4 Top tips for keeping your sewing machine happy


by Aztec Threads

Here are a four simple tips and tricks to help you to take care of your beloved sewing machine, and avoid dreaded breakdowns. A cared for machine is a happy and healthy one!


1. Cleaning your sewing Machine

It is a good idea to de fluff under the needle plate and in the bobbin case area. The main reason for this is that all the lint from the fabric and thread builds up over time. As this can cause numerous problems better to spend 5 minutes on some housekeeping with a small clean make up or paint brush to gently ease out all the fluff and loose thread bits.

2. Oiling your sewing machine

Use Sewing Machine Oil (fine oil) - white water oil.

This is a very specific task so ensure that you check your sewing machine manual first before starting. Do not pour directly on to the parts and NEVER on plastic or nylon parts as the oil will decay the plastic. Use only sewing machine (fine oil) and use very little thus ensuring that you will not spoil any future materials being stitched on the machine.


Keep your sewing machine happy


3. Hold thread ends when beginning sewing

This is a very simple thing to do but many of us either forget or did not know it is important.

By holding your thread ends when you start to sew ensures that you did not have miss stitching at the start of your row and prevents the thread from cobbling underneath the bobbin. It also ensures that the needle and the bobbin can form the first stitch correctly.

4. Use quality thread

It is highly recommended that you use quality thread for a number of different reasons. Good thread will not shred like cheap thread does thus creating less lint. You will also encounter less thread breakage again preventing issues with thread getting caught up in the bobbin base area.

Then the final and a very important one is that you will have a garment or product that will have longevity.


Use quality thread


The above are just some of the many useful hints and tips given by Aztec Threads in their “Simply Sew How” workshops,  which are perfect if you wish to understand your sewing machine better.

If, however, you wish to get more technical Aztec Thread's sister company Artizan Training provide courses to fix and repair sewing machines, from basic knowledge right up to Mechanics level - making it possible to train to become a sewing machine mechanic!


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