Woodwyrm reviews

12 Jun 24'

Thomas reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"I had a wonderful afternoon carving a spoon with Dave. Heartily recommended!"

Woodwyrm responded:

"Cheers Thomas, glad you enjoyed your afternoon."

12 Jun 24'

Alison reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"I was given a taster session with Dave as a gift from friends and it was fantastic! He is a great teacher, very patient and just the right combination of attentive whilst being hands off (but discreetly keeping you on track!). It’s a joy to watch him work, very skilled and knowledgeable, and I came away enthused about spoon carving. Would highly recommend."

Woodwyrm responded:

"Many thanks Alison, I'm so glad you enjoyed the session. Cheers"

18 May 24'

Marije reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"My friend and I had such an enjoyable afternoon. I found the idea of using an axe quite daunting but Dave was a great tutor. I loved working with the tools and it is mesmerising how a spoon emerges from a block of wood. I am proud of the spoon I carved, and we are planning another session! I can also recommend combining with lunch in nearby No 3 Heworth and it is surprisingly walkable to the city centre."

Woodwyrm responded:

"Many thanks Marije, It was a pleasure to teach you both."

11 May 24'

Jane Collingwood reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Dave is a very informative, an experienced craftsman and a patient teacher. I learned a lot about how to understand wood, what to think about when designing your spoon and the techniques to use the required tools. And I came home with a spoon and an interest in having another attempt. "

Woodwyrm responded:

"Many thanks Jane, so glad you enjoyed the session."

29 Mar 24'

Martin Jackson reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Yesterday I did a wooden spoon making course with Dave Atkin. It was a really good experience and I enjoyed every minute, I would highly recommend the session. The session lasted for 3 hours which included a demonstration from Dave, lots of practical work making my spoon and excellent teaching and advice. Dave was very welcoming, friendly and an obvious expert in his field. The time flew and by the end of the session I had made a wooden spoon using only an axe and a knife. A very rewarding experience leaving me with a great feeling of achievement. "

15 Mar 24'

Colin Pollock reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Dave is an excellent teacher. I would thoroughly recommend this half day course to anyone wanting to get a good grounding in hatchet and knife carving skills for wooden spoons. His advice about appropriate tools and sharpening techniques is also really helpful. This was a great birthday present for me."

Woodwyrm responded:

"Many thanks Colin, so glad you enjoyed the course."

31 Jan 24'

Amanda Reynolds reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Dave was brilliant. My teenage son really loved it and can’t wait to go back. "

Woodwyrm responded:

"Many thanks Amanda, he was an excellent student."

15 Oct 23'

Pippa Cowin reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Thank you Dave for such a brilliant session. You’re a born teacher, explaining and adapting your approach based on our different abilities. Amazing value for money for an introduction to a seriously addictive pastime. "

24 May 23'

Clive Wadsworth reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"An excellent way to spend three hours learning to carve a spoon. Dave is very welcoming, knowledgeable and a great person to learn from. I will definitely be buying a carving axe and knives and trying at home. Thanks Dave "

Woodwyrm responded:

"Hi Clive, many thanks. It was a splendid afternoon! Happy carving."

18 Apr 23'

Mai and Henry reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Absolutely fantastic course, highly recommend!! Dave is a brilliant and patient teacher who is very easy to learn from. He really made our experience so much fun and we loved having nerdy and interesting discussions with him. Dave really is full of knowledge and I would recommend this course to anyone who is even the slightest bit interested in wood working. You will have a blast! Dave talked us through all of his tools and gave us advice on tools and materials to buy so we can go and do it ourselves, absolutely no gatekeeping at all which I thought was very kind of him. Thank you for such a wonderful time!"

16 Mar 23'

John reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Dave was a great teacher for my partner and I, he walked us through each step while showing use the technique with different tools and then alternative to match individual preference. He offered lots of reassurance and ways to correct any mistakes we made, using his years of experience as well as further information to help get started yourself after the session if you wanted to try at home. I'd highly recommend this to anyone as a great way to spend an afternoon "

Woodwyrm responded:

"Many thanks John, I'm really pleased you both enjoyed the session. Cheers"

14 Mar 23'

Maisie reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Myself and a friend had a brilliant time on this spoon carving taster session. Dave is a great teacher; knowledgeable, patient and enjoyable company! No matter what your experience, you will leave not only with your very own cooking spoon, but the knowledge of how to make more as Dave explains and takes you through the whole process, giving useful tips and things to be looking for along the way. An extremely reasonably priced session for all that we got out of it. The hours simply flew by in his wonderful, well-equipped workshop. We were able to get there easily by bus from York train station so no need to have access to a car to get there either. I can't recommend this enough for anybody wanting to try their hand at spoon carving or just have a fun and different day out. Dave is a craftsman worth supporting! "

Woodwyrm responded:

"Many thanks Maisie, It was my pleasure. All the best and happy carving."

