John Lloyd Fine Furniture reviews

26 Apr 16'

Tracey-Jane Deffley reviewed: Antique Furniture Restoration Techniques in East Sussex

"I really liked the in depth knowledge the course gave me and the confidence through the practical work to carry out projects of my own. Additionally the relaxed attitude that carried throughout the week."

12 Apr 16'

Anne Baruch reviewed: Furniture Making - DOVETAIL WEEK - Making a Dovetailed Drawer - in East Sussex

"A wonderful chance to spend a whole week working with wood with a patient and knowledgable tutor"

6 Apr 16'

Benjamin Adnams reviewed: Furniture making SKILLS WEEK - Essential cabinetmaking hand skills - 5 days in East Sussex

"I liked everything about the course. Really. The people, the equipment, the course content, John's expertise,Sara Jane's cake. It was all brilliant. Very organized. I', struggling to think of anything which could be improved, so that must be a good sign!"

4 Apr 16'

Susan Frost reviewed: Wood Machining in East Sussex

"I liked the techniques side of using the machines, eg what joints you could make and how."

4 Apr 16'

David Benwell reviewed: Wood Machining in East Sussex

"Well structured and comprehensively covered the subjects.Time well used with sensitive feel for the needs of the participants. I can't imagine how it could be bettered within the time frame allowed."

4 Apr 16'

Peter Marshall reviewed: Wood Machining in East Sussex

"John is incredibly knowledgeable, but also made it easy to understand - plus he came across a decent guy. Cakes, biscuits and sense that this was a family venture without super-tight time keeping made this very enjoyable and refreshingly uncorporate. I picked up lots of tips and found it easy to ask questions. I also discovered that what I want is a good bandsaw rather than a good table saw and that in itself will have saved me the course fee!"

4 Apr 16'

Llewelyn Fernandes reviewed: Wood Machining in East Sussex

"I got exactly what I wanted - advice on what to look for in machine tools, which tools are more useful than others, as well as lots of tips and tricks."

4 Apr 16'

Sean Foley reviewed: Furniture making SKILLS WEEK - Essential cabinetmaking hand skills - 5 days in East Sussex

"I would just like to say a big thank you for the fantastic course that you ran last week, i can honestly say i haven't learnt that much in years and along with that had such fun. You truly have an exceptional environment to learn and the camaraderie is second to none. Again many, many thanks and hopefully i will get myself along to the long course in the not to distant future."

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