Acts of Making festival


Acts of Making - 6 artists, 6 moments, 14 days to discover craft in Bilston

“Acts of Making presents work outside of the traditional gallery space to challenge people’s perceptions of what craft is. The six unusual projects are by exceptional artists who have worked in collaboration with, and been inspired by the local communities in and around Bilston.”

A carpet made from Dust. Crafts Council Festival of MakingRosy Greenlees, Executive Director, Crafts Council. Interactive installations and performances will take place at the Bilston Craft Gallery and other venues across Bilston from 14 - 28 February 2015. The free Acts of Making two- week festival puts craft in unexpected spaces and allows the public to interact and collaborate with internationally-exhibited artists.

Acts of Making is a Crafts Council touring project organised in partnership with Bilston Craft Gallery and Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums where the festival will take place. 

Visitors will be able to witness the creation of a patterned carpet made entirely from dust (pictured right), create their own music via logs and wooden horns, watch a folk procession of Vespa and Lambretta scooters through the streets, become part of an ongoing project exploring our relationship with jewellery, watch a performance piece using un-fired ceramic pots (pictured below) and sculpt sandstone benches by skateboarding on them.

The six artists: Catherine Bertola, Keith Harrison, Owl Project, Mah Rana, Clare Twomey and Richard William Wheater will create moments that are curious and fascinating with many involving collaboration with local communities in Bilston.

Crafts Council Festival of Making in Bilston - the futility of human endeavour?People are encouraged to capture their Acts of Making experiences on social media using #ActsofMaking. 

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