Paint yourself as a tree, a Goddess... make your heart sing!


Paint yourself as a tree - healing with artI'm Kassi Martin,  Barefoot Creative Therapist. I offer personal development art workshops from my art studio in Gretna, South West Scotland.

"I blend together a magical Potion of Art and Personal development aimed to make your heart sing.

For a long while my Heart did not sing.  It didn't say much at all...  However I could hear it's distant whispers beating steadily and thankfully I listened.  During this period of life I was on a treadmill. I had reached ‘success’ so why no singing heart? I felt unfulfilled, discontented and empty.  

I had loved the clinical side of my counselling work but the processes,  the policies,  the red tape and management had crushed my spirit to a pulp.

My Creative Therapies were not welcome, not trusted.  I had to squash my oval self in to a square hole. My barefooted, hippy self had become forgotten, perhaps lost? 

Crunch time came one November night - I could take no more. By the next morning I found myself surrounded by acrylic paints and copious yards of wallpaper lining.  My kitchen was transformed to an art studio, which later evolved into a beautiful little art studio in our garden .  My heart once more was singing. 

My love of the arts had healed me.

I released my offerings out into the universe and people came.  People who were in caring, giving roles.  Nurses, teachers,  counsellors, social workers... Parents... Women who had raised their children and had no idea who they were any more.

We painted ourselves as Trees,  as Goddesses. We sang along to songs and shared our Truths from our Real Selves.  Reaching out and expressing wounds in safe group spaces. We turned our attention inward and listened to our long, neglected body wisdom.  We shared stories and we meditated. We dived deeper into the Kind of Trees that we are on Big canvases. We painted intuitively, we offered compassion and space to each other.



Sometime soon Kassi will take a group to stay beside the sea and undertake a Big piece of mixed media personal development in the beautiful East Neuk of Fife. Kassi is now converting her Creative Personal Development workshops into e-courses so that those who can't  easily travel can still participate from the comfort of their own homes.









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