Hygge: probably the best feeling in the world?


Creative ways to bring more Hygge into your home...

As the seasons change and we swap sandy toes on sunny beaches for fluffy socks in front of a roaring fire, we thought it was the perfect time to find our favourite creative courses for cultivating Hygge this winter.

‘Hygge’ (pronounced as if it rhymes with ‘cougar’) is a Danish term used to describe experiences that bring us happiness, contentment and a general warm feeling inside. Harmony, well-being, a  sense of being ‘at ease’ and experiencing high quality intentional intimacy... I know, not very British is it? But times they are a-changing...

Denmark is consistently rated as one of the world’s happiest countries and Hygge is one of the reasons why. We don’t think you can get it just from drinking that famous lager…

Here are a few of our favourite workshops that might just help to encourage Hygge in your life this winter...

Fill your home with flowers

Having a beautiful arrangement of freshly cut flowers in your home will always make you smile. And if something makes you feel good then you should embrace it!

Laura French from Flourish Flowers in Suffolk is running a Floristry workshop, where you will create a stunning floral arrangement to adorn your home.

Wreaths bring a touch of Autumn colour to welcome visitors and at this time of year wreath making courses are springing up everywhere!

Relax by candle-light

The Danish burn more candles than anywhere else in Europe and we can understand why. A softly-lit room will make you feel relaxed and create an atmosphere that cultivates Hygge. Who doesn’t feel (and look!) better by candlelight…?

Candle-making workshops run across the country – see what’s on near you

Create ‘cosy’

Did you know that relaxed repetitive motions such as the ones used in crochet or knitting can help to calm the body and brain?

On Kristina England’s Beginners Crochet Course you will learn how to make your very own blanket to add warmth and snuggle factor to your home.

Beautiful letters and cards

Calligraphy is a beautiful skill to master and you can go on to use your new-found skills to write a beautiful letter or card and spread the love...

Pamper yourself!

Embrace the power of nature and learn how to make your own organic beauty products. Nothing says Hygge like a freshly drawn bath filled with sweet smelling bath salts!

Get closer to nature

The Oak Stool Making Experience by Ian Varley is very special, giving you the opportunity to ‘unplug and slow down’ while learning traditional carpentry skills in a gorgeous rural setting.

You’ll make a solid oak stool which you can take home. Hygge is all about natural materials and textures to make your home more tactile and bring the outside in.

Ditch your devices

Richard Gibson offers family pottery classes at his studio in Northamptonshire. What could be better than ditching your mobile phones and tablets and spending quality time with your family, learning how to throw pots on the potters wheel and having fun together.


Home cooked meals are the ultimate in Hygge and on the Hand Crafted Bread and Soup workshop with Carol Hopkins you will learn the basic techniques to make a nourishing and delicious meal.

It’s the perfect way to warm up after a crisp winter walk, or to serve to your family and friends when you next gather.


We hope you feel inspired to introduce more Hygge into your life this winter. If you do try any of our suggestions out, let us know on Facebook or Instagram and share your photographs – we love you see what you make.

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