12 Mar 23'

Mark reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"This was a great afternoon spent with Dave in his workshop. As I came to this with no real previous experience, he taught a variety of techniques with different tools so that after 3 hours I was able to come away with my own spoon. I'd recommend for anyone interested in learning some new skills. Thanks Dave."

Woodwyrm responded:

"Thanks Mark, I wish you all the best with your new carving skills. If you'd like any more guidance just get in touch, cheers."

25 Feb 23'

Rob reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"I really enjoyed this course. He is skilled and knowledgable and shares his passion in an easy going style. He also has a canny knack of “repairing” your mistakes. A good fun afternoon. "

Woodwyrm responded:

"Many thanks Rob, do get in touch if you need any further guidance. Cheers."

16 Feb 23'

jane de Carteret reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Had a super afternoon with Dave yesterday- such a brilliant teacher, he guided me through the process with very clear and considered directions whilst all the time making it a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I came away feeling I had learnt something really useful. Totally recommend the course and the chatter! Thank you, jane de C"

Woodwyrm responded:

"Thanks Jane, it was great to spend time carving and chatting with you. The afternoon flew by!"

12 Feb 23'

John reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Had a great afternoon with Dave. A knowledgeable craftsman who was also a great teacher. I would recommend this to anyone who has a love of natural materials and the skills used to work with them. I left feeling I had learnt something and with a spoon made by myself. Thanks Dave"

Woodwyrm responded:

"Thanks John. It was a great afternoon, so glad you enjoyed it. Cheers."

12 Feb 23'

Harry reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"A really fun course led by a chilled dude. It got me wanting to do more. It would be a good session for a couple."

Woodwyrm responded:

"Cheers Harry, I really enjoyed our session and your unique soup spoon was excellent! "

29 Jan 23'

Sonia reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Thanks Dave for a thoroughly enjoyable morning. Would absolutely recommend this 3 hour intro. Dave was a great teacher with the right balance of guidance and letting you find your way with the woodworking tools. Go, make a spoon, enjoy the process!"

Woodwyrm responded:

"Hi Sonia, So glad you enjoyed the session, it was lovely to meet you both. Cheers."

8 Nov 22'

Jo Bryenton reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"This was a lovely workshop. Dave was friendly, helpful and happy to share his skills and expertise. We would heartily recommend his Spoon Carving workshops."

15 Oct 22'

Philip & Debra reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Great afternoon with Dave Instructive, entertaining and enjoyable The time flew by Inspiring us to do more Highly recommended, loved it - have a go! Many Thanks"

13 Sep 22'

Lizzy reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"We had an amazing experience at the spoon carving course. Dave was an excellent teacher and we came away very proud of ourselves! Our imperfect spoons look great and we had really fun, interesting afternoon. Thanks Dave! "

25 Aug 22'

Martin reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"Dave is an excellent teacher. I had a thoroughly relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. He takes you through the process step by step and encourages safe and comfortable practice through a vast variety of cuts. I can't believe I managed to carve a spoon in the one afternoon! Dave is a treasure trove of useful information. He tells you the wood to collect and use, the tools available and how to sharpen and maintain them. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to experience spoon carving. "

18 Aug 22'

Jo reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"An excellent course, Dave is a brilliant teacher with a great teaching style - a perfect combination of knowledge, patience and can-do encouragement! Really good guided instruction - amazed we made spoons! Dave’s workshop has a welcoming atmosphere too - with inspiring craftsmanship on display. Thanks again from us both!"

5 Aug 22'

Trudy reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"I really enjoyed this course. Three hours really well spent. To produce a carved spoon from a bit of wood using an axe and whittling knives was brilliant. Dave is a great teacher who clearly knows and enjoys his craft. I liked the step by step approach of him demonstrating what to do at each stage and then letting me try. He would also show me a different technique if I found something difficult. Great experience and I would thoroughly recommend it. Thanks Dave"

30 Apr 22'

Val reviewed: Spoon carving taster session

"What a lovely way to spend 3 hours. Dave was welcoming, his instructions were spot on and he was helpful and patient. Couldn’t believe I actually made a spoon. Don’t just think about it, go give it a go, it really is a great experience"

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