this bit!

Remember that it is a good idea to let your students know that in giving you feedback you have the opportunity to improve what you do. Most people like to be asked what they think so let them know that you welcome their thoughts and comments. 

 There are three ways to gather reviews on your page:

 1. Email your students direct

    1. Collect a list of the email addresses of your past and/or current students 
    2. Add the email addresses to the ‘To’ section of a new email (remember to place them in the bcc line to protect their identity)
    3. Write them a email thanking them for attending your course and politely asking for their comments and feedback
    4. Very important! Add in the full link to your course page e.g. with instructions to click on the link and scroll down to the section that starts with “Tried it? Review it!”
    5. Send the email and wait for the reviews to roll in!

 2. Contact your students from your account

    1. Log into your account with us 
    2. In your Account Panel go to ‘View Your Courses’
    3. Select the course you are collecting reviews for and click on ‘Request Reviews’
    4. Add in the email addresses of your past and/or current students, leaving just a comma and no space between them
    5. Edit the text - if you wish - in the message section
    6. Click on Preview and check over the message and email addresses
    7. Click Send
    8. Your students will be sent a message entitled “Tell us what you think” and the title of your course. Within the email the link will take them directly to the Review section of your course page. 

3. Have a computer or laptop set up in your workshop/lunch room

    1. Encourage your students to give you the feedback before they leave for the day. They’ll still be imbued with enthusiasm and full of the joys of craft and you’ve saved yourself an admin job!





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