Film company seeks craftspeople to 'set up a community from scratch'


KEO film company are looking for craftspeople and other skilled individuals to take part in a new documentary series where people will set up and live in a community for a year, off grid and 'starting from scratch'. Reminded me of 'The Clan of the Cave Bear"! The participants should be people who would both enjoy the experience and be able to contribute to the success of the community. Film company seeks craftspeople

"We are working on a unique project  - a groundbreaking new social experiment - that aims to see if we can leave behind all the conveniences and technology of modern life and start again. 

We’re looking for people to start a new community, in a remote part of the UK, over a year long period in 2016.

They’ll need to do everything from growing their own food to building their homes; working as a team as well as individuals.

We’re looking for all sorts of people 18 years or over- whose skills would be beneficial.  

We need everything from fisherman to foragers, doctors to dentists, electricians to engineers or simply artists and adventure seekers. 

It’s happening in a remote part of the UK and will be filmed over a year period.

We not only want to community to not only survive, but thrive over the period and as such we are looking for people with skills, determination and the imagination for the community to work. This is a Documentary series, not reality."


If this is for you please email or phone 0207 490 3580

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